Friday, October 17, 2008

Chinese Communists scam and screw over their own people

The recent tainted milk scandal in China is so typical of how China takes care of business. What little government oversight existed in regards to food quality was paid off by government-connected companies to keep quiet or look the other way. And the communist government, once they became aware that something was amiss, covered up the proverbial stink emanating from their dairy industry as long as they could.

The Chicomms are now in full damage control mode and are doing what they do best. Namely, they have slammed down a lid of secrecy over the entire affair, by restricting details on exactly how many children were sickened or killed by milk that was purposely laced with the toxic industrial chemical melamine.

This is especially evident in light of recent developments in the aftermath of the scandal. The families of the dead children are suing the makers of the poisoned milk--or at least they are trying to. What in the West would be an open-and-shut product liability lawsuit is anything but in the land of Mao. So far, Chinese courts are refusing to hear the case, and it's likely to stay that way.

The world is eager to forget that China a dictatorship, with a government much more eager to remain in power and make money (in that order of importance), than to do anything like serving the people or running the country well. In China, human rights do not exist. The Communist Party has a right to stay in power and a right to make money, true. But that is the extent of rights in China's totalitarian state. There are no freedoms such as speech, assembly, or expression, no free elections, and yes, no right to litigate either. Sounds a lot like most Muslim countries, doesn't it?

Communism (AKA 'socialism') and Islam are two dysfunctional, unjust and equally tyrannical ideologies. Both deserve to be tossed onto the rubbish heap of history.

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mauriyaII said...

"Communism (AKA 'socialism') and Islam are two dysfunctional, unjust and equally tyrannical ideologies. Both deserve to be tossed onto the rubbish heap of history."

You seem to have the knack of hitting the nail on the head and you don't mince words when describing any system that is oppressive and does not have humanitarian values.

Such a system is being put in place in Malaysia where apartheid is officially practised and where the rights of the citizens to dissent is being curtailed in every way possible under the guise of security concerns of the country.

The Internal Security Act is being used to stifle dissent and indiscriminately used to detain outspoken members of the public, social and political activists.

This despicable draconian law which tramples upon human and civil rights is beyond the laws of the country. The detainees are not charged in a court of law under any specific law.

The Home Minister becomes the prosecutor, judge, jury and executioner. He is invested with descretionary powers that cannot be questioned.

Most often the ISA is used as a political tool against politicians who have the temerity to question the excesses of the ruling corrupt government.

The above is obvious to all local and international political observers, even the UN body entrusted with human rights, but unfortunately no action is taken against the ruling government.

Is the world body and foreign governments waiting for Malaysia to become another Myanmar or Zimbabwe?