Friday, November 21, 2008

A rebuttal to Mr. Ghazi

The following is my response to a comment recently left here by the Islamic blogger, Caliphate agitator, and my opponent, ‘Muhammed Ghazi’. His words are in italics with my responses following.

You may label me with anything you wanted to. It's understandable. As a Muslim, I forgive you for your sarcastic remarks on me. But let me make my stands clear for all of you regarding certain issues that AJ had mentioned in this post.

Wow, you forgive me? Just like that? Funny, I didn’t think the Mohammedans were all that focused on forgiveness, and all that stuff about turning the other cheek. There’s still that standing ‘kill’ order against Sir Salman Rushdie (since 1990) and those official Malaysian religious textbooks that call for any Muslim apostates (i.e. ex-Muslims) to be killed. Doesn’t sound very forgiving to me. I don’t think your meaning of ‘forgiveness’ matches what most everyone else knows it to mean.

1. I totally denounce bombings and killings of innocent public (sic), be it Muslim or non-Muslim. The struggle in the name of Islam (for the establishment of the rule of Islam in this world) should be done in intellectual and non-violent manner.

Your over-generalized, loophole-laden, specifics-free denunciation is meaningless. What exactly constitutes an ‘innocent’ or ‘innocent public’ (sic)? Mr. Ghazi doesn’t say. Presumably, to Mr. Ghazi’s line of thinking, a suicide bomber self-detonating in a nightclub full of, say, off-duty IDF personal is perfectly acceptable. Mr. Ghazi will also of course never get around to condemning any specific Islamic terrorist group or terrorist by name. This duplicitous behavior, called ‘taqiyya’ and permitted by Islamic ideology and jurisprudence, is a typical smokescreen from the followers of the prophet Mo. Spare us your taqiyya, Mr. Ghazi.

2. For the so-called sectarian violence, we are working as hard as we can to re-unite the Sunnis and Shiites under the banner of Islam. Measures has (sic) been taken at various levels to reconcile the opposing sides.

Do tell, what ‘measures’ have been taken? Talk, my esteemed Muslim opponent, is cheap. Can a Shia mosque be built in Kuala Lumpur, or a Sunni Mosque be built in Teheran? Of course not…not now and not for decades to come, if prior experience is any guide. And how about the recent redoubled persecutions of the Ahmadiyya Muslims in Indonesia and elsewhere, led by Islamic clerical groups like MUI? To wit, one recent incident in Java saw a frenzied mass of Sunni rioters (who shouted ‘kill kill’ and other choice epithets) attack an Ahmadiyya mosque. The group of Ahmadiyya Muslims inside was forced to flee for their very lives. This act of insanity, intolerance and violence was condemned by no one, certainly by no one in your Religious Dictatorship (aka ‘Khilafah’) movement which enjoys strong support in Indonesia.

3. You are free to criticize Islam, BUT make sure that it is done in a good manner unlike what we saw in this blog. But, in my humble opinion, before we move on discussing about the peripheral issues concerning Islam, it would be wise that we discuss about the fundamental issues first.

Ah, a favorite word used by the silver-tongued apologists of Islam—the word ‘but’ (emphasis added above). Criticize Islam in a ‘good manner’, you say? You mean do the criticizing in whatever manner you proclaim to be acceptable? The exact meaning of ‘good manner’ is as slippery as a greased pig at a county fair. So, thanks but no thanks—I’m going to keep speaking truth to power, no matter how much it annoys you and your fellow jihadists.

The fundamental issue here is, and will continue to be, Islam’s inhumanity and anti-human philosophy. It’s an ideology my co-bloggers and I completely and utterly reject. And it’s the point we will keep hammering on and showing to all, here and elsewhere. I don’t expect you to agree with me on the peripherals or fundamentals or anything else. Tough luck--deal with it.

4. Regarding the leveling of churches and temples, I am opposed to such moves. If you study Islam neutrally (and not biased by your hatred & prejudice), you will find that Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) prohibits the demolition of ritual sites (i.e. churches, temple, synagogue etc.).

Are you joking? Church, temple and synagogue destruction (or their outright ban) in the Islamic world is so engrained in the Muslim membrane, it’s virtually a spectator sport. Muslim destruction of holy sites that belong to other belief systems is a time-honored Islamic tradition that goes back 14 centuries. When a Hindu temple was most recently leveled in KL, in September 2008, on a typically razor-thin pretext, where were all the Muslims to protest this supposedly un-Islamic act? Oh, that’s right, there weren’t any.

It’s not just Malaysia where Muslims systematically target non-Muslim houses of worship. In ‘moderate’ Indonesia, from 1945 to 1998 there were 516 church buildings closed down, damaged or burned to the ground--and it was all committed by Muslims. How many Muslims or Muslim groups have condemned these decades of oppression and persecution committed by their coreligionists in Islam's name? Zilch, zip, zero, nada. If the rate of such demolitions slows down, it’s usually because the Muslims run out of churches, temples, etc. in a particular area to wipe out. And of course, a destroyed Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, or Hindu holy site, once leveled, is not allowed to be rebuilt under long-standing laws that are in force in virtually every Muslim country. These laws are also unchallenged and unopposed by any Muslim group.

