Monday, November 03, 2008

Sharia Creep; Jail Must Respect Hijab, Pay Damages in California

Sets a very bad precedent. halal food, muslim drag, separation from infidels because they offend? America is sucking it in and dying.

Jail Agrees to Allow Headscarves for Muslim Inmates

ORANGE, Calif. — A Southern California county will allow jailed Muslim women to wear headscarves after settling a lawsuit with a woman who claims that deputies violated her religious freedom by making her remove her hijab.

The settlement agreement signed by the county last week and released Monday specifies that Muslim women must be provided a private area to remove their headscarves after arrest and must be provided with county-issued headscarves to cover themselves when they are in the presence of men.

The county, which did not admit wrongdoing, will also pay $45,000 in damages. Plaintiff Jameelah Medina will get $10,000 after subtracting attorney fees, said Hector Villagra, director of the Orange County office of the American Civil Liberties Union.

A spokeswoman for the Sheriff's Department did not immediately return a call Monday from The Associated Press.

Medina, 30, was arrested in December 2005 in Pomona for having an invalid train pass. She spent 12 hours in jail but was never prosecuted.

Medina, a business trainer who lives in Rialto, said that during processing she was forced to remove her headscarf in the presence of a male deputy even though she explained that to do so violated her religious beliefs.

"I felt exposed and vulnerable," she said. "I don't think I could have felt more naked even if I had no clothes on."

Medina and her attorneys said the settlement was important because it addressed the county's concerns about safety while respecting Muslims' religious beliefs.

"We had a concern about religious rights and they had a concern about safety. We met halfway to ensure that nothing like this will ever happen again," Villagra said.


Mark said...

I don't know who's crazier: the Americans or the Europeans?

What religious freedom does an inmate have? I thought that a jailbird relinquished his/her freedom upon incarceration. I thought that was the whole point of sending someone to prison: to take a person's freedom(s) away as punishment for a wrong doing. I must have been mistaken!

Madness! Utter madness!

muslims don't kill you - or are you dead now? said...

well, i dont know if christians are denied access to religion once they are in jail, but believe me islam is not. so deal with it.

by the way, are these inmates forcing YOU to wear hijab? i believe not. so why bother? just go to your church and worship virgin mary...ops, i think she's wearing a veil...careful, she might have bomb underneath it

Anonymous said...

Hahaha ... yeah right, we're all so scared of Catholic suicide bombers ..

Yup, nice country here isn't it. Everyone gets to complain when they don't like something. Unlike the poor Coptics in Egypt and other non muslims in Islamic countries who continually get their religous rights trampled on and must suffer in silence. Great religion of tolerance!

muslims don't kill you - or are you dead now? said...

oh..poor them.

well, you all good catholics, why don't you give a space at your house for them?

get out from there you ignorant christians! go to america, nice country, stealing other nations' oil. or better yet, go to phillipines, the most 'developed' devout catholic country.

muslims don't kill you - or are you dead now? said...

oh, i forgot the muslim minorities in phillipines who got their religous rights trampled on...but they don't suffer in silence. they fight back, and the world called them terrorist. what an irony!

Anonymous said...

The kaffir in Malaya who have their religious right trampled on should not suffer in silence and should go get help from the Thais to fight back, right?

muslims don't kill you - or are you dead now? said...

bring it on! by the way, which right is being trampled on?

Anonymous said...

Frustrating isn't it. The kafirs in Malaysia won't give any resistance, they won't fight back, so you don't even have an excuse for the way the Malaysian govt is persecuting them.

No wonder you're so mad at them.

muslims don't kill you - or are you dead now? said...

does malaysian government do a massive killing to them? like what bush did in Iraq right now?

if a temple is demolished, hell, even mosques have been demolished in terengganu. but why? because you can't simply build them here and there! we have law for that matters.

Anonymous said...

As recently as 2006 - demolition of ancient hindu temples over 100 years old, they weren't just built there yesterday.

Note the following in the link:
1. demolition was done over the objections of the devotees
2. smashing of hindu deities by the authorities
3. Various incidences of VIOLENCE against the devotees

The Sky Kingdom sect also had their icon demolished and their followers jailed. For what? They did not do anything other than embrace a new religion.

Of course I'm sure you'd have plenty of excuses for these acts.

The demolition of a mosque in Terengganu- are you talking about the one that PAS accused UMNO of demolishing? Ah well, typical infighting within islam - I seem to recall a story of Muhammad going over and destroying a mosque that he considered a rival or something...
Hey I also remember the story about the Chinese Muslims in Malaysia wanting to have their own mosque that preached in Chinese, and were promptly denied by the Government. Hmm, apartheid within islam? Facinating.....

Anonymous said...

BTW most of the massive killing in Iraq is done between Shi'ites and Sunnis.

