Saturday, October 04, 2008

Suggested tourist slogans for Malaysia

Every time the 'Malaysia Truly Asia' commercials come on TV, my eyes roll back in my head. So sickly sweet and ridiculous, not to mention disingenuous. It's time for Malaysia to have a more accurate and pithy slogan to attract the well heeled traveling masses.

In other words, time for another top ten list!

10. Exciting temple & church demolitions!
9. Defending Islam since 1957
8. We didn't invent corruption, but we perfected it
7. Reasonably priced police--on sale now
6. Best mosques Arab oil money can buy (new ones built every week!)
5. ISA lodgings available at no extra charge!
4. Free tudongs for all female visitors
3. Racism, censorship, hypocrisy--we've got it ALL!
2. Charming and helpful lifestyle police
1. Malaysia--Now 60% halal! (and working to reduce the other 40%!)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey AJ, your forget one thing. Sodomy must do quietly. HA HA HA!!