Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Muslim response to the Mumbai massacre

The guns in Mumbai have finally fallen silent. The well equipped and disciplined jihadists, despite being heavily outnumbered, held off everything the Indian security forces could throw at them for nearly three days. The death toll stands at 195 and is likely to go higher as the burned-out buildings and other battlegrounds in Mumbai are carefully searched. The investigation thus far finds the logistical trail for this 'martyrdom operation' leading back to (where else) Pakistan, which is the center for all things jihad in south Asia.

Does any remember one 'Farouk Peru', my old nemesis, Muslim 'scholar' and jihad apologist? Last year he and I had a series of dueling columns at Malaysia Today. Well, he's back and has surfaced with a letter that spells out his thoughts on the recent actions of his co-religionists. His letter and thoughts thus revealed are so absurd and laughable, I have to respond.

(the) Mumbai massacre was a heinous act perpetrated by those who can scarcely call themselves human beings. I wonder just what kind of psychopathic illness can bring about such a state of mind that one can slaughter other people like that.

The illness you are wondering about is called 'Seventh Century Arabian Bandit' or SCAB syndrome, AKA 'Islam'.

I would like to ask though, is it really Muslims who are behind this merciless massacre of over 120 innocent people? I don't know but does it matter at all?

Does it matter? The fact that he's asking this sort of question, even rhetorically, tells us all we need to know as to what sort of logical circumlocutions are required to be a Muslim nowadays. It's almost like he's saying, don't bother investigating this or any other terror attack, because he already knows where the trail of culpability will lead. Or perhaps, he'd rather that no one knew who the guilty are.

When the Islamophobes who attack guys like me commit their dastardly deed, they will not stop to ask 'Excuse me Mr Muslim, are you supportive of terrorist acts'. They will not even stop to ask me if I am a Muslim or not. Simply because I look the part, I will get my head kicked in, no questions asked.

The bodies of the dead have yet to grow cold, and already, this great Islamic thinker is hurtling accusations of 'Islamophobia' at, well, everywhere and everyone. In the Islamic ethical universe, 'Islamophobia' is a crime as great if not greater than the just-committed acts of mass murder.

So perceptions matter. Whether or not Muslims are behind the Mumbai massacre of 2008, if the people think they are behind it, the repercussions will be the same. Heads kicked in, no questions, no mercy.

We don't have to 'think' that Muslims did this in the name of Islam. We know for certain that they did. As for not being merciful, I think that the evil kufr that you so love to criticize, even now, are far more merciful to Muslims than Muslims can ever be to infidels. You yourself, Mr. Farouk, live in the abode of a kufr land (the UK), amongst the heathens, and what happens? You are allowed to stay there in peace, to practice and yes even free to spread that intolerant and hate-filled ideology of yours. Meanwhile, Muslim terrorists in Mumbai and elsewhere gun down, blow up or otherwise murder innocent civilians, including women and children. And you have the chutzpah to talk about mercy? What gives you the right?

Grim, yes but as Muslims, what can we do about this?

Oh golly, what can Muslims do about all this? I have some ideas.

How about ceasing and desisting with ridiculous conspiracy theories, like that 9-11, Beslan, and other Muslim terror attacks were committed by Jews, the CIA or some other group of kufr to 'make Muslims/Islam look bad'?

How about denouncing and disowning Muslim terrorists and terror groups by name? Sweeping, specifics-free, loophole-laden statements like denouncing 'all terrorism' ala Muhammed Ghazi are meaningless at best, disingenuous at worst.

How about accepting responsibility for a change and apologizing for numerous Muslim acts of terror that occur somewhere on the planet every single day? The outrages of Mumbai are not an aberrant event, like Mr. Farouk seems to think they are--there have been over 12,000 Muslim terrorist acts since 9-11. Has Farouk or any other of his co-religionists EVER apologized for even one of them?

How about Muslims not lionize and treat murdering jihadists like Azahari, Arafat and Amrozi like heroes and rock stars?

How about explaining to us dumb kufr why Muslim terrorists use numerous Quranic verses to justify there acts?

There are 200 or more dead in Mumbai tonight and where is the Muslim outrage? Cartoons in Denmark brought Malaysians and Muslims everywhere on the streets in outrage, but a pile of dead bodies in Mumbai or Beslan or Madrid or London or countless other places elicits no visible Muslim outrage whatsoever.

