Friday, October 31, 2008

A Happy Samhain/Halloween 2008

Happy Halloween one and all!

To our few and loyal readers that may be out there, I'd like to wish one and all a happy Samhain slash Halloween. I urge our infidel readers to enjoy this holiday and to acknowledge our glorious pagan/Wiccan/Celtic roots which gave birth to this festive occasion.

Here's the nutty Islamic perspective on this good bit of fun:

In order to keep the Muslim society purified ..., a continuous war must be waged against all customs and practises (sic) which originate from societies' ignorance...

Although it may be argued that the celebration of Hallow'een today has nothing to do with devil-worship, it is still forbidden for Muslims to participate in it. If Muslims begin to take part in such customs, it is a sure sign of weak iman and that we have either forgotten, or outrightly rejected the mission of our Prophet...

So, if it's worth saying once, it's worth saying again. Let us have fun and celebrate this haram holiday, and at the same time give Islam the middle finger it so richly deserves. Trick or treat!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

A new wrinkle in Iranian torture

An article on the Islamofascist regime in Iran has surfaced in an unlikely place-- CNN. Specifically, the CNN piece is an interview with a dissident who had the misfortune of experiencing the mullahs' hospitality firsthand.

The beatings, the broken bones, the squalid conditions -- it was "nothing," former prisoner Amir Fakhravar has told CNN, compared to the pain that he suffered under "white torture" in an Iranian jail.

"We didn't see any color, all of the cell was white, the floor was white, our clothes were white and also the light, 24 hours, was white. Our food, also, was white rice," explains Fakhravar, now 25. "We couldn't see any color and we couldn't hear any voices."

Amnesty International first documented Fakhravar's case in 2004, saying such conditions of extreme sensory deprivation appear to be designed to weaken political prisoners.

It says that he was held at a 'covert' detention center used by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

The organization added that he had to slip a white piece of paper under the door if he wanted to use the toilet. Even the guards wore padded shoes to muffle any sound. The organization describes the silence as "deafening" and "inhumane."

"I was there for eight months and after those months I couldn't remember my father and my mother's face," says Fakhravar. "When they released me from that prison I was not a normal person."

Fakhravar has said he was first arrested aged 17 after criticizing the Iranian regime through speeches and writings, and spent more than five years shuttling between Iranian prisons and being tortured. The "white torture" began in January 2004 and lasted until August of that year.

He eventually escaped to the United States but has said he will not rest until there is regime change in his homeland.

Who says the Muslims can't be inventive and innovative? Here they are, having conjured up yet another method to torture and torment innocent human beings, so I suppose they deserve some credit. And it's all courtesy of the SS of Iran, the evil and thuggish "Revolutionary Guard".

Even more surprising, CNN's article also reports that (according to the dissident) Iran wants to export Islamic Revolution to the entire world--naturally the Shia brand of Islam. This hasn't been news for at least 25 years (which is how long Teheran has pursued this objective), but CNN actually reporting it--well, that is news.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The real North Korea

I wrote this to follow up on my piece earlier this week on a major Malaysian daily's adulation on North Korea.

Here's a peek at the way North Korea really is. This heartbreaking photo is just the sort of viewpoint that doesn't end up in the pages of The Star, or get written about by leftist sycophants like Sylvia Lee-Goh.

Remember, North Korea is led by a government that allowed up to ten percent of its population to perish in a massive famine in the 1990s.

We live in a crazy, insane world. A world where a single Palestinian Arab child dies and it's an enormous story years after the fact, and a couple million dead North Koreans are allowed to starve to death at the hands of their own government...and it's not news.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Terrorizing the terrorists in Syria

The US Government has confirmed that last Sunday, US Special Forces boldly raided an Al Qaeda base 8 kilometers inside Syria. This is the first confirmed raid US forces have made inside Syria since Operation Iraqi Freedom began in 2003.

The targeted Al Qaeda cell in Syria, which specialized in moving men, weapons and money across the border to Iraq, had been known about by US intelligence for some time. The Syrians had been asked to shut the cell down; but apparently, the cell was protected by some very generous bribes. It looks like the good guys 'got some' and nailed the cell leader, along with sending seven of his fellow jihadists to Allah.

Naturally, the Syrians are shrieking about the 'terrorist aggression' of the treacherous, evil Americans. Just as you might expect, their version of events is dominating the mainstream media. Syria is described in news reports as a 'sovereign country', but in actuality, the country is for all intents and purposes a subsidiary and colony of the jihadist enterprise headquartered in Teheran, AKA 'Iran'.

My thoughts on the cross-border raid? It's about time--good work guys and nice shooting. More and faster please. There are no doubt a lot of similar bases just on the other side of Iraq's eastern border that require similar servicing. Good hunting!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Deepavali 2008

Pedestrian Infidel would like to wish our Hindu readers a joyous and safe Deepavali ("Divali") holiday, the Hindu Festival of Lights. The lights of fireworks, lamps or other lights that are usually lit for this festive occasion are meant to signify the ultimate triumph of good over evil.

In these trying times, this is a message worth remembering, not just for Hindus or for infidels, but for everyone.

It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness. - Chinese proverb

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Major Malaysian daily loves North Korea

North Korea must have a lot of friends in Malaysia, particularly at Malaysia's most-widely read English newspaper, The Star. Lil Kim's gulag state has scored a nice little propaganda piece in today's edition -- the Malaysian writer 'Sylvia Lee-Goh' is falling all over herself fawning over the Dear Leader and his charming gulag state. Here are some choice bits:

The propaganda directed against the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is as virulent as the North Koreans’ hatred of the devil that is the United States...

In Kim Il Sung, they found their saviour. Against all odds and with no other country willing to help, Kim’s Anti-Japanese People’s Guerilla Army marshalled his countrymen to revolt in a campaign that lasted from April 25, 1932, to final victory on Aug 15, 1945...

North Koreans remember that in 1976, American GIs attacked the DPRK’s guards by throwing axes at them on the DMZ, the demilitarised zone that divides the peninsula...

There will only be one Kim Il Sung, the Father of the People. He distributed land to the peasants, gave women equal rights with the men and ensured that everybody studied, worked and lived well.

The people have free housing, and pay minimal rates for electricity and water. Medical services are free, and education is free and compulsory.

The rest of this blatant propaganda piece (which is laughably filed under the 'Lifestyle' section of The Star) continues on in the same insufferable vein, apologizing for and adoring the world's most oppressive state, while vilifying the US at every opportunity. In Malaysia, this sort of 'journalism' is normal as it is unquestioned.

Malaysia is a country with a special fondness for brutal dictatorships and also has close relations with Iran, Zimbabwe, and Cuba.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Malaysia Bans Women from Wearing Men's Clothes and Lesbian Sexual Relations

THE TELEGRAPH: Malaysian women have been banned from "tom-boyism" and lesbian sexual relations in a fatwa from one of the country's top religious authorities.

