Sunday, September 21, 2008

Switzerland has not given in, yet - Part 3

"Now they have given in"

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Some of you might remember my past posts regarding the Libya-Switzerland issue--i.e. the son of the Libyan dictator Gaddafi was arrested and charged with assaulting two of his staff in Geneva earlier this year. There is not much more to say about it, for what I have expected to happen, has indeed come to pass--the victims dropped all the charges. Did I already mention that the brother and mother of one of the victims got arrested in Libya quite recently? A coincidence? Don't bet on it. One wonders what sort of other tender mercies might have been applied on the victims, or their families, by the Libyan goons in order to secure their 'cooperation'.

Such developments must surely gladden the hearts of those in the highest echelons of the Swiss Government. After all, we can't have something like putting the son of an Arab dictator in a highly embarrassing public trial to interfere with the ongoing Eurabia project, can we? Now with the matter disposed of, our government's top ministers, like Swiss Foreign Minister Calmy-Rey, can get back to working on projects near and dear to her dhimmi heart, like "talking to Osama Bin Laden". With politicians like her, we will surely soon become part of the Islamic Republic of Europe.

The top seven ministers of Switzerland would be well-suited for the future Caliphate of Europe. They are:

  • proven liars
  • desperate for attention at any cost (e.g. wearing burkhas and drinking tea with Ahmadinejad)
  • cowards (hiding behind neutrality when civil courage is needed)
  • hypocrites (pretending to be neutral again, but only when it's convenient)
  • greedy and money-addicted (oil and gold)
  • conveniently forgetful when it comes to remembering past crimes committed by members of his own staff (like the recent head of the Swiss Army). One wonders how soon they will forget about crimes committed by Muslims, e.g. 9/11 etc.

What makes me most furious is the fact that in spite of proof against them, the Swiss Government still manages to fool people. But this is another characteristic that would make them perfectly fit as leaders of an Islamic Republic.


Mark said...

Hi! It's been so long.

Now then, European Kafir, tell us what you really think about the Swiss government! :-)

Actually, what you say is quite true. It's scandalous. Alas, except for the point about 'neutrality', you could be talking about any Western government. It seems that the word politician has become synonymous with liar, cheat, clueless, cowardly, dirty, etc. Should I go on?

You know from the past that I have always held Switzerland in high regard; so it shocks me to see your country go down the road of dhimmitude. Waking up on a glorious, sunny Sunday morning to the peeling of all those wonderful church bells will be a joy lost to the past. Instead you will have the horrendous sound of the muezzin calling the faithful to prayer, like this.

Switzerland will never be the same again!

European Kafir said...

hello mark

yes, it`s been long, hope you are doing well.

*LOL* my thoughts about the Swiss government are pretty obvious, I think ;-). It`s getting from bad to worse and there is no end on sight.

I remember your ideas regarding Switzerland and it embarasses me that they managed to shock you. But it`s the way it is and this is very upsetting.

When I was in Jerusalem this spring I was horrified whenever I heard these muezzin whining down from their towers (minarets, another upcoming issue in Switzerland by the way).
(The youtube link you posted represents it pretty well ;-)).

Still hoping that people will wake up before it`s too late...

Cheers :-)

European Kafir said...
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