Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's almost like the Muslims want me to shut up or something

My esteemed opponent and Islamic blogger Mr. Ghazi recently made comment about me (a bit disparaging, I'm afraid) at a pro-Jihad website called 'al-Fikrah' (aka AFN). I'm not going bother linking to it--google it if you want to go there--and it's mostly in Bahasa Melayu. But anyways, once I saw the relevant comment thread, I of course immediately registered at the site and joined the conversation about yours truly. More consternation to the enemy, of course--Ghazi even mentioned how perhaps I should be reported to the mighty Royal Malaysian police. Oh golly? Mr. Ghazi, you mean the noble 'defenders of Islam' at JAKIM and JAIS aren't already doing a bang-up job defending your 'perfect religion'?

The Muslims, needless to say, were not amused. Hey Ghazi, if you're reading this, I noticed that you and your friends at AFN already suspended my account AND deleted the thread you started about me. It took you guys four entire hours to suspend my account? What took you so long? You think you guys at AFN can have your religious dictatorship--I mean caliphate--and take over the world if you move so slow?

Ghazi and his cohorts say they welcome 'criticism' of Mohammedanism as long as I "remember my manners"...or something like that. Disingenuous, isn't it? Remember friends, actions speak louder than words. Their actions already have proven that they certainly don't want some kufr polluting the proceedings over at their head-smackin' Islam-lovin' echo chamber.


Gregory said...

I will never understand why Malasia adopted a stinking arab religion. Malasia people don't even speak arabic. So, why islam? That just shows me that Malasia people are stupid people.

ibrahim said...

and i will never understand why phillipines adopted a stinking jewish religion (for jesus is a jew). Phillipines...oh wait, even england don't speak jewish, or latin, or greek. so why christianity? that just shows me that...well...are they stupid?

anonimousse said...

Seems to me that no matter what Muslims do, you'll find a way to twist it into hate and sarcasm. Be it intellectual discourse, or even our act of worship.

Is it a good manner, calling an act of worship as stupid?

And throwing rocks at Islam's GLASS house? Since 2005? Gosh! What takes you so long to break it? (anyway you say that 4 hours is too slow) Haha. Either Islam's hoose is made of sturdy glasses (granted by God, in fact) or your throwing's like a sissy. (I think both of that fit the situation)

Remember though, 1.4 billion people reside it that house. As far as i remember, we started as a small group consisting 70 people, in a desert of Arabia. Since then, thousand's of rock-throwers has thrown the rocks at us, but they failed, disgracely. And now you? oh God...huhuhuhuuuuuu...

Anonymous said...

Here we go again. Another islamaniac jacking off to the gazillion abdullahs on earth. When are you going to bring out that other favorite porn, the world's fastest growing cancer?

There's that "tone" thing again. Yeah, holding up a dead pedophile and boy toy as the perfect man to follow is pretty damn stupid.

anonimousse said...

I can't understand this stupidity. Faith and porn was put in a same level? Whoa, what have hit your head?

And worshipping a man who's been hanged? Darn, that's more stu...erm, pretty unintellect. Don't get confused. Islam honoured Jesus and saved him from hanged on the cross.

Anonymous said...

What? You actually presume that I give a rat's ass about Jesus bloody Christ? You lot really are pathetic. You can go insult a broom stick for all I care. Try a better provocation.

Frank said...

ibrahim, you are a dunce.
Long before your prophet dreamer re-invented the Judaic traditions and hijacked the Christian beliefs, to call them his "message," Britain was advanced and civilised, by the times' standards, and even the Romans were surprised by the advancements they found.
Later, the descendants of the blessed Isles of Albion, brought civil life to the ignorant warring tribes of the desert and caste-ridden India.
True, it was no marriage made in heaven, and maybe the world would be better off, if the Arabs were still living in their nomad tents and fighting each other.
In India, the moment Britain let go the reigns, the Hindu-Muslim massacres killed millions and divided the Continent that Britain had held together.
At least you were left with railways, sanitation and fresh-water.
Not that the Arab world can maintain it's infrastructure without millions of foreign slave-Muslims and Kaffirs to repair and manufacture their needs.
Their is hope for India, as we see Her rise to the challenge of the new Century.
As for Muslims saving Jesus from the cross,!
Your Muhammed guy was born nearly 500 years after Jesus, so how do you think "Islam honored jesus and saved him from hanged on the cross?"
Further proof of your lack of knowledge, ibrahim, (a sin in Islam) is your assertion that in England "don't speak Jewish, or Latin, or greek,.." if you new anything at all. you would know that English is a language composed of Latin and Greek roots, with flavours of medieval French and germanic words as well.
And by the way, "Jewish" is not a "language" it is a state of birthright, mainly, unlike being Islamic, which any untutored "sauvage" can claim as theirs.
Really, A.J., the quality of your readership has slipped.

anonimousse said...

so? malay is also composed of arabic roots, in many of its wordings.

anonimousse said...

-As for Muslims saving Jesus from the cross,!
Your Muhammed guy was born nearly 500 years after Jesus, so how do you think "Islam honored jesus and saved him from hanged on the cross?"-

The Quran stated that Jesus is never crucified. That's how Jesus, hence his honour is saved from the cross from the eyes of Muslims. Further, from biblical account, anyone who was hanged on a cross is doomed.