According to the chairman of the National Fatwa Council, Abdul Shukor Husin, many young women admire the was [sic] men dress and behave, which is a denial of their femininity and a violation of human nature.

"It is unacceptable to see women who love the male lifestyle including dressing in the clothes men wear," he complained, adding, "(Masculine behaviour) becomes clearer when they start to have sex with someone of the same gender, that is woman and woman."

"In view of this," Dr Abdul explained, "the National Fatwa Council which met today have decided and taken the stand that such acts are forbidden and banned."

Male homosexuality - specifically sodomy - is illegal in Malaysia and punishable with up to twenty years in jail. Accusations of sodomy have twice been levelled against the opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim in what he says are politically motivated attempts to destroy him. >>> By Thomas Bell, South East Asia Correspondent | October 24, 2008

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Obama leading--heavy turbulence ahead

The latest polls show the Messiah pulling away from McCain. Which means we are only ten days away from the dawn of the reign of the new age of change, hope, love, peace, kindness, benevolence, transformation, optimism, serenity, wonderfulness, ocean rise slowing, the USSPR (The United States Socialist People's Republic), the Age Of Aquarius, the planet healing, "When you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody", & other fine stuff. I can't wait!

Unfortunately for leftists, Democrats and other Obama voters, it's extremely likely (to say the least) that the enemies of the United States will still hate the US even after B. Hussein wins. It's also very likely that the thugs of the world are going to test the wherewithal of the Most Merciful Obama with some sort of international crisis soon after he enters the Oval Office.

But don't just take my word on it. Listen to Obama's VP pick, Joe Biden and his words from earlier this week:

It will not be six months before the world tests Barack Obama like they did John Kennedy. The world is looking…Watch, we’re gonna have an international crisis, a generated crisis, to test the mettle of this guy. I can give you at least four or five scenarios from where it might originate…

It doesn't require any kind of political genius to understand that ruthless bad actors out there who will want to test Barack Obama and will see his (probable) election win as an opportunity to take advantage of. Even Joe Biden has admitted as much.

Reality is a good teacher, although some never learn.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hanged for being a Christian in Iran

Some of the evil that Islam brings into this world simply goes beyond words. From the Telegraph:

Eighteen years ago, Rashin Soodmand's father was hanged in Iran for converting to Christianity. Now her brother is in a Mashad jail, and expects to be executed under new religious laws brought in this summer.


A month ago, the Iranian parliament voted in favour of a draft bill, entitled "Islamic Penal Code", which would codify the death penalty for any male Iranian who leaves his Islamic faith. Women would get life imprisonment. The majority in favour of the new law was overwhelming: 196 votes for, with just seven against.

Imposing the death penalty for changing religion blatantly violates one of the most fundamental of all human rights. The right to freedom of religion is enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and in the European Convention of Human Rights. It is even enshrined as Article 23 of Iran's own constitution, which states that no one may be molested simply for his beliefs.

And yet few politicians or clerics in Iran see any contradiction between a law mandating the death penalty for changing religion and Iran's constitution. There has been no public protest in Iran against it.

David Miliband, Britain's Foreign Secretary, stands out as one of the few politicians from any Western country who has put on record his opposition to making apostasy a crime punishable by death. The protest from the EU has been distinctly muted; meanwhile, Germany, Iran's largest foreign trading partner, has just increased its business deals with Iran by more than half. Characteristically, the United Nations has said nothing.

Read the rest here.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A short primer to Malaysian politics

Having been an observer (and arguably participant) of the Malaysian political scene for some years now, I think I'm in a position to be able to describe that bizarre world to non Malaysians. Even jaded and learned students of politics elsewhere in the world might be in for a shock or two when they get acquainted with how the Malaysians think and act in regards to politics. Or perhaps can take a lot to surprise people in this cynical age.

Using the standard left wing-right wing model, let's start by talking about the people on Malaysia's left. In Malaysia, the left functions much as they do in US, or as they do in Europe for that matter--they're outright socialists that believe that Malaysia's ills can be solved if Malaysia becomes a lot more like Europe and adopt a cradle-to-grave welfare state, like France or Germany (or Canada). With the US election a mere two weeks away as of this writing, Malaysia's left-wingers are in the tank for Obama, and believe with all their hearts that the McCain-Palin ticket are agents of Satan or worse. This group is represented by the Malaysian political party DAP.

For an example of a Malaysian left-wing standard bearer, take this guy, Dr. Azly Rahman. He's a self-styled Malaysian leftie intellectual who loves to write (overly) long soliloquys on the evils of capitalism, or the evils of the US Military in Iraq, etc. etc. Educated in the hallowed left-leaning halls and high towers of Ivy League academia, Dr. Azly is, not surprisingly, a big fan of Obama and a regular contributor to Malaysia's powerhouse political blog, Malaysia Today.

Or consider this guy, 'Surind', a Malaysian blogger who is an ardent fan of that anti American dictator in Venezuela, and thinks Che Guevara (the guy who imprisoned, tortured and murdered people on behalf of his boss Castro before his fortunate early demise in the 1960s) was a really swell mensch. He also loves Obama. Surind and I agree on the need for a secular, non-religious government in Malaysia, but that's pretty much where our agreement begins and ends.

These bloggers from the left side of the Malaysian political scene devote a lot of thought, words and space in their writing to the alleged evil doings of corporations or globalization. At the same time, this crowd usually downplays or completely ignores the jihad and the ever-growing stack of dead bodies the jihadists are piling up. Or they apologize and rationalize for Islam after the fact. "Yes, Muslims can be barbarous," they might say, "but it's all because of Iraq-Islamophobia-Palestine (fill in the blank)." Oftentimes, Malaysia's political left can get quite chummy with their Muslim overlords. The DAP's chairman recently went on the record to say that, in effect, Islam is just a wonderful belief system.

Well, what about the Malaysian right wing? Well, we're going from one group of crazies to another group that in this case is actually more crazy. You see, the right wing of Malaysia's political sphere is part and parcel of the jihadist enterprise. Malaysians in this group scrawl Arabic all over their websites, drop 'SWTs' and 'PBUHs' all over their posts like there's no tomorrow, and generally believe with all of their hearts that Mohammed and Islam and Sharia and the rest of that fascistic ideology is God's gift to humanity. They may not be blowing people up in their backyards, at least not now. But they do attend mosques where the imams every Friday are shrieking 'Allah hates kafirs', and many of these same people eagerly send money ('zakat') to various jihadi causes abroad. And yes, a number of Malaysians run off to join the jihad directly. These jihadist elements are represented by the political party PAS.

