Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"Patient Evil"

Recently I unearthed a fascinating bit of fiction on the web. It's a novel, entitled "Patient Evil", that is about the world of the near future and how Islam intends to remake it--and it's not pretty, to say the least. Most of the book is available now for free download (PDF format) here. Highly recommended!

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Debbie said...

Patient Evil is an Exclusive eBook written by Mr. R.J. Godlewski for Right Truth and also posted at his own site in pdf. I will be posting Chapter Thirty-Six in a few minutes. At the bottom of that chapter are links for all chapters at Right Truth and the pdf versions.

I am very appreciative of Mr. Godlewski's kindness in writing this book. Readers have been very impressed and can't wait for each new chapter to be posted.

Thanks from Mr. Godlewski and from me,for the plug, much appreciated

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth