Friday, September 19, 2008

An email from a Muslim, and my reply

Over at my YouTube channel, I receive a fair number of comments and emails from both supporters of the counterjihad, as well as Muslims. The usual treatment I get from the Muslims is either shrieking death threats or a softer "Islam is just misunderstood" line.

This message which I got today is more in line with the latter than the former. Here it is, a message from a YouTube user named "taher1alkaroury", which I have reproduced here exactly as I got it:

Subject: Hello!
Date: Sep 18, 2008

how are you, you brother or if u dont like me calling brother then its fine
i saw ur video and yeah its kinda touch me but yeah am muslim and am nots with any one who kills or none that am with peace and i wanna tell you am proud to be muslim
because islam teach peace but who done the 911 they are holding the religion in wrong way...........anyways its not the religion read the about islam ok and if u find something wrong about it then your more then welcome to quietion me but try to read it all and its the holy book of Quran but i understand where u come from, so what am trying to tell you to not go off on the religion befor u know what is it about dont put us into it because we are diffrent we are not like them i mean nothing like them, my proof to you that islam stood for long time but the problems just started on 911 am i right so if islam like you said its evil and muslims are not good like u said t hat mean's the hole background of islam is bad am i right so what i mean since it start it be all about killing and boomin o hear people but if we looked back at islam befor the 911 how was it so ill wait for ur reply and i hope to hear from you soon.
but please read the book of Quran and tell me what u think about it

by the way my name is Tahir and write back please.

I know what you must be thinking right now...this Tahir character is quite the, ahem, 'gifted writer' isn't he?

Well, such an inspired message deserves a response, so I replied thusly:

Mr Tahir,

You asked me to respond, so I shall.

First, the email you wrote to me was difficult to read, if not completely incoherent, consisting of little more than long run-on sentences largely devoid of logic. At a minimum, I suggest you start using more periods (full stops) in your mails. It would be doing a vast favour to anyone who happens to receive one of your missives in the future.

Secondly, I have indeed read the Koran and it too, is a long, incoherent, rambling tome that threatens hellfire et al on the kufr, or anyone else that doesn't go along with the "Mo is The One" programme. Perhaps this is the source of your writing style (I admittedly use the word 'style' loosely in this context).

Third, since you profess to be a follower of Mohammedanism, you have my profound sympathies. I hope that one day you might somehow wake up from the nightmare that your life must certainly resemble--but I won't hold my breath waiting for it.

In the meantime, I'll keep spreading the word about your Arabian Death Cult, to any and all comers.

Thanks for writing and have a nice infidel day.

Shalom and cordially,

Anti Jihadist


Anonymous said...

Tahir..... poor baby!!!

Anonymous said...

Ah, so the problems just started with 9/11 ??? Wait! How about the following that preceeded 9/11:

1. Continuing violence and persecution of coptics in Egypt
2. Attacks and atrocities committed against christians in Nigeria and Sudan
3. Indonesia riots, 1998 and earlier
4. The Mughal empire exterminating 100 million Hindus and Buddhists in India from 10-14th century
Keep digging and you'll find more.

A bad tree brings forth bad fruit, and islam has brought forth many a rotten fruit indeed.