With Marxists on one side and jihadists on the other, is there sanity in the Malaysian middle? Well, not really. The 'middle' ground is occupied by UMNO, the long-corrupt and long-ruling party, who take ideas from both sides and pass them off as their own. It's all in the name of 'racial harmony' of course. Any thorn or political opponent who can't be bought off or co-opted by these crooks is often thrown in prison via ISA or framed up and convicted on some sort of false charges. UMNO also uses thugs (RELA, UMNO Youth, Special Branch, etc) and a number of Orwellian laws (Sedition Act, Societies Act, etc.) to intimidate & silence critics and stay in charge.

So where does that leave the counterjihad in the Malaysia? The short answer is 'no where'-- Malaysia, with exception of a few renegades, has no counterjihad worthy of the name. There are a few websites here and there, but there is no organization and the numbers are tiny. The counterjihad belongs on neither side of that insane asylum known as Malaysian politics.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

'Ultraconservative' Islam on rise in Mideast

A brand of militant, pious Islam is on the rise in the Middle East. Lead by the state-supported Salafists of Saudi Arabia and the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt, this Islamic revival, energized by plentiful petrodollars and dreadfully backward conditions in the Arab world, fully embraces jihad ('yes to jihad, just not yet'). This movement is willing and increasingly able to take the world back to its fossilized and very Islamic 7th century world view.

As the Middle Eastern Muslims go, so eventually go the ones in Southeast Asia. Remember Malaysians, the burqa (niqab) and all that comes with it is in your future. So-called 'ninja' women clad in black from head to toe are already a common sight in Kuala Lumpur.

Here's the piece from the Associated Press (any emphasis added below is mine):

Ultraconservative Islam on rise in Mideast

Critics worry that the rise of Salafists in Egypt, as well as in other Arab countries such as Jordan and Lebanon, will crowd out the more liberal and tolerant version of Islam long practiced there. They also warn that the doctrine is only a few shades away from that of violent groups like al-Qaida—that it effectively preaches “Yes to jihad, just not now.”

In the broad spectrum of Islamic thought, Salafism is on the extreme conservative end. Saudi Arabia’s puritanical Wahhabi interpretation is considered its forerunner, and Saudi preachers on satellite TV and the Internet have been key to its Salafism’s spread.

Salafist groups are gaining in numbers and influence across the Middle East. In Jordan, a Salafist was chosen as head of the old-guard opposition group, the Muslim Brotherhood. In Kuwait, Salafists were elected to parliament and are leading the resistance to any change they believe threatens traditional Islamic values.

The gains for Salafists are part of a trend of turning back to conservatism and religion after nationalism and democratic reform failed to fulfill promises to improve people’s lives. Egypt has been at the forefront of change in both directions, toward liberalization in the 1950s and ‘60s and back to conservatism more recently. ...

In most of the region, Salafism has been a purely social movement calling for an ultraconservative lifestyle. Most Salafis shun politics—in fact, many argue that Islamic parties like the Muslim Brotherhood and the Palestinians’ Hamas are too willing to compromise their religion for political gain.

Its preachers often glorify martyrdom and jihad—or holy war—but always with the caveat that Muslims should not launch jihad until their leaders call for it. The idea is that the decision to overturn the political order is up to God, not the average citizen.

But critics warn that Salafis could easily slide into violence.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Anybody want a jihad cola?

I recently conjured up this graphic, all in the interest of fun of course. Remember friends, it's important to laugh, laugh frequently, and laugh at our enemy's expense.

The only 'good' kind of Islam

In a recent post about Malaysia's Muslim royals threatening those who question Islam, a commenter named 'mauriyaII' said:

Nobody is questioning Islam as the official state religion. Nobody in his right mind would do that as it is enshrined in the constitution.

What the non-Muslims are against is the arbitrary way the Muslim religious authorities are interpreting freedom or religious worship.

Just so everyone is clear, we at Pedestrian Infidel are most definitely questioning Islam as the official state religion -- not just of Malaysia, but of any and all nations. Just because the Malaysian Constitution asserts something does not make it moral or right. Who says that document is perfect or infallible? Enshrining Islam as the law of the land in Malaysia back at the founding of the country has been, to our minds, a colossal error. Having Islam as the official religion of the state is rather like inviting a parasite into your large intestine -- a very bad idea and one that is going to lead to a lot of discomfort down the road, to say the least.

As for Islam's 'arbitrary' enforcement that our commenter specifically mentions, I think this person fails to see the fallacy in his own statement. Any 'religion' that requires having ‘religious authorities’-- an official enforcement mechanism to coerce ‘proper religious values’ from people -- is inherently arbitrary and therefore unjust. Why are non Muslims always surprised to find this out? Islam is precisely all about arbitrarily imposing their own religious values on everyone in the vicinity -- values which are, at best, of dubious merit.

It is plainly obvious that Islam, wherever it is found, is an inhumane, oppressive and tyrannical ideological system. With few exceptions, it exists as a system that denies freedom utterly to its adherents and beyond. As long as Islam persists in Malaysia in an official or influential capacity, we must realize that there will ultimately be no freedom of any kind, particularly freedom of religion, for both Muslims and non Muslims alike.

If other religions are like companies that have employee turnover as time passes, then Islam is like the Mafia, which according to its own rules allows none to leave except on pain of death. A ‘religion’ that enforces Mafioso-style rules on its own membership will be devoid of free will and other humane values.

Mauriya and our other readers should well remember that there is no good kind of Islam. The only ‘good’ kind of Islam is when there is less of it.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

What might start the next war in Southeast Asia

This piece, which isn't about Islam per se, will detail exactly where and how many border disputes Malaysia has with its neighbors. It turns out that Malaysia has territorial ownership claims against and/or from virtually all of its neighbors.

Students of history are well aware that wars are often caused by border disputes. All it takes is one country that feels it is losing out because a border is not where everyone agrees is should be. Just this past week, Thai and Cambodian military forces were shooting at each other (resulting in injury and death) over a long-simmering border disagreement between those two nations.

Aside from prestige and possible historical ties, the primary reasons Malaysia and others are claiming ownership of various bits of land around Southeast Asia (much of it uninhabited islands) has to do with the ability to control sea lanes, defining maritime economic zones, gaining possible tourist dollars in some instance, and of course oil, rumored to underlie much of the area.

The principal islands involved (and the nations claiming ownership) are:

-- Padra Branca Islands, claimed by Malaysia & Singapore.

-- Sipadam & Ligatan Islands, claimed by Malaysia & Indonesia; this is one that seems most likely to cause trouble in the near term.

-- Louisa Reef, claimed by Malaysia & Brunei.

-- Spratly Islands, claimed by China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, & Brunei: China claims them all, but occupies only 8, Vietnam has occupied or marked 25, the Philippines 8, Malaysia 6, and Taiwan one.

