Saturday, September 20, 2008

Lovefest Marriot Pakistan - Religion of Peace Shows Their Love

36 martyrs and counting
! Now that is a Jihad lovefest. Looks live the love in will go much higher! The religion of peace! What would we do without it?!

Marriot is a notorious suckup company with Islam and the elites in Muslim countries. Nothing new there, it's all too common. But these big elite hotels are also ownership joint ventures or franchises with Muslim elites rolling in the cash as well. I say, leave them alone, separate, and let them kill, kill, kill each other.

What would we do without them here in the West?


mauriyaII said...

What the Pakistanis are good at is exporting terrorism. They are reaping the fruits of the seeds that they have been sowing for decades to destabilise the Middle East, India and other parts of the world. The murderous suicide attack during their holy month of Ramadan shows how they practise their so-called peaceful religion. The only sad part is innocent women and children too perish in such a show of extreme love.

European Kafir said...

Carrying out that kind of attack during a so-called "holy month" only proves what Quran is teaching.

Ok, ok, ok... I know the so-called "true muslims" will argue and say these terrorists are not "true muslims". I just keep wondering why the so-called "true muslims" never condemn that kind of attack? If they - what they claim to be - are the majority, how come the "not true muslims" keep getting away with their evil doings?

Conclusion: the majority agrees with terrorism. Fullstop!