Thursday, September 04, 2008

The kafir mouse that roared (part 1)

Wouldn't you know it...the UMNO tyrant that runs the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) is going to keep the treacherous website Malaysia Today blocked until further notice. The website has been theoretically blocked by government order since 26 August; however within a matter of hours, a number of mirror sites popped up that quickly nullified the Malaysian government's hamhanded attempt at Internet censorship.

Malaysian newspaper Utusan Malaysia reported (via the Star) on August 29th that MCMC had banned Malaysia Today because the website had insulted the (alleged) Prophet Muhammad. MCMC thug-in-chief Mohamed Shahril Mohamed Tarmizi is reported to have said that the ban against Malaysia Today was because an article in the website had tried to draw parallels of the "holy" prophet to Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden.

Well, that's interesting, because on August 26th at 11:02:44, yours truly made a comment on Malaysia Today that reads, in part:

If God's greatest prophet is free to take part in murder, robbery, genocide, and slave-trading, can we really point a finger at people like Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein and say that they are evil? They killed many innocents, but so did Mohammad. Saddam tortured countless people, but so did Mohammad. In fact, one could make a case that Osama bin Laden is morally superior to Mohammad, for, while bin Laden killed thousands of people, he didn't sell their wives and children into slavery, or have sex with a little girl, or marry more than a dozen women.

Do I insult Mohammed the 'prophet'? Absolutely. Do I compare the pedophile to his bloody-minded co-religionists Saddam and Osama? Check. So, is it all just a coincidence?

I wonder if the thug-in-charge at MCMC is personally peeved at your humble correspondent for my remarks. I can't help but wonder. But seriously, I'm a nobody; who the hell is going to listen to me? Is it a mere coincidence, or did I just annoy some tyrannical corrupt minister of a third world nation? Say it aint so!

I have a message to Mr. Mohammed at MCMC and all the other like-minded slaves of Allah who would just as soon have me silenced--I won't be silent. I will not submit, not to you, your prophet or to your vengeful 'god'. And you can kiss my kafir @$$!

UPDATE (1 December 2008): Part two of this story can be found here.


Anonymous said...

Hahahaha ... I think they tried to censor this because the islamic apologists couldn't give a rebuttal that could even begin to challenge what you said. What a sorry ideology it is, that has to use brute force suppression of criticism ... you know it has something very rotten to hide. Keep spreading the word, 'The emperor has no clothes!'

Way to go, Anti-Jihadist.

hellosnackbar said...

Relentless derision has to continue
despite the attempted hijacking of
anti-islamic sentiment by ugly eurofacists.
The irony is that they both embrace a similar ideology with the exception that eurofacists could never
accept the hegemony of Islam.