-- Paracel Islands, claimed by China, which occupies them, Taiwan, & Vietnam contest Chinese claims.

-- Sabah, claimed by Philippines & Malaysia. This is a province of Malaysia, which the Filipinos claim was ceded to the Sultan of Sulu (now part of the Philippines) back in the 1870s.

All of the nations making these claims understand that it is the U.S. Navy that, for now, still has the final say over who controls what.

But don't expect anyone in Malaysia to mention this, or to talk about border disputes at all, other than to mention that everyone 'knows' that it's the Great Satan that is the cause of all wars and discord in the first place. At least that is what Doctor M and his asinine "Perdana Peace Foundation' keeps claiming.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

From Malaysia's royals, a threat to those who would question Islam

Malaysians Warned Not to Question Islam

Published: October 17, 2008

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) -- An influential council of Malaysia's state rulers has warned people not to question the supremacy of Islam or the special privileges enjoyed by the country's ethnic Malay majority.

Racial and religious tensions have increased in the past year as minorities have become more vocal in their complaints about an affirmative action program that they say unfairly favors Malays. They also complain that their religious rights are being ignored.

In an unprecedented comment on current affairs, the sultans of nine states did not directly accuse the Chinese and Indian minorities of stoking anti-Malay feelings, but said recent statements and forums ''held by certain quarters'' had ''caused provocation and uneasiness among the people.''

Questioning the special position of Malays ''can lead to disunity and racial strife that can undermine the peace and harmony,'' the state rulers said in a statement.

In Malaysian politics, statements about 'disunity and undermining peace and harmony' really mean: do not question or dare challenge Islam or its supreme status. For the kufr of Malaysia, this also means "thou shalt not question your dhimmi status". Or else you will all face the wrath of outraged Muslims, and Muslims will not be held responsible for the consequences.

Meanwhile, on Wall Street

This anonymous stockbroker's facial expression says it all.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Chinese Communists scam and screw over their own people

The recent tainted milk scandal in China is so typical of how China takes care of business. What little government oversight existed in regards to food quality was paid off by government-connected companies to keep quiet or look the other way. And the communist government, once they became aware that something was amiss, covered up the proverbial stink emanating from their dairy industry as long as they could.

The Chicomms are now in full damage control mode and are doing what they do best. Namely, they have slammed down a lid of secrecy over the entire affair, by restricting details on exactly how many children were sickened or killed by milk that was purposely laced with the toxic industrial chemical melamine.

This is especially evident in light of recent developments in the aftermath of the scandal. The families of the dead children are suing the makers of the poisoned milk--or at least they are trying to. What in the West would be an open-and-shut product liability lawsuit is anything but in the land of Mao. So far, Chinese courts are refusing to hear the case, and it's likely to stay that way.

The world is eager to forget that China a dictatorship, with a government much more eager to remain in power and make money (in that order of importance), than to do anything like serving the people or running the country well. In China, human rights do not exist. The Communist Party has a right to stay in power and a right to make money, true. But that is the extent of rights in China's totalitarian state. There are no freedoms such as speech, assembly, or expression, no free elections, and yes, no right to litigate either. Sounds a lot like most Muslim countries, doesn't it?

Communism (AKA 'socialism') and Islam are two dysfunctional, unjust and equally tyrannical ideologies. Both deserve to be tossed onto the rubbish heap of history.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Comment moderation now off

Due to a fortunate reduction in comment spam, comment moderation is no longer in play here at PI. As a firm free-speech advocate, I hated having to make moderation necessary as long as it was, so I am glad to get rid of it. However, if the comment spam picks up, the comment moderation will have to return.

Thanks to everyone out there (all 3 or 4 of you) who have made recent comments.

A vote for Obama is a vote for Islam

Some pictures need no words.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My thoughts on the Internal Security Act

A Malaysian blogger recently asked my thoughts on Malaysia's draconian Internal Security Act:

...To be perfectly blunt, ISA is a barbaric law that, if it ever was called for, has long since outlived its usefulness. It gives the BN Government (or any government, for that matter) entirely too much power, and that power in the hands of anyone is corrosive and corrupting.

As for the jihadists, there are plenty of other Malaysian laws on the books to use against the Islamic terrorists (the Sedition Act, for instance). And there are terrorists aplenty in Malaysia, at least as far as recruiting, planning, and fundraising go. For example, last year I wrote an article about the treason-minded Caliphate movement in Malaysia (AKA the Khilafah movement), an article entitled "Malaysia's Insurgents in Waiting" that RPK posted at M-T. Since that time, RPK has been thrown into the ISA gulag and the Khilafah movement in Malaysia soldiers on, its leaders unmolested and untouchable.

I also had a reliable contact in KL tell me that, while he was teaching in a Malaysian Islamic school a few years ago, he was directly approached by Al Qaeda operatives and offered training at one of AQ's camps in Pakistan (he declined). How many of these operatives have been arrested or detained under ISA? I suspect that number is very very close to zero.

I think BN's lengthy and less-than-stellar (to say the least) track record in this area clearly demonstrates that ISA is used as the ultimate hammer against dissidents and political enemies of the state. Meanwhile, the jihadists are more often than not left alone, ISA notwithstanding, so long as they maintain a low profile while in Malaysia and do their murderous work elsewhere.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A dirty secret in Dubai--'slaves to build monuments'

Behind the glitz and dizzying building boom in Dubai is a sordid tale of exploitation and lies--an army of migrant workers that lives and works in squalor. These workers, mainly from south Asia but also from other countries such as Ethiopia, the Philippines and beyond--work 18 hour days, 6 or 7 days a week, and earn about 70 pounds a month in wages. They sleep 20 men to a room in filthy camps that can only be honestly described as ghettos, are forbidden to form unions, and have their passports seized by the authorities upon arrival.

Many of the estimated 300,000 migrant workers now in the Emirates paid one thousand pounds or more for the 'privilege' of working in Dubai. Once they arrive, due to wages that are only half of what is promised, they usually cannot afford to return home to see their families. The inhumane treatment and conditions for huge numbers of people are largely invisible to the outside world. Additionally, since the UAE is a dictatorship, discussions on this topic are forbidden in the UAE's state-owned media.

When Muslims talk about how 'tolerant' Islam supposedly is, perhaps they mean that Islam is 'tolerant' of slave labor and ruthless exploitation on a massive scale. The next Muslim protest I hear about on this problem in the UAE will be the first.

The Guardian has a posted a well-written expose on the story here.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Yahoo software engineer brains behind jihad in India

Okies, here is the big lie as commonly repeated in the leftist media, by the Malaysian PM, various sundry 'progressive' pundits, and their allies. It goes something like this: terrorism is caused by illiteracy, poverty, lack of clean drinking water, etc. If we taxpayers provide (meaning pay for) an education, employment opportunities, job training, flush toilets, etc. for the downtrodden masses, then 'terrorism' (never identified as what it really is, i.e. jihad) will disappear like fog on a warm sunny day. And then everyone will be happy! Ain't social engineering grand?