I live in a muslim community said...

then how about the demolition of babri mosque in India? that mosque stood there since 16th century.

i don' see you yell about hindu intolerance.

what's the point of having chinese mosque if we can pray together in a single mosque?

funny, you wanna talk about apartheid in islam when in churches, they separate between white and black church. even catholics must not worship in a presbyterian church.

in iraq, i think US and their allies have made a great triumph in destruction there. you know, get rid of saddam, made a government out of sunnis and shi'ites, made them quarrel and then left them to kill each other. yeah. surely they left blamelessly.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like hindu revenge for what islam did to them. 80-100 million hindus and buddhists were butchered by the mogul empire in the name of islam from 10-14th century, and many of their temples and holy sites destroyed and mosques built over them.

Catholics must not worship in presbyterian churches? Now now man, you must stop listening to unsubstanciated nonsense spouted by your mullahs. I've known protestants attend catholic mass and vice versa. I've seen blacks in white churches and vice versa. The point is, blacks tend to have their own churches separate from the whites because THEY WANT TO and THEY ARE ALLOWED TO. In Malaysia the Chinese muslims want their own separate mosque (because many of them understand chinese a lot better) and THEY ARE NOT ALLOWED TO. Perhaps you missed this subtle point.

So the US made the Sunnis and Shi'ites quarrel and kill each other? Wow you give the US too much credit.

The way you twist and turn to try to blame everything on the US is quite amusing. Its obvious you're just filled with blind hate for the US, and you fail to see some of the good the US has done, eg. avenge the Kurds who were nerve-gassed by Saddam, the aid given to the Indonesia tsunami victims, and saving the muslims from the Serbs in Kosovo.

Go ahead, hate USA as much as you like.

I live in a muslim community said...

Hmm, the destruction of hindu temple in malaysia, sounds like for revenge on hindus for what they did in Babri...among other things. nah. we did't resort to that low. it's for development, for a better future.

The way you twist and turn to try to blame everything on the Islam is quite amusing. Its obvious you're just filled with blind hate for Islam, and you fail to see the good things islam has done, like civilization and science contribution to the world. -recognize this wordings? see how it fits you well?

you know that in mosques, the only language used is arabic? of course, beside the friday sermon. that one, they still understand malay. and that isn't a big problem. if they preach in chinese, malays and indian muslims can't understand them, so what's the point?

malaysia is a multiracial country. please keep that in mind.

p/s: mullahs is for shi'ites. i'm a sunni, the sensibe muslims. so don't associate me with extremists. and i don't learn the presbyterian and catholic can't-worship-in-other-denomination thing from mullah. i learn that from american tv.

Bill said...

To "I live in a muslim community" :

Would be nice if you left your name, but obviously that would not happen. The Babri masjid incident was isolated happened like 17 years ago, so stop harping on and on and on about it. Where is the talk of supression of minority's rights in Saudi Arabia, Maldives, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc. They are ALL MUSLIM Countries, so I dont think there is any blind hate, facts are facts. You talk about razing temples in order to foster developments; if that was really the case, there is no need for the authorities, to crush and destroy idols. Everyone knows very well the ongoing temple destruction is a BS. If the Government was TRULY worried about development and planning as you so claim, there would be a zillion other things they can do as well, which obviously isn't happening. No one is "trying to twist facts" against Islam , facts are facts, so dont go around crying that Muslims are being victimised and people have a vendetta against Islam. Friday sermons are nothing but bull shit, talk of the "evil west" and Kaffirs. I mean seriously, dont expect people to shed a tear for Islam.

Bill said...

That comment about virgin mary was uncalled for.
Also, its funny that you mention Shiites with Disdain; what all of a sudden even other muslims are not good enough for you? what the hell do you want people to do.

You dont like Hindus, pretend you like Christians (but would like to kill them as well), hate Jews (even though you all claim , you are "people of the book"), dont like Shiites(kill them also). for heavens sake, who can you get along with?

I live in a muslim community said...

"Friday sermons are nothing but bull shit, talk of the "evil west" and Kaffirs. I mean seriously, dont expect people to shed a tear for Islam."

do you think we have nothing better to preach in friday sermon other than evil west and kafirs? please.

"You dont like Hindus, pretend you like Christians (but would like to kill them as well), hate Jews (even though you all claim , you are "people of the book"), dont like Shiites(kill them also). for heavens sake, who can you get along with?"

muslims can get along with all of them. no problem. i never killed anyone all my life anyway. some of my friends are buddhists and hindus. we can get along, quite harmoniously.

just because the destruction of babri mosque happens a long time ago, we should forget it and pretend nothing happened? well, tell your buddy anonymous (obviously he wouldn't left his name also) to stop harping on and on and on about moghul's butchering 80-100 millions indians (20 millions difference? i wonder if that number is accurate or just a plain exaggerate). afterall, it happened hundreds of years ago.

