Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Retired Malaysian chief justice wants to dump civil law

A former Chief Justice of Malaysia has come out and openly advocated what I've long suspected--he wants to dump civil law in favor of (what else) Sharia. Of course, this jihad jurist is phrasing the proposed death of civil law very dishonestly, by describing it as a 'merging' of Shariah and civil law. I suppose that, ahem, delicate turn of phrase is accurate, as long as one describes saltwater crocodiles and their human prey 'merging' as the crocs devour their hapless victims.

Former CJ sees merging of Syariah, common law courts

PUTRAJAYA: Retired Chief Justice Tun Abdul Hamid Mohamad forsees the possibility of a merging of the common law courts and Syariah courts in a Muslim-majority country.

He said the combination of the two courts would harmonise common law and Syariah law principles in dealing with conflicting laws and jurisdiction of both courts escalating from interfaith cases.

“The same judges may hear the two types of cases. Non-Muslim lawyers will be arguing Islamic law issues, just like non-Muslim experts in Islamic Banking and Islamic Finance are already doing now.”

He said in his lecture at the Abd Al-Razzaq Al-Shanhuri Lecture, Islamic Legal Studies Programme at the Harvard Law School in the United States on Nov 6. The text of his lecture was released in Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday.

Abdul Hamid was one of four people invited to give the lecture which he described as “the greatest gift for my retirement.”

In his lecture titled, “Harmonisation of Syariah and Common Law in Malaysia: A Practical Approach,” Abdul Hamid said the Syariah courts here had absorbed the principles of common law which were not contradictory to its principles.

He said the same would happen in other countries. (emphasis added)

Note, my American friends...this Malaysian gave this proposal in the United States, at Harvard no less. Like any good Muslim, Abdul does not want to confine his 'legal reform' solely to his own country, but to spread it worldwide. What better place to start than the Great Satan?

The source does not bother going into detail about the sort of response His Honor got from his American audience. But in the hallowed halls of American academia, softened up by decades of leftist-progressive-politically correct nonsense, Abdul is going to find plenty of people receptive if not downright welcoming to his message. Few in a typical US university setting will question the ridiculous Islamic notion that shariah is somehow compatible with common law. (They aren't).

Abdul Hamid's dangerous Islamic ideas should be treated by Americans for what they really are--as sedition. Shariah and Islam are inimically hostile to every ideal that America was founded on.


donplaypuks® said...


The merging of Sharia Law with Civil Law will see the total erosion of the Constitutional Rights of non-Muslims.

It is clear that these wolves in sheep's clothings like Hamid and even Salleh Abbas have been chipping away and undermining Civil Law rights while in office, because their ultimate aim is the demise of all forms of Democracy. Hence the rise of fatwas against Tom-boys and Yoga.

Just this morning, the new CJ, Zaki, has also been promoting the Sharia agenda.

We must resisit this aim of total Islamisation of M'sia and exporting it universally at all costs!!


Anonymous said...

mlasi not compatible with declaration of independence

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

Anonymous said...

These guys are coordinating their dawa to prepare the ground for usurpation of civil law. The retired dude gives a speech in the U.S. on 6 Nov and releases it on 12 Nov in Malaysia. Then the players get together in a conference in Malaysia on 18 Nov to push openly for doing away with civil law piece by piece. Does anyone notice anything amiss in this picture? Hint: mob violence. Where is the angry mob storming the conference to defend civil law? Another thing: didn't the precious Sultan of Perak just expelled some hot air as recently as two weeks ago, about the constitution protecting the interests of all? Watch closely the reaction of the Sultans as this plan for Sharia takeover is formally put before parliament. They are the heads of Islam in their own states. If they say nothing, their silence implies consent to the Sharia takeover and non-Muslims should take the hint and LEAVE ASAP.

By the way, what's your take on this?

Anonymous said...

“Harmonisation of Syariah and Common Law in Malaysia: A Practical Approach,”

Ebony and ivory, live together in perfect harmonee...