Monday, October 06, 2008

My thoughts on Anwar

Anwar Ibrahim is a powerful, rising personality in Malaysia's highly-charged political landscape. He is the leader of Malaysia's nascent political opposition, a coalition of political parties called the 'People's Alliance' ('Pakatan Rakyat') that oppose Malaysia's ruling party Barisan Nasional (National Front, or BN). Anwar made a highly-publicized promise (some might say threat) to unseat the ruling party by 16 Sept...but this date came and went without any apparent result. As of this writing, BN is still in power. Nonetheless, few doubt Anwar's dedication to leading his coalition to power, and in so doing become Malaysia's sixth Prime Minister.

Recently, another Malaysian blogger asked me about my impressions on Anwar. Here's what I wrote in response:

As to my thoughts on Anwar, I have mixed feelings. Long ago I lost all respect and trust in the ruling party. So ... I would also agree that Anwar seems to be the lesser of the two evils. But since the self-imposed 16 Sept 'deadline' came and went with nary a whimper, it may all be a moot point until the next General Election, unless the King does something very uncustomary and personally intervenes (which, as a huge breach of unwritten royal protocol, seems highly unlikely). And this all assumes Anwar avoids ISA or another conviction on sodomy or corruption or fill-in-the-blank in an UMNO-owned kangaroo court (a *big* if).

Anwar himself is a bundle of contradictions. He makes the right noises about 'multiracial Malaysia' and doing away with (or perhaps 'reforming') NEP, but he comes from a strident, perhaps even militant, Islamic background. Anwar, after all, agreed with the Lina Joy decision and has never publically disagreed with Islamic supremacy or the state-supported nature of Islam in this country. This means he supports the continued lavish government spending on all things Islam, the maintenance of the thuggish lifestyle police (i.e. JAKIM et al), and the continuance of the dual legal system where Syariah has an edge over civil law. Anwar supports all these things. And why wouldn't he? Remember, he's a Muslim who, back in the day, got his start agitating for Islam at the student level. And as recent events in India remind us all too well, Muslim students often end up doing things like helping various Jihadi plots of one strain or another. The apple never falls very far from the tree, does it?

I also have some nagging personal questions about the man. I have it from a trusted source in KL that, back in the 1990s, Anwar had an ongoing relationship with a male-to-female pre-operative transsexual in Malaysia. And that this transsexual was well compensated by him with money, gifts, etc. (perhaps as 'hush money' to keep quiet). There's nothing wrong with having such a relationship in itself (I strongly believe in gay rights), but I do have a problem with someone who isn't faithful to his wife, and lies about it (repeatedly) in public. If he can lie to his wife, or keep up the sham of being faithful, what else is he capable of lying about? These are the sort of questions that should be raised about Mr. Anwar, but of course, can't, except in hushed whispers. And maybe not even then.

...(you had asked previously) is Anwar 'real' or is he on a 'power trip?' My answer is, why not both? Someone like Anwar doesn't engage in politics unless he has a serious amount of ambition. Having absurd levels of ambition is a double-edged sword...a regrettable necessity in a high-level politician, but a big negative on virtually everything else.

My bottom line on Anwar-- this guy's past and motivations need to be much more clearly explored and explained so we all know what we might be in for with him as PM. An American-style investigative reporter would have a field day with this guy...but the same reporter would probably end up professionally (or literally) dead just for snooping around and daring to ask these sorts of questions.


Anonymous said...

Anyone who has followed Anwar's public utterings and read his book would know that he is another advocate for Fantasy Island Islam. He has made it clear that he wants to change the sociopolitical system of Malaysia into that of the mythical Islamic Andalusia, the perfect multicultural society that only exists in the wet dreams of the delusional pious Musulmen. Anwar suffers from cognitive dissonance so typical of his ilk. It never seems to occur to his kind to read some real history instead of the Islamic fairy tale about Andalusia that they parrot ad nauseam, and ask the question: if Andalusia was paradise on Earth and everyone was so keen to sign up, why did it go out of existence? To quote Einstein: "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." (Hey, Musulmen, there's a dirty Jew, git him!... Oh, wait, he's already dead. Never mind. You can always go vandalize his grave and spread the rumor that he was a fake Jew who was a Khazar in reality.)

If Infidels in Malaysia think they have it bad now, wait till PAS comes to power through its alliance of convenience with Anwar. They had better start reading up on the real history of the Dhimmis in Andalusia.

Anonymous said...

Remember that Anwar is real chummy with the AKP, the Islamist party in Turkey that employs soft Jihad to replace the country's secular laws slowly.

Remember that Anwar got advice on tactics from the AKP in the recent general election.

Remember that, back in June, he sought refuge at the Turkish Embassy when he was accused of sodomy for the second time. That really shows who he thinks his real friend is, doesn't it?