Even now, Farouk seems much more concerned with 'Islamophobia' -this is the word he repeats over and over in his letter. Does he apologize, empathize with the victims, condemn the guilty, or try to figure out how to stop the next Muslim atrocity? Of course not--THAT would be Islamophobic.


Anonymous said...

Oh, you're back on Malaysia Today? They are all shit scared of the government coming down on them like a ton of bricks. Plus all those pictures and news of the blood and gore pull the rug right out from underneath the Fantasy Island Islam that they peddle. That's why they deliberately said sweet fuck all throughout the massacre and published not a single news report on the biggest story on the planet. Now that the religion of peace has satiated its appetite for kafir blood and sent hundreds to the peace of the grave, they bring out a propagandist stamped on the forehead with a Malaysia Today seal of approval to spout some stupid whiny damage control bullshit to cover the Ummah's asses. Farouk and his kind had better get it right quick that if they can't get their own house in order, the rest of the world is going to come kick the door down and do it for them.

Anonymous said...

Teddy bears and cartonns bring out angry wild eyed, mouth foaming mobs calling for blood.
Terrorist murder in Mumbai, just some whiny 'we condemn all terrorist act' mouthpiece mentioned in a cold aloof manner. Islam, the religion of 'peace', has a lot to answer for. Every country with Muslims are affected by terrorism and mayhem.
My heart goes to the innocent victims killed in Mumbai.

Anonymous said...

lo and behold the religion of peace in practice

its not peace its


Anonymous said...

Islam and Moslems are the scum, vermin and plague on this otherwise peaceful earth.

When these pestilence are wiped off the earth, then only the world will see real peace.

Their prophet was the SATAN sent to earth to spread the EVIL religion.

Fred said...

Radical terrorist acts occur around the globe, and almost (not always but almost always) we have Muslims to blame. Why is this? It seems the religion of Mohamed is and has trained it's young people to believe that "all those who do not think as we do, are Infidels and bust be killed."

Who are the targets? Innocents and unarmed people. Not armies and soldiers, but unarmed citizens with babies and sposes at their sides.

This sounds a lot like Germany in the 1930s. "If you are different you must die."

The real important thing here is that not one Muslim community denounces any of this. Here in New Jersey (Patterson) the Muslim community dances in the streets "infidels are dead".

Where is the outcry that denounces these acts, from the Muslims? There is none. I think that tells it all.

Perhaps GWB was right? There will be no peace until....this is wiped out.
The entire world from China to Brazil to Canada to the Sudan to Russia to Australia to Italy to Poland, must rise up as one and act globally, and close this down by force if necessary. As one world against the violence that is being committed in the name of a dead man called Mohamed. Have we not learned this from the Crusades?
-Killing in the name of an invisible man makes no sense.

Anonymous said...

Predictably, all the Mohammedan maggots have crawled off the rotting corpses of the Mumbai victims to bombard Malaysia Today with screeds and screeds of the same old excuses for their fellow death zombies who had a field day in Mumbai practicing to the full the "teachings" laid down in the "holy" murder manuals of a long-dead Arab psychopath.

What are all those fawning Malaysia Today kafir groupies going to do now after watching the latest horror of pure Islam in practice? Still blindly insist that Islam is a soft and cuddly "religion of peace" and blame UMNO for abusing/misusing Islam? But wait, UMNO doesn't run India. What could the common denominator be? Hmmm...

Always On Watch said...

Good analysis of what Farouk Peru wrote.

I read his letter yesterday and thought the same as you've stated here.

Of course, Islamophiles and idiots in general will see what he wrote as a plea for world peace -- futile, IMO.

Anonymous said...

So long as the followers of Islam do not UNDERSTAND THE TRUE NATURE of the religion founded by the evil Satan called Mohamad and get rid off their jihadist mentality that comes up with ridiculous fatwas for anything and everything they fancy to be anti-Islam or anti-Mohamad, the pedophile, there is really no HOPE for them. Their wantan killing of innocent civilians, whether adult males, females or children is not going to endear the Islamophiles to others of different faiths. All religions in the world EXCEPT ISLAM preach universal brotherhood and peace whereas the peaceful religion preaches hatred, jihad and death to ALL who do not share their warped philosophy of life. These misguided fools feel so insecure that they see all others of different faith as their enemies out to lure away their faithfuls. The only good Moslems today are the dead ones because they won't be able to preach their hated religion.