“By their fruits ye shall know them,” goes the Biblical saying, meaning that the essential goodness of someone or something is determined not so much by words as by tangible results. Muslim deeds speak far more lucidly than the disingenuous words of apologists and prevaricators like Mr. Ghazi. The Muslim track record is a dismal 1400-year-long string of hatred, violence, destruction, intolerance, aggression, deception, and terror, all committed in the name of their prophet and god. Mr. Ghazi’s rhetorical flourishes cannot cover the stink that emanates from his faith. The truth cannot be hidden any more.


anonimousse said...

The cruelty of the Roman Catholic INQUISITION. Who's gonna answer for that?

I hope you know what is that.

Epaminondas said...

Just invite all to abjure and reject the Stone and the Tree Hadith, abandon it's teaching worldwide and all the other Suras which indicate that either no perfect being authored the quran, or that it was authored by a racist deity of some sort.

After that we have just a few issues to clean up, and once this has been disposed of, I'm sure in the spirit of actual peace, as opposed to the 'correct' definition of that we can reach a point of mutual respect.

kong yoke said...

"The struggle in the name of Islam (for the establishment of the rule of Islam in this world) should be done in intellectual and non-violent manner."

it's hilarious how they call it a "struggle" when what they're aiming for is world domination.

struggle against what? the free will of other fellow human beings?

it's not like anyone's persecuting them or lobbing bombs on their side due to their beliefs. if anything, they're the ones running around calling for non-muslims to be persecuted.

has it occurred to them that not everybody wants to be under Islamic rule? guess not!

ghazi said...

1. Why? Is it wrong nowadays for a Muslim to forgive those who are not??

2. Regarding killing of apostates, yes it is true. But it's not as simple as what you think. We have strict rules regarding the issue. You have any problem with that? Why should you? You are not considering of becoming a Muslim after all!

"Say : O ye that reject Faith! I worship not that which ye worship,Nor will ye worship that which I worship.And I will not worship that which ye have been wont to worship,Nor will ye worship that which I worship.To you be your Way, and to me mine".

3. Innocent people are women, elderly, clergymen (priests, nuns, monks, rabbi etc)and children - who are unable to bear arms.

Indiscriminate killing (e.g. by bombing shopping complexes) is against the teachings of Islam. Whereas killing the army of invaders, be it on the battlefield or in the club, is part of defensive jihad in order to expel them and reclaim the rights of the oppressed.

4. I'm doing taqiya?? No, I am not. Why should I, 'coz I'm telling you the truth.

5. As for Sunni-Syiah reconciliation, I am very optimistic about it. I don't have to tell you anything about measures taken in the past, present, and also planned for the future. Not a single word. Don't forget the fact that you are my enemy.

6. Regarding Ahmadiyah, the teaching is deviated from the true Islamic teaching. You are trying to defame Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia. HTI are calling for the ban of the cult and demanding the followers to repent, not for the killing of its members. Try not to view the issue from your biased point of view.

Those who chanted "Kill, kill, kill" are rather emotional than being rational. I'm all against such act of violence.

7. You want to know what 'good manner' is? Well, one thing for sure, it's not like what we have read in this blog. Referring Muslims as Mohammedans, insulting Prophet Muhammad by calling him as 'Mo', putting Nazi's swastika along with word 'Islam', blaming Islam for some Muslims wrongdoings (which were against Islamic teaching), making false accusations, intentionally mis-interpreting Al-Quran and prophet's tradition so that others will view Islam with hatred etc. are absolutely not part of 'good manner'. That's for sure. Is it that hard for a smart guy like you to figure it out?

ghazi said...

AJ, it seems to me that you have stopped from commenting on the post that I made specially for you in my blog. And I wonder why...

Perhaps you are stuck at the point where I revealed the double-standard act of the champion for democracy and so-called 'freedom' - United States of America..?

The imperialistic nature of US (and her allies), and the ugly truth of capitalism are hard for you to swallow??

Just admit it, your corrupt capitalist ideology is crumbling away... The very concept of freedom (from Capitalistic and secular point of view, of course) is corrupt and self-destructing...

You have lost the war of idea, that's why you guys changed tactics and started to make fool of yourselves by making blind accusations, intended mis-interpretations and blatant lies against Islam.

p.s. Was it the American Dream turned out to be American Nightmare for you guys??

The Anti-Jihadist said...

He admits it.

"Regarding killing of apostates, yes it is true."

And like having 'strict rules' makes it all better. It does not.

And he quotes an ABROGATED verse in his 'holy book' to prove his point. Haha.

And then he goes off on who is 'innocent' and 'not innocent'. Who Muslims may kill or not kill. There is no such thing as an innocent infidel, according to Islam. All infidels are guilty of 'rejecting Islam', so they are GUILTY and hence fair game for the shooters and suicide bombers.

And he says that freedom is a 'failure'. This means he and his ideology Islam support slavery. I'd rather die free than be a slave of your 'Allah'!