Well, there's a slight problem with this grand theory. Like much else you might read in the papers, this popular mainstream 'theory' is pure unadulterated hogwash.

Don't believe it? Then look no further than one of the masterminds behind a recent wave of jihad to strike India:

Yahoo software engineer is brain behind IM’s terror e-mails

...the 31-year-old software engineer [Mohammed Mansoor Asgar Peerbhoy] from Pune comes from a family of well-educated people. His mother is a lecturer in a college while his father is a well-educated businessman.

Mansoor, who studied at one of Pune’s best schools, was ranked third when he graduated as a computer engineer from Pune University. He landed a commendable job as principal software engineer with Yahoo India’s software development department with a hefty pay cheque of Rs 19 lakh.

But Mansoor got indoctrinated at a local mosque he visited and went on to become a key member of Indian Mujhahideen (IM)...

I always ends up being some guy named Mohammed. But seriously, didn't these Muslims get the memo that Islam is all about tolerance, group hugs and loving multicultural environments? After all, look at countries like Sudan, Iran and Saudi Arabia. These 100% (or nearly so) Muslim states are paradises on earth! Aren't they?

If anyone out there is seriously interested in finding out about the 'root causes' of terrorism, you need look no further than your 'friendly' neighborhood mosque. Better yet, have a look inside the Koran. These are precisely the places where guys often named Mohammed find inspiration to begin, or continue, their murderous ways.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Islamic 'Tolerance' update-- Christians in Iraq flee for their lives

From the "Islam = tolerance" department:

BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) -- At least 900 Christian families have fled Mosul in the past week, terrified by a series of killings and threats by Muslim extremists ordering them to convert to Islam or face possible death, officials said Saturday.


A week ago, leaflets were distributed in several predominantly Christian neighborhoods, threatening families to "either convert to Islam or pay the jizyah or leave the city or face death," said the Interior Ministry official.

Historically, jizyah is a tax paid by non-Muslims in exchange for protection.

...a few days after the leaflets were passed out, gunmen set up checkpoints in parts of Mosul, stopping vehicles to inspect identification papers, searching for Christian names or other signs of religious affiliation. Many of the Christians killed were targeted in this way...

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Reaching for the heavens

Time for a change of pace...Enjoy this video that combines two of the finest aspects of infidel (specifically Western) civilization--powerful and ingenious technology that has changed the world, set to beautiful, soul-stirring music.

Enjoy your weekend.

Friday, October 10, 2008

The Jihad against Barbie

Jihad is a force which must not and cannot be underestimated. As said in our recently revamped tagline, Jihad exists to annihilate unbelief--i.e. anything that is not Islamic. It spares nothing and no one ... including children's toys.

Earlier this year, Iran’s top prosecutor and religious cleric, Ghorban Ali Dori Najafabadi, called for a ban on the sale of all Barbie dolls from the country. “Barbie is an emissary of nudity and promotes moral corruption,” wrote the hardliner newspaper Kahyan. Another Iranian, toy seller Masoumeh Rahimi thinks that Barbie and Ken dolls are "...more harmful than an American missile,” as she told the BBC.

Barbie and Ken have been picked on by Islamic leaders and their goon squads for years, since Saudi Arabia announced it was banning the sale of Barbie from the kingdom in September 2003, stating on its official Religious Police website (see photo):

Jewish Barbie dolls, with their naked clothing, lewd positions, and different samples and accessories, are symbols of decadence of the perverted West. Let us recognize their danger and worry.

Why the anti Semitic tirade? Well, it turns out that Barbie’s creator, Ruth Handler, was Jewish — and that the American businesswoman, entrepreneur, and U.S. Business Hall of Famer had named the dolls after her two Jewish children, Barbie and Ken Handler.

So, if Barbie is "Jewish", then so are Superman, Batman, Iron Man, the Hulk, and the X-Men--all comic book characters created by Jewish Americans. Using the 'Barbie precedent', all movies, TV shows, comic books and images bearing these "Jewish" symbols of perverted infidel culture should also be cleansed from Islamic societies. Right?

No, this is not a joke. This is the face of real Islam as it lives and breathes. It makes you wonder what cultural icon or children's toy will be the next target of their righteous indignation.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

The Jihad in Indonesia picks up speed

IHT recently did a piece on an up-and-coming force in Indonesia, a force that eagerly advocates jihad and the Islamic purification of Indonesian culture, society and politics.

That force is the "Council of Ulemas", a group of so-called 'Islamic Scholars' that recently moved their headquarters from the basement of a mosque to a gleaming new office tower in downtown Jakarta. Infidels should tremble when that non sequitur, 'Islamic Scholar' is ever uttered. Whenever these paragons for Allah emerge from their holes, trouble is almost certain to follow.

Backed by money from donors in wealthy Gulf states, the Council, or MUI in the Indonesian language, seeks the implementation of Shariah law throughout Indonesia, has backed the recent so-called 'anti porn' law, and opposes what it calls "pluralism, liberalism and secularism." Indonesia's recent banning and persecution of an Islamic sect called the Ahmadiyya was due in large part to the efforts of the MUI. This victory will no doubt encourage the Jihadists of MUI --for that is what they are--to continue if not expand their efforts.

The MUI is exactly the sort of movement that is such a danger to the free world. While almost everyone can see the threat of Jihadist bombings, the MUI's 'soft jihad' works more quietly, insidiously, behind the scenes. It is groups like this that destroy freedom on contact.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Jihad Still Threatens United States


The United States continues to remain vulnerable to Islamic radicals and their jihad (holy war) fueled by religious hatred. The world is faced with a global Armageddon like occurred with Nazism in the 1930s. Just as Hitler wrote of world conquest in his book "Mein Kampf," Islamic radicals write of their struggle for world conquest in jihad writings.

Suicidal actions of Islamic radicals are based upon assumptions that beautiful virgins await them in heaven. These thoughts are promoted in the Muslim Quran and falsely based upon Mohammedan's studies of the ancient mythologies of Mesopotamian Zoroastrianism. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that the majority of peaceful Muslims will publicly reject these writings.

Like the period preceding World War II, and Nazi rise to power, the rest of the world citizenry and their governments remain aloof, naive and apparently ignorant of the obsessive threats and refuse to recognize the worldwide danger. During the past few years, terrorists' attacks worldwide have killed and seriously injured hundreds of thousands around the world and have cost the United States, England, France, Spain, Germany, Russia, Africa, and scores of other countries, billions of dollars in damages and lost economic production. These attacks are not isolated but are part of a worldwide war. Free world governments, particularly those of the U.S. Congress, England, and Canada appear impotent and incompetent to address the problem in a timely and aggressive manner.

