Monday, October 13, 2008

Yahoo software engineer brains behind jihad in India

Okies, here is the big lie as commonly repeated in the leftist media, by the Malaysian PM, various sundry 'progressive' pundits, and their allies. It goes something like this: terrorism is caused by illiteracy, poverty, lack of clean drinking water, etc. If we taxpayers provide (meaning pay for) an education, employment opportunities, job training, flush toilets, etc. for the downtrodden masses, then 'terrorism' (never identified as what it really is, i.e. jihad) will disappear like fog on a warm sunny day. And then everyone will be happy! Ain't social engineering grand?

Well, there's a slight problem with this grand theory. Like much else you might read in the papers, this popular mainstream 'theory' is pure unadulterated hogwash.

Don't believe it? Then look no further than one of the masterminds behind a recent wave of jihad to strike India:

Yahoo software engineer is brain behind IM’s terror e-mails

...the 31-year-old software engineer [Mohammed Mansoor Asgar Peerbhoy] from Pune comes from a family of well-educated people. His mother is a lecturer in a college while his father is a well-educated businessman.

Mansoor, who studied at one of Pune’s best schools, was ranked third when he graduated as a computer engineer from Pune University. He landed a commendable job as principal software engineer with Yahoo India’s software development department with a hefty pay cheque of Rs 19 lakh.

But Mansoor got indoctrinated at a local mosque he visited and went on to become a key member of Indian Mujhahideen (IM)...

I always ends up being some guy named Mohammed. But seriously, didn't these Muslims get the memo that Islam is all about tolerance, group hugs and loving multicultural environments? After all, look at countries like Sudan, Iran and Saudi Arabia. These 100% (or nearly so) Muslim states are paradises on earth! Aren't they?

If anyone out there is seriously interested in finding out about the 'root causes' of terrorism, you need look no further than your 'friendly' neighborhood mosque. Better yet, have a look inside the Koran. These are precisely the places where guys often named Mohammed find inspiration to begin, or continue, their murderous ways.

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