I live in a muslim community said...

regarding the shi'ites, i figured that you already have in your mind that they are full of hatred towards the west. well, just wanna clarify, our sunni imams aren't preaching towards violence. i dont know about my brothers the shi'ites, as i'm not living among them.

hey, would't that be interesting, to abstain from talking about something we dont know well enough.

Anonymous said...

I was waiting for you to accuse me of blind hate towards islam.

Lets see now, what falsehoods did I base any of my arguments on?

You (Mr. Muslims dont kill you..) on the other hand have done the following:

1. Based your animosity against kafirs on a whole lot nonsense you guys made up. Al Qaeda being a secret Christian organisation? Sunni and Shiite sectarian violence was caused by the USA? Come on, either USA must have some kind of magic power to do that, or the Sunnis/ Shiites are incredibly stupid to be manipulated like that.

1. Demonstrated that you approve of persecution of kafirs in islamic lands, even if they never did any violence, and subjugation of them to 3rd class citizenship. You betrayed that by your scornful remarks when I brought that up. How can you expect us to like your ideology if thats what you would like to do to all us kafirs? On the other hand, muslims get equal rights in most kafir lands. Oh BTW you want to debate apartheid? I know all about the NEP / DEB in Malaysia, you want to open that can of worms?

Any more examples of muslim suffering you'd like to bring up? No? Let me help you.

1. Black muslims being butchered in Darfur by the Janjaweed ... oops, the Janjaweed are muslims too.
2. Ahmadiyyahs getting harrassed, physically attacked, their mosques burnt in Indonesia.. oops its the muslims doing it to them too.
3. Mosques bombed repeatedly in Iraq, like the Al Askari mosque.. oops that was done by the sunni militants.. sorry again.

Sorry, shouldn't have brought that up, my bad.

I suggest you also visit, they got the inside scoop on islam which makes for even more interesting debates. Many of those guys there are ex-muslims, and they are even more critical of islam. Perhaps you might want to give them some rebuttals.

Anonymous said...

WRT the Babri mosque, I acknowledge that hinduism can turn violent. India is the heartland of Hinduism, you bring your religion there at your own risk. Christianity has also been attacked there. But outside of India, hindus are benign. That I can live with. if you don't want them to attack you, just don't bring your religion there. Or else stay out.

About your comment about islamic contribution to science - no, islam had no more role in the advancement of science any more than Christianity did. Read this article by Syed Kamran Mirza.

Anonymous said...

america, nice country, stealing other nations' oil.

You mean like the Sunni Muslim ruling clique of Malaya enriching themselves by stealing all the oil and gas profits from the kafir of Sabah and Sarawak who are supposedly their own countrymen?

I suggest that you also take a close look at what Malaysia's very own Petronas is doing in Africa.

Anonymous said...

" if they preach in chinese, malays and indian muslims can't understand them, so what's the point?"

You're making less and less sense. Who said anything about making malay and indian muslims attend chinese mosques? If they want a mosque for chinese people only, whats the harm? The malays already have their own mosques to go to.

I'm amazed that I have to defend the chinese muslims here. You guys as muslims should be defending them.

Bill said...

Dont give me the BS that sermons preach love. Bollocks. I'm willing to bet you, if you're from Malaysia, step outside PJ/KL and listen to what the sermons have to say. I have personally heard them talk about taking on "non believers", and the evil United States. Why, there was even one dingbat Imam who took a bike from KL up to the Thai border in order to go and fight the war in Iraq. "I didn't kill anyone" isn't really an answer. Ooh and yes the sermons talk about how you cant trust Jews and the Chinese? WTF. I WAS THERE when these sermons went on. Whats you're explanation for that? ( Oh right, I'm not the Imam,so I cant be responsible)

Shiites/Sunnis, whatever , you still consider them your "brothers" as you put it. So, you conveniently put them aside when it suits you,or you're all busy rubbing noses with each other currying favor with each other.

Bill said...

ONE mosque got damaged la, (which was a temple previously) and for that go on and on. What about the thousands of Hindum temples being demolished. Where's your answer on RELIGIOUS FREEDOM IN ISLAMIC COUNTRIES ? (Or wait." I dont live there, so I can't speak for them"- answer)

Muslims in the Sub COntinent are mostly Sunnis, so what about them? They're not shiites, so whats your excuses for Pakistan and Bangladesh ? I'm all ears.

Bill said...

Eh. where are the Fatwas on INCEST, CORRUPTION and RACISM?

Won't see that coming along. But yes, must have fatwas against Yoga, and Tomboys. Truly pressing matters. What , is the collective IQ of the Fatwa Council 65 or something? Earned that worthless shitty degree with tax payers money from Al Azhar in Cairo? Come on, come on. I'm waiting.