Just as Hitler took over youth movements, radical Islamic terrorists have taken over Islamic youth organizations around the world are programming Muslim youths under their control to "kill all who do not agree with our teachings in Allah's name."

Time is on the side of these individuals and their threats to peace, and eventually they will find ways to attack our public water systems, electrical systems, communication systems, banking and economic systems, and essential infrastructures with chemical, biological and nuclear weapons. The free world is awash in a culture of denial just as it was during Hitler's rise to power. As the author and historian Sir Martin Gilbert has stated, "We refuse to connect the dots."

Anyone who traverses the Internet and searches articles, commentaries and video strips will discover hundreds of Islamic-extremist speakers, jihad radical clerics and Imams who stand in public squares and Moslem Temples in New York City, London and other large cities and aggressively calling for a declaration of war, insurrection and overthrow of state and national governments worldwide, and the mass annihilation and extermination of anyone who does not subscribe to their fanatical Islamic religious beliefs or accept their political legitimacy. And hundreds of books published by these fanatics are available from publishers around the world.

Terrorists recruit followers from dissidents and religious fanatics, while the majority of Muslims seem to ignore and denounce their diatribes and barbarous, venomous speeches. Peaceful Muslims must publicly and aggressively call for the immediate expulsion of radicals from their midst, their churches and countries.

Edmund Burke, an Irish philosopher and statesman once wrote: "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."

Monday, October 06, 2008

My thoughts on Anwar

Anwar Ibrahim is a powerful, rising personality in Malaysia's highly-charged political landscape. He is the leader of Malaysia's nascent political opposition, a coalition of political parties called the 'People's Alliance' ('Pakatan Rakyat') that oppose Malaysia's ruling party Barisan Nasional (National Front, or BN). Anwar made a highly-publicized promise (some might say threat) to unseat the ruling party by 16 Sept...but this date came and went without any apparent result. As of this writing, BN is still in power. Nonetheless, few doubt Anwar's dedication to leading his coalition to power, and in so doing become Malaysia's sixth Prime Minister.

Recently, another Malaysian blogger asked me about my impressions on Anwar. Here's what I wrote in response:

As to my thoughts on Anwar, I have mixed feelings. Long ago I lost all respect and trust in the ruling party. So ... I would also agree that Anwar seems to be the lesser of the two evils. But since the self-imposed 16 Sept 'deadline' came and went with nary a whimper, it may all be a moot point until the next General Election, unless the King does something very uncustomary and personally intervenes (which, as a huge breach of unwritten royal protocol, seems highly unlikely). And this all assumes Anwar avoids ISA or another conviction on sodomy or corruption or fill-in-the-blank in an UMNO-owned kangaroo court (a *big* if).

Anwar himself is a bundle of contradictions. He makes the right noises about 'multiracial Malaysia' and doing away with (or perhaps 'reforming') NEP, but he comes from a strident, perhaps even militant, Islamic background. Anwar, after all, agreed with the Lina Joy decision and has never publically disagreed with Islamic supremacy or the state-supported nature of Islam in this country. This means he supports the continued lavish government spending on all things Islam, the maintenance of the thuggish lifestyle police (i.e. JAKIM et al), and the continuance of the dual legal system where Syariah has an edge over civil law. Anwar supports all these things. And why wouldn't he? Remember, he's a Muslim who, back in the day, got his start agitating for Islam at the student level. And as recent events in India remind us all too well, Muslim students often end up doing things like helping various Jihadi plots of one strain or another. The apple never falls very far from the tree, does it?

I also have some nagging personal questions about the man. I have it from a trusted source in KL that, back in the 1990s, Anwar had an ongoing relationship with a male-to-female pre-operative transsexual in Malaysia. And that this transsexual was well compensated by him with money, gifts, etc. (perhaps as 'hush money' to keep quiet). There's nothing wrong with having such a relationship in itself (I strongly believe in gay rights), but I do have a problem with someone who isn't faithful to his wife, and lies about it (repeatedly) in public. If he can lie to his wife, or keep up the sham of being faithful, what else is he capable of lying about? These are the sort of questions that should be raised about Mr. Anwar, but of course, can't, except in hushed whispers. And maybe not even then.

...(you had asked previously) is Anwar 'real' or is he on a 'power trip?' My answer is, why not both? Someone like Anwar doesn't engage in politics unless he has a serious amount of ambition. Having absurd levels of ambition is a double-edged sword...a regrettable necessity in a high-level politician, but a big negative on virtually everything else.

My bottom line on Anwar-- this guy's past and motivations need to be much more clearly explored and explained so we all know what we might be in for with him as PM. An American-style investigative reporter would have a field day with this guy...but the same reporter would probably end up professionally (or literally) dead just for snooping around and daring to ask these sorts of questions.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Taliban said to be furious over U.S. strike

Here is some good news from the war. We're fighting back and we've reportedly made the enemy "angry". Anger (with more than a dash of paranoia) is good--we certainly don't want the Taliban to be pleased about anything, do we?

Bottom line: many more missile strikes and attacks against the Taliban and their friends are needed. More of the enemy must be killed, and quickly.

DERA ISMAIL KHAN, Pakistan - The Taliban are furious about the latest apparent U.S. missile strike in Pakistan, indicating a senior militant may be among two dozen people killed, officials and residents said Sunday.

The attack Friday on the North Waziristan tribal region was believed to have killed several Arab fighters but government officials have been notably quiet.

However, two Pakistani intelligence officials said insurgents were moving aggressively in the area while using harsh language against local residents, including calling them "salable commodities" — an accusation of spying.

Read the rest here.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Suggested tourist slogans for Malaysia

Every time the 'Malaysia Truly Asia' commercials come on TV, my eyes roll back in my head. So sickly sweet and ridiculous, not to mention disingenuous. It's time for Malaysia to have a more accurate and pithy slogan to attract the well heeled traveling masses.

In other words, time for another top ten list!

10. Exciting temple & church demolitions!
9. Defending Islam since 1957
8. We didn't invent corruption, but we perfected it
7. Reasonably priced police--on sale now
6. Best mosques Arab oil money can buy (new ones built every week!)
5. ISA lodgings available at no extra charge!
4. Free tudongs for all female visitors
3. Racism, censorship, hypocrisy--we've got it ALL!
2. Charming and helpful lifestyle police
1. Malaysia--Now 60% halal! (and working to reduce the other 40%!)

Friday, October 03, 2008

Non-Muslims Turn to Islamic Bank as a Safe Option

THE BIRMINGHAM POST: Growing numbers of non-Muslims are turning to Islamic banking as customers spooked by turmoil in the Western banking system increasingly see the sector as a safe haven.

