Saturday, November 15, 2008

Another terrorist group picks up Malaysian support

The list of terror groups that enjoy support in Malaysia (official or otherwise) continues to grow. Yesterday, I wrote on how Al Qaeda and Jemaah Islamiyah enjoy unfettered recruiting on various college campuses in the country--the majority Chinese-Malaysian political party DAP would get turned away if they tried to go to UTM, but Al Qaeda? Hey, no problem.

Also, Malaysian PM Badawi has gone and personnally shaken the hands of the thugs who run Hamas (and followed it up with cash), and he also regularly hosts the lil' monkey of Teheran.

Now Malaysia's ruling party BN (which the Malaysian Indian Congress or MIC is a part of) have thrown their support behind another terror group, and it might surprise you to find out which lucky band of terrorists got the nod this week. Or maybe not.

MIC Youth protests against Sri Lanka offensive

(Malaysiakini) MIC Youth led a second demonstration outside the Sri Lankan embassy in Kuala Lumpur today - opposing the country’s military offensive against their northern province’s Tamil minority.

The first sentence in the article is flat wrong and it's all downhill from there. It's not a military offensive against the Tamil minority themselves-- it's an offensive against the military forces of the LTTE--the Tamil Tigers, the force that's been battling the Sri Lankan government to partition that island for decades.

Hundreds of MIC Youth members, party supporters and NGO representatives were bussed in from all over the country for the protest.

All at taxpayer expense, I'm sure.

This time they were joined by about 200 Putera Umno members led by Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim. There were also small representations from the youth wings of Gerakan, PPP and MCA. Last Friday MIC Youth had similar but smaller demonstration at the same site.

At about 3pm, the crowd armed with placards and banners marched some 100 metres towards the Sri Lankan embassy and gathered there for about 30 minutes. At that point the crowd had swollen to about 1,000 people, including children.

Support the Tamil Tigers! Fun for the whole family! Bring the kids!

Oh, and a police permit? They're BN--they dont need no steenking permit. That's just for the little people.

The event was closely watched by 50 police personnel who did not intervene except to halt the protestors 50 metres from the embassy.

Asked if a police permit had been obtained for the protest, Murugesan did not give a direct answer.

"We have applied for it… We were told in that in principle, they (the police) have agreed," he said.

The police have come under fire of late after a series of crackdown on opposition or NGO organised public rallies while allowing BN-linked organisations to gather without police hassle.

MIC won't bothering telling anyone that it's the LTTE that is now forcibly drafting all males from ages 12 to 50 to fight at the front line. Any Tamil who refuses or tries to escape this conscription gets beaten, tortured and sometimes just shot out of hand. LTTE also pioneered the use of suicide bombers over 20 years ago, and then passed along the knowledge to Badawi's buddies in Hamas and elsewhere.

This is a very curious cause that the MIC has decided to take up. So, by choosing to support the Tamil Tigers, BN in effect supports a terrorist group banned in over 30 countries.

Welcome to Malaysia--a country where protesting the draconian laws, or writing about crooked politicians who lie, cheat, plunder, and maintain said laws, are illegal acts that 'threaten national security' and warrants mass arrests...and turning out en mass to support a foreign terrorist organization is perfectly legal.


mauriyaII said...

If I am not mistaken the Ahmad Abdullah Badawi government detained the 5 Hindraf leaders under the draconian ISA as they were alleged to have links with the Tamil Tigers.

If it was the MIC, UMNO, PPP youths who are sympathetic to the LTTE Tamil Tigers, then it is OK. So it is ok for the BN goons and their youth wings to support the Tamil Tigers and they are not thrown into the gulag, namely Kamunting.

Double standards as its worst. Innocent people demonstrating for their rights are detained under ISA but not the BN mafia goons who demonstrate, hold illegal rallies against the Bar Council organized forum, hold illegal demonstrations at Komtar, etc.

What a shamless bunch of crooks!

raja said...

hi who are the real terrorist ltte fighting for tamil people or sri lankan gov which killing innocent tamils,know the fact before postany articel.

The Anti-Jihadist said...

the tamil terror tigers are gettin' their asses whooped. not even your female suicide bombers can stop the rout. these tamils are as self delusion and disconnected from reality as the SS was in early 1945.

Anonymous said...

UMNO was in the protest too? Talk about hypocrisy. It's OK for UMNO to scream about Malay nationalism and spilling blood to defend Tanah Melayu, but it's not OK for the Sinhalese to have Sinhalese nationalism and to keep Sri Lanka in Sinhalese hands? Will UMNO now support the secession of Sabah and Sarawak from the Federation of Malaysia?

Anonymous said...

Any organisation that wrecks war and suicide bombs is wrong. hope the Sri lankan govt will get this over and build up the country again.

Anonymous said...

In fact, pariah Tamil Hindu in Sri Lanka are illegal immigrants. pariah tamil hindu killed innoncent people in Colombo etc.