Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My thoughts on the Internal Security Act

A Malaysian blogger recently asked my thoughts on Malaysia's draconian Internal Security Act:

...To be perfectly blunt, ISA is a barbaric law that, if it ever was called for, has long since outlived its usefulness. It gives the BN Government (or any government, for that matter) entirely too much power, and that power in the hands of anyone is corrosive and corrupting.

As for the jihadists, there are plenty of other Malaysian laws on the books to use against the Islamic terrorists (the Sedition Act, for instance). And there are terrorists aplenty in Malaysia, at least as far as recruiting, planning, and fundraising go. For example, last year I wrote an article about the treason-minded Caliphate movement in Malaysia (AKA the Khilafah movement), an article entitled "Malaysia's Insurgents in Waiting" that RPK posted at M-T. Since that time, RPK has been thrown into the ISA gulag and the Khilafah movement in Malaysia soldiers on, its leaders unmolested and untouchable.

I also had a reliable contact in KL tell me that, while he was teaching in a Malaysian Islamic school a few years ago, he was directly approached by Al Qaeda operatives and offered training at one of AQ's camps in Pakistan (he declined). How many of these operatives have been arrested or detained under ISA? I suspect that number is very very close to zero.

I think BN's lengthy and less-than-stellar (to say the least) track record in this area clearly demonstrates that ISA is used as the ultimate hammer against dissidents and political enemies of the state. Meanwhile, the jihadists are more often than not left alone, ISA notwithstanding, so long as they maintain a low profile while in Malaysia and do their murderous work elsewhere.


Anonymous said...

Malaysian Jihadists are brazenly operating in the open outside the country. Notice the Malaysian flag and the Malay faces in these photos from the sons of Allah's show of force in New York City this past Sunday, complete with loud, gloating proclamations of victory of Allah over conquered territory.

If they think this sort of aggressive threat will go unchallenged, they had better think again. The U.S. may have to put up with a lot bullshit disguised as freedom of speech, but remember this: the May 13 "amok" that the Malay-Muslim rabble is so proud of will look like nothing when American rednecks rise up and unleash their pent-up fury to defend their "Agama, Bangsa dan Negara."

Anonymous said...

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