Thursday, November 13, 2008

An interview with a Malaysian jihadist

Malaysian Member of Parliament (MP) Zulkifli Nordin (in photo) tries his level best to look reasonable, speak softly and present his religion, Islam, in the best possible light.

He’s also the same man who led an unruly Muslim mob into a Malaysian Bar Council meeting on religious freedom earlier this year and forcibly broke up the proceedings.

Well, in a recent media interview in Malaysia Today, this, ahem, humble public servant tries to clear up the, uh, misunderstanding and perform a little damage control in the process. There is allegedly no ‘compulsion’ in Islam, anyone can theoretically leave Islam, and golly, it’s just a swell religion that’s been tragically misunderstood.

Don’t be fooled. The interview is clearly a slick and carefully crafted piece of Islamist propaganda, pure and simple. I would trust this guy as far as I could throw him...I am not convinced or comforted at all. Nor should anyone else.

For starters, if there's no 'compulsion' in Islam, then why the need for Jakim (Islamic lifestyle police), Syariah courts and the like? Why the need for coercion? Aren’t these coercive mechanisms exactly the compulsion that Zulkifli claims to abhor so much? That Islam supposedly abhors as well? If Islam is really supposed to be about free will, then why does virtually every majority Muslim country have a government-supported muttawa-type lifestyle police force with sweeping police powers? Well?

If Zulkifli really wanted to put his money where his mouth is, then he would back the idea of dissolving Jakim and Islamic courts, and ending the lavish taxpayer support for Islamic religious police, and imams and Syariah judges on government payrolls, tens of thousands of people who take their salaries and produce little to no worthy service in return. But of course, Zulkifli will say no such thing.

And then Zulkifli talks about how anyone who wants to be an apostate (i.e. free of Islam) just has to subject himself/herself to a 'procedure' of going to the Syariah courts and 'applying' to be one. What this Muslim apologist neglects to tell you (of course) is how demeaning, lengthy, intrusive and unjust this entire 'procedure' is--full of psychological torture, intimidation, arm-twisting, etc...all carried out in so-called 'religious rehab' facilities where the unfortunate soul is isolated from family and friends. And then there are other very real hardships these people face, like threats to one's livelihood, loss of income and property, etc.

If Islam is against 'compulsion in religion', then why should anyone be compelled to endure a humiliating 'mechanism' when no crime has been committed? Oh I almost forgot, in Islam, apostasy IS a crime; and in Malaysia, apostasy from Islam is also a crime in at least five states (Perak, Malacca, Sabah, Terengganu, and Pahang). So I won't hold my breath waiting for Zulkifli and his ilk to denounce these inconvenient facts.

And Zulkifli also won't tell you that virtually no one has ever been granted permission to leave Islam in Malaysia. For sake of argument, assume for a moment our wanna-be apostate can endure years of fighting the Islamic courts, years of abuse and torture in ‘religious rehabilitation’ and isn’t bankrupted in the process. The chance of our applicant actually being approved is almost nil. If memory serves, there have been two Malaysians who were granted this right--one was already dead, and the other had converted ('reverted') to Islam in adulthood by marriage. No 'natural born' Malaysian Muslim has ever been given official permission to leave Islam while still breathing.

Lastly, Zulkifli talks about how the rights of non Muslims must be 'protected'. Protected from who, exactly? If Islam is all sweetness and light, why would the hapless kufr need 'protection' in the first place? When non Muslims are persecuted and bullied, when Hindus have the bodies of their deceased loved ones taken away, or Christians have their churches bulldozed, all on the slimmest of pretexts, who's doing the body snatching and bulldozing? Last time I checked, Mr. Zulkifli, it wasn't the Buddhists.

Zulkifli may be a thoughtful-looking, soft-spoken natty dresser who says the right things when the tape recorder is rolling. But never forget that this man is in fact a jihadist who wants precisely the same things that his more violent coreligionists bomb and kill for--i.e. a worldwide Caliphate that is ruled by Syariah law. This is what Zulkifli means when he says over and over "Islam for all".

I don't know what Malaysians want, but no thanks, Mr. Zulkifli. I don't want the dreck that you're shoveling.


donplaypuks® said...

DSAI is making a big mistake in not sacking Nordin from PKR.

In the short-term Nordin's sacking may cause a wobble, but in the long-term it will augur well for DSAi and PKR in stamping out Racism and Islamic Extremism quickly.

AS for Nordin himself, he is nothing more than a pathetic coward and opportunist hiding behind PKR's skirt and patronage. People like him are doomed to fail soon. The realpolitics of post GE 2008 means these scum wil not prevail!!

John Sobieski said...

Giving Ihsanoglu a run for his money in the taqiya race!

The Anti-Jihadist said...

Zul is a taqiyya master extraordinaire. Few if any Malaysians are able to realize this, or acknowledge it. That's what makes him and his ilk so dangerous.