Friday, November 28, 2008

Islam's Ugly Face Striking Again

Again, Islam has shown its ugly face in the ongoing terrorist attack in Mumbai. My thoughts are with all the ones who lost loved ones (it goes without saying that I am not including the terrorists, their supporters and kin). My heart goes out to the victims.

To all German speaking readers I would like to recommend the following book: "Djihad und Judenhass" by Matthias Küntzel; the author's website is here (partly in English).


Anonymous said...

Excerp from :

According to Sheikh al-Islam’s Minhaj Al Sunna Al Nabawayya, Taymiyya said that false prophets, such as Musailima the Liar, were exposed by the fact that they were liars, oppressors, and possibly possessed by demons and jinn. However, when sober minded individuals studied their lives and deeds, they were able to discern that they were false prophets, that they were exposed.

After reading the relatively long quote from Taymiyya, Botros put his book down, looked directly at the screen, and flatly said that everyone of those negative characteristics indicative of false-prophethood mentioned by Taymiyya in fact apply to Muhammad. As but one example, he pointed to the fact that, even though the Taymiyya excerpt condemned lying, Muhammad himself justified lying in three circumstances—during war, to reconcile people, and husband to wife.

As for oppressive qualities of false prophets, Botros, reading from Sunan Al Bayhaqi, revealed to the viewers that Muhammad, after raiding innocent villages, would take into concubinage women he found desirable, and then send off to be sold in the market less than attractive women as well as children. With the money he’d make from this slave trade, he would purchase war horses and weaponry, in order to conquer other villages.

After reading such accounts, the good priest again put the books down, looked directly into the camera, and asked the predominantly Muslim viewers: “Does this sound like a real prophet to you? Remember: Ye shall know them by their fruits.”

Botros next considered what he called “Muhammad’s sexual escapades.” After listing them—all which should be famous by now to Jihad Watch readers—he proceeded to read from Kitab Al Tabaqat A Kubra, quoting a Muhammadan hadith, wherein the latter said “Of this world, the most things Allah has made me love are”—here Botros interjected with “What? Salvation of souls?! Doing good to others? What?!" only to continue quoting Muhammad’s conclusion—“women and perfume,” the latter to lure the former.

As for the second characteristic Botros listed as being indicative of prophethood—making sacrifices on behalf of others—the Coptic priest listed some biblical examples, such as Paul saying “I will very gladly spend and be spent for you; though the more abundantly I love you, the less I be loved” (2 Cor 12:15). He also pointed to the “ultimate sacrifice” of Jesus. Here, his co-hostess objected saying that Jesus was not a prophet, but Son of God, to which the father roared “I’m speaking according to their beliefs!”

He then looked at the viewers asking, "So, what 'sacrifices' did Muhammad make?" He confessed he knew of none, but instead read various quotes of Muhammad asking others to sacrifice themselves for him and his religion—in the jihad and as shuhada—promising them a sensual heaven in return, one filled with sexual orgies and rivers of wine.

He next moved on to the final point, the final characteristic of a prophet: dedicating one’s life to God, exhibited by a life of good deeds, advocating peace, and above all love. He spend some time insisting that a prophet should lead mankind to love God unconditionally, so that believers would want to worship God voluntarily, not as an act of obsequiousness or fear.

He quoted from John 14:21: “He that has my commandments, and keeps them, he it is that loves me: and he that loves me shall be loved of my Father, and I will love him, and will manifest myself to him.”

“Well, what of Muhammad? What was his approach to making humanity worship their Maker?” Botros insisted that Muhammad, doing away with grace and love as typified by the New Testament, tried instead to usher mankind back to an era of law and fear. "Instead of love and mercy, Muhammad brought death and punishments."

As example, he read from al-Shinqiti’s works an entire chapter dedicated to proving that in Islam, whoever refuses to perform the obligatory prayers should be killed. Writes Shinqiti: “Those who refuse to pray, stand above them with a sword or stick, and command them—‘Pray!’—and if they refuse, smite them until they either pray or die.”


So non muslims, remeber that the lies that Islam is a religion of peace reminds me of how Satan fooled Eve with his sweet talk.

No matter how "nice" and friendly a Muslim is, he/she cannot lead one to heaven. They never tell the would be believer of the "one way" street they are entering. To leave is to die. For in Islam apostacy = death.

I have heard that many embrace Islam because they say the Muslims they met are very nice people. It reminded me that Satan was very very nice to Eve to be able to persuade her to eat of the forbidden fruit.

In the Bible , Jesus says "no one can come to the Father except by me"

Jesus teaches love and mercy but Muhammad teaches death and destruction for non believers.

Jesus said "Father forgive them for they know not what they are doing".

Muhammad says if they to not accept Islam, kill them.


Anonymous said...

The followers of the peaceful religion, the Muslims, are a pathetic lot. They have been brainwashed from the very beginning with sex (4 wives and any number of concubines) as their incentive that they are not going to see reason.

No other religion spreads hatred and brutality and eggs on the faithful to commit mass murder on innocent civilians other than Islam. And they do all these in the guise of the peaceful religion.

Well what do you expect from a religion that was founded by a womanizing murderer and a pedophile? The oxymorons who follow him are greater morons than that bastard.

It is not amazing to see that most incestuous relationship where the father or man of the house screws all the females in his household. That is part of Islam.

Bloody oxymorons who do not learn about the other religions and are FORBIDDEN to do so. They are destined to wallow in their own filth.

There is no escape for them. Any attempt to run away from Islam is rehabilitation or death.

Violence, brutal murder and outright lying are part and parcel of Islam. To make it seem legal and righteous they keep on claiming 'Allahu akbar'.