-What? You actually presume that I give a rat's ass about Jesus bloody Christ?-

That's good then, because it isn't Jesus up there on a cross. That's an idol.

European Kafir said...

ibrahim: i am not surprised that YOU don`t understand... what else can one expect from a muslim?
Your brains getting washed and/or removed shortly after birth.. so HOW would you be able to understand things.. anything?

I feel sorry for you in some wonder you are all craving for leaving this world by becoming so-called jihadists, you call it martyr.
No wonder you make your children blow themselves up, no wonder you stone innocent girls to death, no wonder you destroy faces of schoolgirls in order to prevent them from getting educated, no wonder you kill, rape, oppress...

Anonymous said...

The Quran stated that Jesus is never crucified. That's how Jesus, hence his honour is saved from the cross from the eyes of Muslims. Further, from biblical account, anyone who was hanged on a cross is doomed.

Frank, see what you're dealing with here? The logic at work is:

Some fairy tale says Jesus was never crucified. I believe in that fairy tale. Ergo, it must be true that Jesus was never crucified.

That's why you'll never be able to get the scientific method through his thick skull.

Anonymous said...

Read and compare , go to the above site. If one is now looking for the truth, don't bother to read the site. Because the facts are too real.

Anonymous said...

If one is now looking for the truth, don't bother to read the site. Because the facts are too real.


sorry, if one is now - should be "not"

ghazi said...

anonymous 6.42am, it seems that Father Zakaria Botros has forgotten the fact that prophet Muhammad did meet Allah directly during Isra' and Mikraj event to receive the order for Muslims to perform obligatory prayer 5 times a day. Oh, I nearly forgot, he's a non-believer, which of course he would not believe in it either.

So, let us prove the prophethood of Muhammad rationally; if you understand Arabic, you will notice the difference of the style of language used in al-Quran and prophet's words. How could that possibly be? That's why the Arab Musyrikun (polytheists) had never accused that Quran is the word of Muhammad.

There are only three possibilities regarding the origin of Al-Quran, the last testament. First, it was made by Muhammad himself. Second, somebody else (be it Arabs or non-Arabs) would have taught him. And third, it is a revelation from the one and only God, Allah.

The first possibility is already rejected, since no man can use different styles of one language interchangeably without slightest similarity. Plus, he was illiterate ('ummiy). You might accuse that he learned it from others, for example from the Christians or Jews during his pre-prophethood time. And that leads us to the second option.

As we know, the holy Quran is pure Arabic. If it was from an Arab, how come they (the Arab Musyrikin)have failed when Allah challenged them to produce anything similar to Quran?

"Or they may say, "He forged it," Say, "Bring ye then ten suras forged, like unto it, and call (to your aid) whomsoever ye can, other than Allah!- If ye speak the truth!" [Hud 11:13]

"..."Bring then a Sura like unto it, and call (to your aid) anyone you can besides Allah, if it be ye speak the truth!" [Yunus 10:38]

Prophet Muhammad himself, being an Arab, would surely unable to made up the Quran too.

It would absolutely not from non-Arabs, because Quran is in Arabic, and even the Arabs themselves couldn't produce anything similar to Quran. For more than a thousand years the challenge has been made, nobody managed to do so up to this very day.

In fact, al-Quran's authenticity is protected till the day of judgment without any changes. This alone proves that it is a miracle from Allah. It is the one and only viable possibility. The Quran is word of God.


Mr. Botros also asked "So, what prophecy did Muhammad bring?” He then quoted from the Koran verses which plainly indicate that Muhammad had no inkling of the future (see 6:50 and 7:188).

Surely he missed these verses,

"The Roman Empire has been defeated-. In a land close by; but they, (even) after (this) defeat of theirs, will soon be victorious- . Within a few years. With Allah is the Decision, in the past and in the Future: on that Day shall the Believers rejoice-..."

These verses are about the defeat of Rome; the Arab Musyrikin rejoiced. But the prophet had prophesied that Rome will win back against Persia. And the prophecy was true. This is one of many examples which proved that Prophet Muhammad do receive prophecy from God the Almighty.

The verse that he (Botros) used to 'indicate that Muhammad had no inkling of the future' is paradoxically the prove that he is a prophet and he did not create the Quran by himself. He only knew what was revealed upon him. He was as human as who we are, except that he received the revelations from God. And that makes him a prophet.

We do not worship Muhammad, unlike the Christians who worshiped Jesus, one of Allah's prophets. [Thus the term 'Muhammadans' is totally wrong and baseless.]

He then insisted that discussing the problems of the “divine” Koran are manifold—linguistically, contextually, grammatically, etymologically—and that he had already dedicated several shows examining these problems.

These 'problems' have been already answered by one respected scholar Dr. Zakir Naik. If one is not looking for the truth, don't bother to read his book regarding these 'problems'. Because the facts are too real.


If you want to learn about Islam, you should approach the Muslims who are educated and have good comprehension of Islam. You don't go and ask the Coptic priest or an apostate and then you believe whatever they told you...