Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Terrorizing the terrorists in Syria

The US Government has confirmed that last Sunday, US Special Forces boldly raided an Al Qaeda base 8 kilometers inside Syria. This is the first confirmed raid US forces have made inside Syria since Operation Iraqi Freedom began in 2003.

The targeted Al Qaeda cell in Syria, which specialized in moving men, weapons and money across the border to Iraq, had been known about by US intelligence for some time. The Syrians had been asked to shut the cell down; but apparently, the cell was protected by some very generous bribes. It looks like the good guys 'got some' and nailed the cell leader, along with sending seven of his fellow jihadists to Allah.

Naturally, the Syrians are shrieking about the 'terrorist aggression' of the treacherous, evil Americans. Just as you might expect, their version of events is dominating the mainstream media. Syria is described in news reports as a 'sovereign country', but in actuality, the country is for all intents and purposes a subsidiary and colony of the jihadist enterprise headquartered in Teheran, AKA 'Iran'.

My thoughts on the cross-border raid? It's about time--good work guys and nice shooting. More and faster please. There are no doubt a lot of similar bases just on the other side of Iraq's eastern border that require similar servicing. Good hunting!


European Kafir said...

I couldnt agree more: "about time"!

Syria may whine as long as it wishes... it only got.. what it deserved.

Anonymous said...

yes, but what will Obama be sending them for Christmas??

European Kafir said...

Obama will set up a foundation (tax money) in order to reimburse the "victims". He will pray in a mosque for the poor families who lost dear family members in the attack. He will send workers to Syria in order to rebuild the damaged houses and.... he being a good muslim.... he will blame Israel for everything.

Anonymous said...

I think you are so right!
I can see the newspaper headlines already.

trumpetzzz said...

next bomb damascus!!!