The Birmingham-headquartered Islamic Bank of Britain said it had seen significant growth in non-Muslim customers since the onset of turbulence on financial markets as Islamic banks, bound by strict religious principles, are largely seen as insulated from the credit crisis.

Islam’s prohibition on the charging or paying of interest - riba - as well as rules on the kinds of investments they can make are among the reasons Islamic banks are coming through the crisis unscathed.

Islamic Bank of Britain head of marketing Steven Amos said: “Our core business will always be Muslims but the numbers of non-Muslims are really picking up.

“We’ve had massive interest and it’s down to the number of reasons why we’re insulated from the credit crunch.

“There were two reasons for the credit crunch. The first is liquidity - banks lending to each other on the money markets - but Islamic banks do not borrow or lend on money markets because interest is not allowed.

“The second reason Islamic banks are insulated is to do with assets - everything has to involve an underlying asset or service and if you are going to trade in an asset you have to own it first.”

The explosion in complex derivative products over the last few years has left Western banks reeling from exposure to toxic assets often far-removed from their everyday activities.

In contrast the more risk-averse Islamic finance system did not embrace this kind of deal.

“Conventional banks didn’t know what they were buying in these derivatives but we have no exposure to subprime as we just don’t deal in it full stop.

“That is one of the fundamental reasons we are insulated.”

Stipulations that you must own the asset you are trading in also mean practices such as short-selling are not a feature of Islamic banking. Non-Muslims Turn to Islamic Bank as a Safe Option >>> By Anna Blackaby, Business Staff | October 3, 2008

The Dawning of a New Dark Age – Dust Jacket Hardcover, direct from the publishers (UK) >>>
The Dawning of a New Dark Age – Paperback, direct from the publishers (UK) >>>

Divisions within French Islam Deepen at Ramadan

FRANCE 24: As the month of Ramadan came to an end, FRANCE 24 went behind the scenes at French Council of the Muslim Faith (CFCM) and witnessed the divisions within French Islam.

The Muslim holy month of Ramadan has just ended and our reporter, James André, has been breaking the fast with Muslims around the country. What he found was a fight for influence among preachers sent to France by rival countries. In 2002, French President Nicolas Sarkozy - interior minister at the time - created a governing body for Islam in France, the CFCM. It was intended to be the face and voice of the country's Muslim community. But who should run it? Moroccan-born Muslims? Algerian-born Muslims? Both countries are widely represented within the French Muslim community. They've been vying for the top spot and, six years on, there is an ongoing turf war.

The town of Evry, on the outskirts of Paris, is home to France's biggest mosque. Every evening during the month of Ramadan, thousands of faithful gather here to pray before breaking the fast. The crowds are so large the mosque had to call in two extra imams from Morocco. The rector of the mosque explains that an agreement was signed with France's Interior Ministry to allow Morocco to officially send imams to meet France's mosques' needs. One hundred and fifty preachers have been sent to France for Ramadan. One of them was hand-picked by the Religious Affairs Ministry. A graduate of one of Morocco's top Koranic schools, he belongs to the elite of his country's religious establishment. His mission is clear: to ward off extremist influences. 

After his sermon, the faithful have differing opinions. One of them approves: "It's a very good idea. Even the Imams who come from the Gulf are very well versed in religion. We'd like to see more initiatives like this one." But another had trouble understanding the speech: "Some of the faithful here come from Asia, or from Africa, and they have a hard time understanding Arabic, or don't understand it at all. So we'd like to have imams who speak French." Divisions within French Islam Deepen at Ramadan >>> | October 3, 2008

Please don’t forget to watch the video, which, unfortunately, I cannot embed.

The Dawning of a New Dark Age (Broché) >>>
The Dawning of a New Dark Age (Relié) >>>

At war with Islam

This excellent article is written by Martel Sobieskey. Sobieskey has 35 years research experience in the field of religious conditioning and its relationship to warfare. He is greatly alarmed that American politicians, educators, journalists, intelligence analysts, security personnel and police have failed to comprehend the deeply entrenched Jihadist conditioning inherent in all of Islam, moderates included.

AMERICA IS AT WAR with the religion of Islam. The key word here is religion. We Americans have a “mental block” that causes us to deny that we are fighting a religion. Take an atomic bomb, write the letters R-E-L-I-G-I-O-N on it, and we gullible Americans will welcome it as a religion. This statement is not entirely an exaggeration.

Freedom of religion has become America’s “Achilles heel” stabbed through with the sword of Islam.

From where does this “suicidal” freedom of religion “mental block” originate? It comes from our “knee jerk” compulsion to blindly believe that all prophets are extreme pacifists like Jesus. This blindness plagues the highest levels of our leadership, intelligence and academic communities. It is a national security disaster making it nearly impossible to protect ourselves. The killers are shouting Allahu Akbar worldwide and carrying the Koran, yet we Americans refuse to identify Islam as the enemy.

Read the rest of this excellent piece here.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

If the Light Goes Out Stateside, the Light Goes Out for Us All!

There is no doubt that the USA is going through tough times; indeed, its very foundations are being rocked – financial and economic. Indeed, it could be argued that capitalism, the US’s raison d’être is being challenged profoundly. The current president, George W Bush, has only added to America’s problems. He has been a disaster for America. It is time for him to retire. And retire he will – shortly.

The recent débâcle with the USA’s most prestigious financial institutions either going to the wall, or having to be all but nationalized has only added to America’s woes.

It is a national disgrace that this profligate president has brought the once proud nation almost to its knees. America’s national debt is at an all time high: more than three trillion dollars, and still counting. Since 2001, a spurious war on terrorism has been fought, mostly in vain, since terrorism is not the ailment; rather it is a symptom of a far greater malady, namely Islam itself. It is rather like a medical consultant trying to treat the symptoms of cancer without excising the underlying cause: the tumour itself!

The US economy, totally deregulated as it has been since the era of Reagan, has succumbed to the worst of man’s faults and weaknesses: Greed. The people working on Wall Street, as in the City of London, have been paying themselves bonuses in Monopoly figures: Millions here, and tens of millions there. The result is there for all to see: The economic system has all but collapsed; and the American taxpayer is now being asked to pick up the tab.

It’s a disgrace. Nothing short of a national disgrace. There is simply no reason why the American taxpayer should bail out the bankers and financiers of Wall Street, with all their greediness and excesses. They certainly should not be expected to pay for the bonuses of these greedy and unprincipled people. They should be allowed to perish, as should the institutions they worked for.

The bail-out is flawed to its very core. When people in America are going hungry, and when more than forty million people there cannot afford healthcare, there is something very flawed in a bail-out plan which cossets the very people who have caused the near collapse of the capitalist system.

Yet, for all the flaws of the capitalist system, we have nothing better with which to replace it. It is an imperfect system to be sure; but it’s the very best system man has ever been able to come up with. We must nurture it; and we must certainly be careful that we do not lose it.

