Sunday, November 02, 2008

Horrific Islamic justice

Apologists for Islam are eager for the world to believe that Islam is all about 'justice'. As Malaysia's top blogger RPK has written from his prison cell:

Islam and justice go hand in glove. You cannot separate Islam from justice or vice versa.

So how would RPK and his co-religionists explain this horrific scene from Somalia?

MOGADISHU, Somalia - A 13-year-old girl who said she had been raped was stoned to death in Somalia after being accused of adultery by Islamic militants, a human rights group said.

Dozens of men stoned Aisha Ibrahim Duhulow to death Oct. 27 in a stadium packed with 1,000 spectators in the southern port city of Kismayo, Amnesty International and Somali media reported, citing witnesses. The Islamic militia in charge of Kismayo had accused her of adultery after she reported that three men had raped her, the rights group said.

That's the name of Islamic 'justice', an innocent girl whose only 'crime' was to be (allegedly) raped by a pack of savages, was herself murdered, in a public execution no less. Death by stoning is a horrible, bloody and painful way to die.

But of course, it's not like the first time this has happened. Since Sharia (Islamic law) calls for stoning of any woman who is raped, these sorts of atrocities are a regular occurrence in the nations of Dar-al-Islam. Millions of Muslims can be rallied to protest cartoons, but this? On these barbarisms, the Mohammedans are of course, silent. Who can argue with Sharia law?

Islam and injustice go hand in glove. You cannot separate Islam from injustice or vice versa.


muslims don't kill you - or are you dead now? said...

you don't judge islam by its follower you idiot! you judge islam by its teaching. same as me judging christianity by its teaching. if i judge it by you, hell, i will think it is a religion of harassment.

Anonymous said...

Er, so I suppose Allah must be very upset and dissappointed by Al-Qaeda, Hizbollah, Hamas, etc who profess to commit terrorism in the name of Islam? Also the Sunnis and Shiites that are continually killing each other in Iraq? And the same too for Islamic countries that persecute their non-muslim minorities?

In that case I guess its possible that the US invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq is Allah's punishment on muslims who have given Islam a bad name.... sort of makes sense.

muslims don't kill you - or are you dead now? said...

The question is, is al-qaeda muslims? or just christians who pretend to be muslims?

as for hizbullah and hamas. palestine and lubnan is their caoutry. so that makes the jews the terrorist. you dont just give your country to stangers...oh wait. doesnt jesus taught you if someone slap you on cheek, give the other cheek?? now that's nice...haha

European Kafir said...

There is no doubt .... regarding islam, it`s teaching and its followers: you read Quran you will know all about its teaching (a manual for murder, violence, oppression, rape...), you take into consideration that Mohammad was a mass murderer and paedophile, you will know what their "prophet" was about, you watch muslims, listen to muslims... and you will know what muslims are about.
Anyone who still has doubts regarding islam and its followers being evil.... is blind, deaf, evil himself.... and/or just a muslim himself.

muslims don't kill you - or are you dead now? said...

so how your bible described jesus? or how he described Himself?

let me clear it for you

I came to send fire on earth, and how i wish it were already kindled! -luke 12:49, NKJV

Do you suppose that i came to give PEACE on earth? I tell you, NOT AT ALL, but rather DIVISION -luke 12:51 NKJV

hmm. that's explain why Bush invade afghanistan and Iraq.

beware. i have knowledge on bible (or rather sexual book of God) more than you....

Anonymous said...

Yup, Jesus came to bring division. Those who followed him got persecuted by the romans. Friends and family members of christians often betrayed them to the romans. That was the division - between friends and family.

Matt 3:11 - 'he will baptise you with holy spirit and FIRE.' If you continue reading immediately after Luke 12:49, Jesus talked about baptism. The FIRE refered to was associated with baptism, not WAR.

Ok now I have explained all the 'violent' things you quoted from the bible, now try explaining what has been quoted from the Quran - eg sura 9.5 for example, calling for the killing of kafirs. Don't the violent verses all abrogate the 'peaceful' ones?

Al-Qaeda are christians pretending to be muslims? Wow if you want to make wild speculations like that, then maybe Bush is a muslim pretending to be a christian.

Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Constantinople were all 'Christian' territories before Islam came and conquered them by force.

European Kafir said...

@muslims dont kill you (what a hypocritical nick this is anyways. you seem to be in denial.. blind and deaf)

so lets put things right where i am concerned:

- i am not jewish
- i am not christian (raised as such but never believed in jesus, so i left)
- i am not hindu
- i am not buddhist
- i am not pagan
- i am not atheist
... but least of all would i ever choose to be muslim.

I believe in G_d.. no matter what.

