Monday, September 08, 2008

Five Malaysian political prisoners you should know about

Last year in Malaysia, a group of Malaysians of Indian descent formed the Hindu Rights Action Force, generally known as HINDRAF. The purposes of the group was mainly threefold: to highlight the atrocious poverty that many Indian-Malaysians cope with on a daily basis, press the Muslim-controlled government for greater assistance, and seek redress for official and unofficial bigotry and bias from the Muslim majority.

HINDRAF's campaign climaxed in Kuala Lumpur (KL) late last year when the organization staged a massive protest of tens of thousands in central KL. Of course the Muslim ruling party UMNO, having as usual denied the kuffar request to have the demonstration, took a dim view of the proceedings. The riot police (who as it happens are mostly Muslim) got nasty in very short order and proceeded to use tear gas and water cannon against the marchers, in copious amounts. Despite the overwhelming force, the cops were running around KL for the better part of a day, chasing down groups of protestors. No one was killed, but hundreds were arrested.

A few days after the streets of KL were cleared and the tear gas finally disappated, the UMNO government moved in and took, as they might say, decisive action. The five leaders of HINDRAF, hereafter known as the HINDRAF Five, were arrested and detained on 13 Dec 2007.
For the past 10 months, these five men, having been charged with nothing, denied a chance to defend themselves in open court, have languished in a Malaysian gulag. And just today, a Malaysian court threw out another attempt to free them, because the Five are deemed a 'threat to national security'. Of course, the authorities have no need to prove this--it merely needs to be asserted. So, in chains the HINDRAF Five shall remain.

Bear in mind, these men are not jihadists locked up in America's 'Gitmo'. The HINDRAF Five are not terrorists, and have not tried to carry out mass murder, and certainly do not advocate violence. They are peaceful men, men with families, who in essence rejected the dhimmi caste the Muslims have put them in. They made the mistake, in Muslim eyes, of resisting. They are political prisoners, and they suffer inhumane conditions in silence, whilst their lawyers, familes and friends wage a futile battle on their behalf against the stacked deck known as the "Malaysian justice system".

Where are the human rights activists, the so-called 'peace activitists' who so quickly stand up to defend the rights of the terrorists in Gitmo or Gaza? Where is the outrage?


Surind Raj said...

Thank you Anti Jihadist @ team members for writing about this issue, for your comment on my blog & for stopping by. Apologies for the late reply as I have been on the move the last few days. Keep up the great work! I have added ya to my blogroll.

Crankster said...

Good to know there are people outside the country also monitoring this.

mauriyaII said...

I have been following your comments for some time. It is good to know that there are people around the world who are not taken in by the "peaceful" religion of these Islamic bigots. To their myopic view only they are eligible to go to heaven.

There should be more writeups about the Hindraf 5 and their continued incarceration without trial in Malaysia.

Whatever is done in Malaysia is to perpetuate the UMNO (Malay ruling party)supermacist mentality and their political hagemony over the other races.

UMNO always uses "threat to national security" and also invariably declares that there would be another "May 13 riots" where the security forces (police and army) massacred hundreds of non-Malays, especially the Chinese.

The boast about Malaysia being "Truly Asia" is just a political gimmick to attract FDI and tourists.

dano said...

And the scum ahmad ismail gets a suspension. He should be charged under ISA and be locked up. What a contrast to what the Hindraf heroes got.

Anonymous said...

Please forward tis to your Congressmen & other elected Politicians.

Malaysia is under siege. The Flag is flying upside down.

We need help.

Cancel your trips to Malaysia.
Cancel your purchase of any products made in Malaysia.
Please call the Malaysian Embassy, High Commission nearest you.
Please call the nearest Malaysian government entity near you.

Kindly inform them that the arrest and illegal detention of innocent people under the ISA - detention for upto 2 years without trail is morally repugnant, anti-islam, anti-humanistic.

Boycott anything to do with Malaysia.

Desperate & Ready to Die for my country.