Monday, October 20, 2008

The only 'good' kind of Islam

In a recent post about Malaysia's Muslim royals threatening those who question Islam, a commenter named 'mauriyaII' said:

Nobody is questioning Islam as the official state religion. Nobody in his right mind would do that as it is enshrined in the constitution.

What the non-Muslims are against is the arbitrary way the Muslim religious authorities are interpreting freedom or religious worship.

Just so everyone is clear, we at Pedestrian Infidel are most definitely questioning Islam as the official state religion -- not just of Malaysia, but of any and all nations. Just because the Malaysian Constitution asserts something does not make it moral or right. Who says that document is perfect or infallible? Enshrining Islam as the law of the land in Malaysia back at the founding of the country has been, to our minds, a colossal error. Having Islam as the official religion of the state is rather like inviting a parasite into your large intestine -- a very bad idea and one that is going to lead to a lot of discomfort down the road, to say the least.

As for Islam's 'arbitrary' enforcement that our commenter specifically mentions, I think this person fails to see the fallacy in his own statement. Any 'religion' that requires having ‘religious authorities’-- an official enforcement mechanism to coerce ‘proper religious values’ from people -- is inherently arbitrary and therefore unjust. Why are non Muslims always surprised to find this out? Islam is precisely all about arbitrarily imposing their own religious values on everyone in the vicinity -- values which are, at best, of dubious merit.

It is plainly obvious that Islam, wherever it is found, is an inhumane, oppressive and tyrannical ideological system. With few exceptions, it exists as a system that denies freedom utterly to its adherents and beyond. As long as Islam persists in Malaysia in an official or influential capacity, we must realize that there will ultimately be no freedom of any kind, particularly freedom of religion, for both Muslims and non Muslims alike.

If other religions are like companies that have employee turnover as time passes, then Islam is like the Mafia, which according to its own rules allows none to leave except on pain of death. A ‘religion’ that enforces Mafioso-style rules on its own membership will be devoid of free will and other humane values.

Mauriya and our other readers should well remember that there is no good kind of Islam. The only ‘good’ kind of Islam is when there is less of it.

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donplaypuks® said...

What worries me is that the Rulers' press release sounded like they were addressing two mutually exclusive groups of citizens. Or, did I read it wrongly?

Are we one Malaysia, 1 Citizenship or not? Last I checked ny plastic Citizenship Card, we do not have
1st class and 2nd class citizenships. And Royal Prof Ungku Azziz said there is NO Social Contract.

And the Tunku traded 1 million Chinese citizenships for Indeendence? The Tunku said that or is this Mahathirism rewriting of history? I forget!