America is no paradise on earth; America’s sidewalks are not paved with gold. America is as flawed as anywhere else on earth. Yet America has given the world something which the rest of the world has been unable to give people. It has given them hope and freedom – the hope to aspire to a better life; and the freedom to live without fear. How many other countries can say the same?

America has been a beacon of freedom for a couple of centuries. People have for centuries flocked there in their droves, in search of a better life. As a result, America has become a hub of creativity, for nothing fosters creativity more than freedom of thought and freedom of expression.

Yet, we are living through very difficult times. So many, worldwide, are gloating in the difficulties that America is now experiencing. When the US was attacked on September 11, 2001, few could have imagined the success that OBL would have had by flying planes into the Twin Towers in New York. Indeed, OBL couldn’t have dreamed of a better outcome from this attack. He wanted to bring the USA to its knees; and to its knees it has just about brought it.

But if anyone out there is happy about this, then his happiness is totally misplaced; and for one simple reason: If America is no longer to be the world’s superpower, then the world will fall into darkness.

Why? Because the US has guaranteed freedom not only for itself, but also for much of the rest of the world. Which other country in the world could do this? Russia certainly couldn’t. In Russia, one goes against the political system at one’s own peril. Ask the once richest man of Russia, Mikhail Khodorkovsky! He’ll tell you the price he has had to pay for perceived criticism of the system, and for political activity in a country which understands neither democracy nor freedom.

In a silly article asking who else would be up to replacing America’s hegemony, SpiegelOnline International posed the question who could take over from America’s pole position. The answer is no-one! Which other country could guarantee us all such freedoms? Which other country would be so generous with its resources? Which other country would come to aid all in time of need?

Where would Germany be today without the aid of America after the Second World War? And where would Britain be today without America’s help in that very same war? Indeed, how free would Europe be today without the the help of the generous, oh so generous Americans?

America, and the rest of the West, is under threat from the Islamic world; indeed, our great Judeo-Christian civilization could go under because of the threat of Islam. Islam is not only knocking at our door, it is already within, and is out to destroy everything we in the West stand for: Freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of religion, or the freedom to choose none, freedom of sexual expression, and freedom in so may other ways, too. Yet only the few are listening! Only the few are taking these threats to our liberties seriously.

For most people, these threats are but abstract, distant possibilities; yet they are not. They are anything but. They are very real. Muslims are here in the West; and many of them – though certainly not all – are out to destroy everything Western. They must NEVER be allowed to achieve their goals. We must this resist attack with every fibre of our beings. We must OVERCOME!

If we do not, the West will be taken into a New Dark Age. The way of life that will ensue will be one which will be quite unlike the way of life we have come to know, understand, appreciate, and love. It will be a repressive way of life – repressive for women, repressive for infidels, repressive for Christians, repressive for Jews, repressive for homosexuals, repressive, indeed, for all except Muslims.

If we are to fight this darkness, it is imperative that the United States be kept strong, and buoyed up. The United States needs to be strong militarily, financially, and economically, for without a strong United States, there is little hope for a free world. Little hope for liberty. If the light goes out Stateside, the light goes out for us all!

©Mark Alexander

All Rights reserved

In the UK, Islam continues its march

Tart-tongued Pat Condell, as usual, gets it right in his latest video. Have a look at what the leftist dhimmis in charge of Youtube don't want you to see.

Welcome to Saudi Britain

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

This year's Ramadan body count

Congratulations to the followers of the Religion of Peace for another impressive stack of dead bodies to 'celebrate' Ramadan--903 dead and 1638 injured across 16 countries during Islam's holiest month. (source)

Here, a Syrian boy is seen recovering from a recent brush with Allah's Holy Warriors.

Fear and loathing in Dar al Islam

More interesting tidbits from StrategyPage:

September 26, 2008: U.S. Army reservists, whose civilian jobs were as cops, serving in Iraq noted, an interesting similarity between terrorism and crime, in general, back home. That is, the similarity in ages of the Iraqi terrorists, and common criminals back in the United States. In both cases, 80 percent of the suspects were between 18 and 25. This is the prime age for criminal and anti-social behavior, and has been for a long time. In the United States, it was also the case that young criminals tended to be poorly educated, and often illiterate.

This pattern accounts for the popularity of Islamic terrorism in the Moslem world. The poor economic, political and scientific performance of the Moslem, especially the Arab, world when compared to the West leaves young Moslems with few options. There are practical reasons for this lack of progress. For example, the Arab world didn't adopt printing until two centuries after it became common in the West. This was partly due to the complexities of written Arabic. There are thousands of rules governing how Arabic letters are joined, and it was difficult for typographers to make it work. A further complication was resistance from the Islamic religious establishment. Printed Arabic had to be very much like written Arabic, otherwise one was defaming the language of the Koran, which is God's word. This is one of the reasons the Arab world publishes books at a tenth the rate of the rest of the world. The lack of books leads to knowledge being transmitted more slowly.

That brings up another obstacle. For a thousand years, there has been a struggle between a large segment of the Islamic clergy, and Moslem scientists and engineers. In a pattern that persists to the present, Islamic conservatives condemned many things that are "new" as "un-Islamic." Thus the al Qaeda enthusiasm for this attitude is nothing new. The price paid for this attitude has been enormous. Moslem countries contain a disproportionate number of the illiterates on the planet. Arab college students are much less likely to study science and engineering than are non-Moslem students. The West produces more than a hundred times as many Nobel prizes in science, per million people, than does the Islamic world.

The education shortage results in less wealth. GDP of all Islamic countries is a fifth of the European Union and the United States (which contain half as many people.) Unemployment rates are much higher in Islamic countries, and most are ruled by dictators or monarchs. Without science, education and democracy, you find that science and economic progress cannot flourish.

It's only recently become fashionable among Moslems to attribute this to internal conditions. The Arab Reform Movement tries, with limited success, to overcome this "blame the outsider" attitude. Even the Saudi royal family is behind the Arab Reform Movement, and the need for the Islamic world to invest more in education and economic freedom. But thousand year old habits are difficult to erase quickly. This is why Westerners can speak with educated Moslems and come away thinking that friendly relations between the Western and Islamic world are more likely than not. But among the vast majority of poorly educated, and often illiterate, Moslems, the West is feared and hated. Moslem tyrants play on this, as they have for centuries, to blame the misery the tyrants have created on infidel (non-Moslem) foreigners.

The poor economic performance, and tendency not to allow women to be educated, leads to many young, ignorant, unemployed men. These are prime prospects for Islamic radical groups. The pitch is that it is all fault of someone else, and that if we kill enough of the right people (local tyrants, and their foreign allies), than all will be right again. It won't, it hasn't, but it works great for recruiting.