Thursday, September 25, 2008

Stop the Islamization of Europe! Stop the Islamization of the West!

This essay is being re-published today. It was originally published on my weblog on November 28, 2005. Despite the enormity of the problem, nothing has been done about the increasing Islamization either of Europe or America. It is high time for something to be done about it though; it is high time for one of our politicians to bite the bullet. The hour is late. - Mark

The West is being Islamized before our very eyes! It is happening in such subtle ways that it is sometimes imperceptible to those who are not looking out for it. But much of the time, what is happening is plain to see. Each and every concession we make to Muslims is a further nail in the coffin of liberal democracy. Each time we consider granting Muslims a public holiday, each time we consider curtailing our own freedom of speech to appease them, we are assisting Muslims to further Islamize our home countries. Be sure of that!

Western governments should not be powerless to deal with this, but evenso they seem to be: They lack the will and determination to stop the rot.

Political correctness, of course, has taken its toll on the West. So has the ridiculous concept of multiculturalism. Add to this a deep-seated guilt complex, a pervasive attitude of self-denigration, extreme tolerance, and an army of apologists for Islam, and we have a catastrophe in the making!

One of our greatest mistakes is to think of Islam as just another one of the world's great religions. We shouldn't. Islam is politics or it is nothing at all, but, of course, it is politics with a spiritual dimension, politics all wrapped up in a deity.

What is the nature of the politics of Islam? Well, that's an easy one to answer: It is little different from the politics of a totalitarian state, little different from the ideologies of Nazism or communism, different only in detail rather than style. Both Nazism and communism used the purge to try and 'cleanse' society of what it considered undesirable. Islam always does the same. Both of those tolerated only a single political party. Islam generally does the same, and certainly, where it doesn't, insists that all parties be Islamic ones. This, of course, gives the establishment the power to coerce the people. G. H. Sabine, in his book, A History of Political Theory, tells us this about Nazism and communism:

...the party was a self-constituted aristocracy which has [sic] the mission partly of leading, partly of instructing, and partly of coercing the bulk of mankind along the road that it must follow. Both were totalitarian in the sense that they obliterated the liberal distinction between areas of private judgment and of public control, and both turned the educational system into an agency of universal indoctrination. In their philosophy[,] both were utterly dogmatic, professing, the one in the name of the Aryan race and the other in the name of the proletariat, a higher insight capable of laying down rules for art, literature, science, and religion. Both induced a frame of mind akin to religious fanaticism. In strategy[,] both were reckless in their assertions, boundless in their claims, abusive toward their opponents, prone to regard any concession on their own part as a temporary expedient and on a rival's part as a sign of weakness. The social philosophies of both agreed in regarding society as in essence a system of forces, economic or racial, between which adjustment takes place by struggle and dominance rather than by mutual understanding and concession. Both therefore regarded politics as merely an expression of power.
So much in Islam resembles those two despicable ideologies. The ruling party in Islamic countries coerces the people along the road that it must follow. This is particularly easy to observe in Iran today. Islam, too, tries to obliterate the liberal distinction between areas of private judgment and of public control. We see this in all Islamic countries. Similar to Nazism and communism, Islam also turns the educational system into an apparatus of the state for the purpose of universal indoctrination. One would be justified in using the term 'brainwashing'.

In addition, Islam also lays down rules for art (no depiction of the human form is allowed, for example), for literature (all is censored), for science (nothing discovered may contradict the Qur'an or Ahadith, or the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad), and certainly for religion (no religion is accepted of man except Islam). Where Jews and Christians live in Islamic countries, they are given protection in return for a high tax known as the jiziyah, but are given dhimmi status, which means, in effect, that they are subdued and given second class status.

Islam also induces a frame of mind akin to fanaticism. That this is so is self-explanatory. Islam is also reckless in its assertions, and boundless in its claims. Example: All the world belongs to Allah; therefore it is the duty of all Muslims to Islamize it. In Islam, too, adjustment takes place by struggle and dominance. Note the Jihad.

