Friday, November 28, 2008

Downtown Mumbai still a combat zone

Thirty six hours after the launch of a brazen and murderous rampage upon the unsuspecting metropolis of Mumbai, combat still continues. The 9-11 attacks, horrendous as they were, at least were over in a couple of hours. Now, the jihadists have taken their ongoing assault on civilization to a whole new level. The death toll is about 120 at this hour, with hundreds more maimed and injured...but these numbers will likely rise much higher by the time it's all over.

A little more info is known about the Islamic attackers, but not much. The number of jihadists in the assault force seems to have numbered 20 to 30, which in conventional military terms, is about platoon strength (some reports say 50-60 terrorists). The attackers seem well financed and equipped, with radios, RDX (military grade high explosives), assault rifles, grenades, and thousands of rounds of ammunition. They apparently were inserted into the target zone by sea--perhaps by speedboats coming from a 'mother ship' offshore--as downtown Mumbai is a peninsula with water on three sides. Months of planning and reconnaissance were clearly involved in this 'martyrdom' operation. Someone obviously did their homework in gathering intel here, and how it all happened is likely to emerge in the weeks and months ahead.

At the moment, the Indian security forces are conducting what amounts to a counter-insurgency operation in the heart of their financial and commercial capital. Imagine a two day firefight on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, with hostages, and you get the idea. If any of the jihadists are captured alive, I don't expect the Indians to be too concerned with 'honoring their civil rights'--a critical weakness that infects most counterterror operations throughout the western world. The Indians will extract whatever information they can from their Muslim prisoners by any means at their disposal, political correctness be damned.

This is not a criminal act--this is an act of war. Despite the news that the jihadists were looking for Jews, Britons and Americans to kill, most of the dead and wounded are going to be Indians. India is a democracy, and the outraged Indians are going to demand that their government respond and make someone pay.


Anonymous said...

I really, really want to see these bastards try this sort of mickey mouse attacks in China, just for the grim satisfaction of seeing the ruthless Commies dispatch tanks to crush thousands of their co-religionists into pancakes as collective punishment.

Anonymous said...

India should get serious and take back all the land that was stolen from them by the Moslem invaders. All the Moslems now squatting on Hindu land should fuck off back to Saudi Arabia.

fuckislam said...

Fucking islamists must die! Bush did the right thing but now Obama gonna bend over backwards for them.