Thursday, October 30, 2008

A new wrinkle in Iranian torture

An article on the Islamofascist regime in Iran has surfaced in an unlikely place-- CNN. Specifically, the CNN piece is an interview with a dissident who had the misfortune of experiencing the mullahs' hospitality firsthand.

The beatings, the broken bones, the squalid conditions -- it was "nothing," former prisoner Amir Fakhravar has told CNN, compared to the pain that he suffered under "white torture" in an Iranian jail.

"We didn't see any color, all of the cell was white, the floor was white, our clothes were white and also the light, 24 hours, was white. Our food, also, was white rice," explains Fakhravar, now 25. "We couldn't see any color and we couldn't hear any voices."

Amnesty International first documented Fakhravar's case in 2004, saying such conditions of extreme sensory deprivation appear to be designed to weaken political prisoners.

It says that he was held at a 'covert' detention center used by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

The organization added that he had to slip a white piece of paper under the door if he wanted to use the toilet. Even the guards wore padded shoes to muffle any sound. The organization describes the silence as "deafening" and "inhumane."

"I was there for eight months and after those months I couldn't remember my father and my mother's face," says Fakhravar. "When they released me from that prison I was not a normal person."

Fakhravar has said he was first arrested aged 17 after criticizing the Iranian regime through speeches and writings, and spent more than five years shuttling between Iranian prisons and being tortured. The "white torture" began in January 2004 and lasted until August of that year.

He eventually escaped to the United States but has said he will not rest until there is regime change in his homeland.

Who says the Muslims can't be inventive and innovative? Here they are, having conjured up yet another method to torture and torment innocent human beings, so I suppose they deserve some credit. And it's all courtesy of the SS of Iran, the evil and thuggish "Revolutionary Guard".

Even more surprising, CNN's article also reports that (according to the dissident) Iran wants to export Islamic Revolution to the entire world--naturally the Shia brand of Islam. This hasn't been news for at least 25 years (which is how long Teheran has pursued this objective), but CNN actually reporting it--well, that is news.


Anonymous said...

The Pedestrian Infidel, is just another lonely guy who still lives with his mother somewhere in Korea. Probably Seoul or Pyongyang. He attends church "religiously" because if he doesn't, the other Koreans will not accept him and he will be LONELIER. Deep down inside he just wants to belong and he has found that his blog makes him feel like he belongs...He's just another commie

European Kafir said...


believe me "the pedestrian infidel" is far from being commie...

but honestly, from someone who has to post under "anonymus".... we should not expect much sense.

muslims don't kill you - or are you dead now? said...

haha...its christians alright...busybody with islamic least no islamic country have ever waged war on any country in the name of OIL.

you people sure know how to kill humans the effective way and massively, don't you?

Anonymous said...

Hmm ... that's odd. I kinda recall Iraq invading Kuwait in 1990 over accusations of slant oil drilling or something.

muslims don't kill you - or are you dead now? said...

then what happen? well, there comes america, the pious christian country, bring a horrific destruction to iraq in operation desert storm, of whatever. christians sure have a way to get into someone's affair, eh?

Anonymous said...

I guess this means you concede that your original statement that 'no islamic country has ever waged war on any country in the name of OIL' - is FALSE.

muslims don't kill you - or are you dead now? said...

iraq waged war on kuwait is because kuwait is stealing their oil, not because they want to steal kuwait's oil.

america, on the other hand, is stealing iraq's oil. just look after a few weeks of the invasion, tons of oil companies flocks over iraq, and starts diggin.

European Kafir said...

that "muslim" guy... sounds like he is trying to convince himself. it sounds like aljazeera propaganda. probably copy-pasting messages given to him by some fanatic imam.. or copy-pasting some hitleradinejad speech. my stomach turns around when i read that kind of goebbels-propaganda (note to muslim: google goebbels).
i gather this guy comes from egypt... well what would one expect from a citizen of a country that has lost all wars to israel and still fantasizes about its 1973-"victory". yeah.. egypt won... a gold medal in backwards-running.. beating the world record!

muslims don't kill you - or are you dead now? said...

nah. i'm not from egypt.

ahmadinejad, great leader he is. while other country humbly and stupidly submit their will to the threats of bloody america, he stood strong.

and regarding israel, the war is still on.

muslims don't kill you - or are you dead now? said...

you judge me by my writings, and then you are wrong. the same way you judge islam by extremists, and you are wrong. that's because you don't know me, neither you know islam. it's just like the arabic saying goes:

humans are the enemy of what they don't know (or to put in in other way, stupid)