Friday, September 12, 2008

Malaysia arrests top blogger RPK to 'defend Islam'

The government of Muslim-ruled Malaysia has arrested and detained Malaysia's top blogger, writer and political activist Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK), founder of the hugely popular (and until recently blocked) anti-government website Malaysia Today. RPK's arrest and detainment is under Malaysia's barbarous ISA law (Internal Security Act), which allows for anyone to be detained indefinitely without appeal and without charge, trial, or legal representation.

The Malaysian authorities, who are all from Malaysia's Muslim ruling party (UMNO), are justifying their actions due to a comment of mine that RPK allowed to be posted at one of his articles, which you can read here. This comment of mine is alleged to be insulting to the precious prophet of the Mohammadens, a man dead for 14 centuries. My comment may be insulting, but I am I being untruthful? I invite our readers to read it for themselves and draw their own conclusions.

It is worth reminding all again that Islam is the only major world religion that feels compelled to silence any criticism of their 'faith' through coercion, threats and the use of force. If Islam really is the 'perfect deen' (perfect religion) and Allah is really merciful and good, why are Muslim governments like Malaysia's almost invariably the least civilized, most oppressive, and most regressive on the planet? Many Muslims, including the incarcerated RPK himself, would argue that ISA is 'unIslamic'. The facts suggest otherwise.

I can only hope that somehow, enough pressure is somehow brought to bear on the Malaysian government to have RPK set free. RPK is not a terrorist, but a manifestly good man who tells the truth and struggles for freedom in his nation, at great personal risk. He hardly deserves the barbaric treatment he is now receiving at the hands of his coreligionists.


dano said...

The desperate leaders are panicking!

Anonymous said...

Down with dictators!

Anonymous said...

The government is a secular government who sack a boys wearing turban from primary schools.

What defending islam you talk about?