Saturday, October 25, 2008

Major Malaysian daily loves North Korea

North Korea must have a lot of friends in Malaysia, particularly at Malaysia's most-widely read English newspaper, The Star. Lil Kim's gulag state has scored a nice little propaganda piece in today's edition -- the Malaysian writer 'Sylvia Lee-Goh' is falling all over herself fawning over the Dear Leader and his charming gulag state. Here are some choice bits:

The propaganda directed against the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is as virulent as the North Koreans’ hatred of the devil that is the United States...

In Kim Il Sung, they found their saviour. Against all odds and with no other country willing to help, Kim’s Anti-Japanese People’s Guerilla Army marshalled his countrymen to revolt in a campaign that lasted from April 25, 1932, to final victory on Aug 15, 1945...

North Koreans remember that in 1976, American GIs attacked the DPRK’s guards by throwing axes at them on the DMZ, the demilitarised zone that divides the peninsula...

There will only be one Kim Il Sung, the Father of the People. He distributed land to the peasants, gave women equal rights with the men and ensured that everybody studied, worked and lived well.

The people have free housing, and pay minimal rates for electricity and water. Medical services are free, and education is free and compulsory.

The rest of this blatant propaganda piece (which is laughably filed under the 'Lifestyle' section of The Star) continues on in the same insufferable vein, apologizing for and adoring the world's most oppressive state, while vilifying the US at every opportunity. In Malaysia, this sort of 'journalism' is normal as it is unquestioned.

Malaysia is a country with a special fondness for brutal dictatorships and also has close relations with Iran, Zimbabwe, and Cuba.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Crude North Korean propaganda thinly disguised as a travel advertorial. I have to laugh at the writer's bumbling attempt at it. She's no match for the Russian pros who crafted the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

Anonymous said...

I have read the Star and found it to be a bit positive on the reporting on the korean State but not fawning. Unlike the usual sweeping statements by discriminative western journalists, this reporter is probably naive and tries to see it from the communist state's point of view. However, this does not distract the fact that it is a dictatorship where people are being brainwashed into thinking they are staying in utopia.

Anonymous said...

Funny somehow many are so judgmental on North Korea. They talk so much as if they know anything about the country; it's actually an empty vessel making noise.

Me and my wife were a privilege few to visit that country few years ago. Despite having backpacked to many countries during my gallivanting years, I'd found North Korea as the most unique experience. Though my wife had also travelled frequently to Europe and the Scandinavian countries, she had the same opinion that it is one of the best country she'd visited. Clinical clean streets are one of the many things observed.

Don't try to tell me about that Dictator shit, as our experiences with the locals were amazing. Many other leaders around the world had their share of shits; either American President, British King or what white up-your-arse excuse you had. Think and you will realize that the People are the victims. Same goes for Myanmar, having a different ‘style’ of government does not make their country or their people bad.

So, It is the PEOPLE, not the leader of a country that one must judge. :)