A remarkable similarity is this: Islam is also inclined to be abusive to its opponents (they are infidels and unclean), and is prone to regard any concession on its own part as a temporary expedient and on a rival's part as a sign of weakness. And Islam, too, regards politics as an expression of power. Oh, and we shouldn't forget that Islam is profoundly anti-Semitic!

Aren't the similarities just remarkable?

What is troubling is this: Islam is closing in on us. We have so many unassimilated Muslims living in Europe, and an ever growing number living in the States, too. In fact, millions and millions of Muslims live in the West today. But the West has no strategy for dealing with the fall-out. We saw this recenty in France when their cities burnt night after night. The mayhem Muslim immigrants caused there was enough to make anyone's hair stand on end! But what has France done about it? It has unveiled a series of measures to appease the Muslim immigrants, and has ignored the fact that this was an uprising caused in no small part by the Islamic community flexing its ever strengthening muscles.

If we in the West wish to ensure the survival of our own civilization, wish to ensure that our children will be able to live as freely as we have been able to do, wish to ensure that people are free to choose their religion in the West, but just as free not to choose one, then we have a lot of thinking to do!

I would suggest that we start by asking one simple question: Should we regard Islam as a mere religion, or should we start to see it for what it truly is: A political ideology with megalomaniacal aspirations? A political ideology with a spiritual dimension which will stop at nothing until the West is no more, until the West has been brought into Dar ul Islam, or the 'House of Islam', until the West has been well and truly Islamized. To ignore this fact is tantamount to playing fast and loose with our children's future freedoms and security. In fact, it is negligent of their future well-being!

©Mark Alexander

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churchofmecca said...

Totally agree!

N.R. said...

Mark, Now their is "halal" insurance!
Much money has been made in those areas where the problem is prevalent, by faking accidents and worse and then claiming payouts.
Happened to me, guy said he was fine after he ran into my car.
Then afterwords he claimed for "whiplash" and lost earnings.
Maybe the infidel should play this game in reverse?
Tit for tat.
BBC "Law in Action" the other day contained item where the presenter (who was a lawyer) made spurious claims of the "debt to Islam" that our Legal System owed for the "possibility" that King Henry II had utilised some ideas on Trusts, that had possibly been collected by the Norman conquerors of Sicily, around 1060.
He claimed that before these inputs, Britain relied on "trial by ordeal," only and had no Jury system.
He completely ignored the Anglo-Saxon period, where the "Hundred Courts" were formed and the fact that a form of jury system existed, along with a variety of punishments for crime, with the Trail by Ordeal only being used by the Church in serious crimes not decided by the Civil System.

Totally spurious and incomplete claims made to show that somehow the Sharia style Law system pre-dated Britain's own.!

Of course no mention was made of the debt owed by Islam and British Common Law to the Judaic system of Law based on Torah and old Testaments.
This is still available on BBC "listen again," Mark.
This kind of unchallenged "drip, drip" effect is installing Islam by default and by fear and misplaced unconcern within the English speaking world, and Europe no doubt.
God Bless you for your erudite and perceptive contributions to the fight against the Islamification of the West, and to all the contributors here.
We must not give up speaking the truth however much hard work it is.
All the best, long time reader, Norm.

Mark said...

Great! :-)

Mark said...

Hi Norm, it's been a while since we made contact.

Is this the BBC stuff on sharia you're referring to?

If it is, isn't it such a load of baloney? The BBC are the archdhimmies of this world. Why do we put up with the nonsense they come out with?

Thanks for the compliment, Norm. I much appreciate it.

By the way, I still have your great comment up on my sidebar. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi mark, that indeed was it!
What idiots are they that work at the BBC, all University educated and sooo willing to suck up every last drop of this kind of spurious crap.
It is a kind of disease that comes with employment in such places as the BBC, The Foreign Office and most of local government.
Thanks for using my comment, I notice it when browsing your pages. Honoured that you found it good enough.

Anonymous said...

Islamization could be a good thing if it forced women to shave their arms...