Considering that i do not belong to any of the above mentionned religious groups (nor any other)... i guess my standpoint would be a pretty neutral one.
i also read a statistic recently that said... that muslims tend to find many volunteers (as converts to islam)... in prisons/jails... doesnt this tell us all? criminals seem to fit in pretty well!

muslims don't kill you - or are you dead now? said...

you see, verse 1-29 of sura9 is for pagans during the time of the prophet muhammad. that verses is revealed because of they have treacherously broken their term of hudaibiyah. you'll know that if you care to learn history.

clearly verse 5 is for pagans of the time of prophet muhammad. but if you want to include yourself in that kaafirs,well, i would never blame you.

if that isn't enough, then how about in I samuel 15:3, when God instructed Samuel to destroy Amalek and kill all men, women, even donkeys! oh my. that is very cruel! what donkeys have to do with this?
(you gotta believe this...this is not bedtime stories)

eropean kafir
well, i just hope that G_d will shine His light on you. by the way, are criminals non-human?

Anonymous said...

So are you saying those violent verses in the Quran don't apply anymore? That now islam is really a very tolerant and kind religion?

If that is so, how come you reacted with such contempt to the suffering of non-muslims in islamic countries in the other thread? Did they break any covenant to deserve this? Yet you tell them to get out and for us to provide room in our homes for them.

European Kafir said...

@muslim: criminals (murderers etc.) make perfect terrorists... so no wonder islam attracts if you ask me if terrorists are human beings... yes they are human beings.. but not acting like human beings.

muslims don't kill you - or are you dead now? said...

again i'm asking, which right? and why didn't they tell the world? your media, why broadcasting about islam this and that? why didn't they broadcast about coptics in egypt?

hmmm..for christians, didn't jesus taught you if someone ask for your tunic, give him your cloak also? read the gospel of st matthew please..

Now that's tolerance! like hell that is.

islam attracts them to be a better person. they are criminals when they are christians...remember?

European Kafir said...


you are a true muslim... blind, deaf... in denial... a true follower of a prophet who was a massmurderer.
and this is the last time that i am wasting time trying to talk sense into an obviously sick mind. this is useless and only proves my point of view regarding islam and muslims.

muslims don't kill you - or are you dead now? said...

you are the one in a state of denial.

you forgot that in a garden of apple itself, not all apples are in good condition. there must be some of that become rotten. but you can't just burn every tree because of it.

same goes to community/religion. radicals, extremist, they existed, even christianity have their radical and extremist. but you cant blame the entire religion for that!

see the analogy? or are you just blind enough not to see it?

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you already know the answer as to why the media doesn't highlight all these islamic atrocities.
1. They are afraid they will get death threats from islamists, just like Geert Wilders, Wafa Sultan, etc
2. The left-leaning press is afraid of being labelled racist if they say anything against islam

I don't understand your point about Jesus' teaching about giving your cloak.

In any case, you have already demonstrated your intolerance by your total contempt of the suffering of kafirs in muslim countries, so your game is up. You just proved our point about islamic intolerance. Or perhaps is this because you are one of the bad apples of islam?

Anonymous said...

I mean of course:

1. They are afraid they will get death threats from islamists, just like the death threats Geert Wilders, Wafa Sultan, received ....

I live in a muslim community said...

as far as i can recall, association of islam with terrorists emerged...let's see, since 9/11. before that, i don't remember any label of islam with terrorism.

(America suddenly, like in 10 minutes after the attack, accused muslims of flying the plane, without evidence. I wonder how they know that. are they planning this 9/11?)

since then, people like to bother and insult islam, despite knowing that it can attract extremists to call for their death.

come on. if islam teach us to kill all kafirs, i bet there would be no more of you guys nowadays.

nazis don't kill you - or are you dead now? said...

you don't judge islam by its follower you idiot! you judge islam by its teaching.

Of course! How silly of me. By the same logic, since only a tiny minority of extremist Nazis were directly responsible for the killing of millions and the majority of Nazis were good, peaceful Nazis who didn't kill anyone directly, I should not judge Nazism by its followers but by its teaching.

By your logic again, since the majority of Nazis were good, peaceful Nazis who didn't kill anyone directly, and since there are still plenty of Jews alive today, Nazism must be a religion of peace. I suppose that makes Hitler (pbuh) the Prophet of Peace, Harmony, and the Light.

I bow to your brilliant mind, O Great One.

im soooo afraid of the nazis said...

well..duh! i don't care about nazis. they don't bother me and my religion. so, pretty much, yeah. if nazis teach us to be good, why should i afraid to them?

"the majority of Nazis were good, peaceful Nazis who didn't kill anyone directly"

you said that. and as long as they are peaceful, i'm ok with that.

by the way, have you studied Mein kampf?

European Kafir said...

The stupidity and/or evilness of the muslim(s) who leave(s) comments in here (also applies in general and not only in here) is so obvious... if it wasn`t so sad, I would just keep lauging!

They keep making fools of them... each time I read them or talk to them.

I have absolutely no respect and feel no pity at all for that kind of mental sickness.

I live in a muslim community said...

as to you, neither have i.

European Kafir said...


I couldn`t care less... and besides... we know that muslims have no respect for anything... least of all for human beings.

I live in a muslim community said...

blind hate. i get it.