Saturday, November 01, 2008

What if the Messiah doesn't win on Tuesday?

It's no surprise that the notorious leftist Jane Fonda is 150% in the tank for the Most Merciful Obama.

But what if the junior senator from Illinois doesn't get anointed as promised on Tuesday? Hanoi Jane had this to say (via Erica Jong):

Yesterday, Jane Fonda sent me an email to tell me that she cried all night and can’t cure her ailing back for all the stress that has reduces her to a bundle of nerves.

“My back is also suffering from spasms, so much so that I had to see an acupuncturist and get prescriptions for Valium.”

“After having stolen the last two elections, the Republican Mafia…”

“If Obama loses it will spark the second American Civil War. Blood will run in the streets, believe me. And it’s not a coincidence that President Bush recalled soldiers from Iraq for Dick Cheney to lead against American citizens in the streets.”

“Bush has transformed America into a police state, from torture to the imprisonment of reporters, to the Patriot Act.”

Funny, no one is suggesting that the streets will be 'soaked in blood' if Obama wins. Perhaps because the leftwing nuts know that the purported 'McCainiacs', Neocons, et al. are a bit more well-mannered? Not to mention, on the whole, more sane and well adjusted than Ms. Fonda.

Oh my hysterical Jane, let's get a few things straight. Torture is what Muslim dictators and Communist governments do to dissidents, day in and day out. Reporters are routinely imprisoned or shot in Vietnam, China, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bangladesh, and Iran –not in America. But since when did facts get in the way of a good leftist tantrum?

If Obama does lose (and I sincerely hope he does), will His Followers respect the will of the electorate? Or is Hanoi Jane saying that they should declare open war on red states and/or red voters? Can anyone, especially this high profile, be this crazy and deluded enough to really believe this sort of conspiracy theory horse manure?

This is the sort of election year that might make me misty-eyed and sentimental for hanging chads.


Anonymous said...

She must have knackered her back from too much Yoga?
Sounds like her brain is wacked out from all that waccy-baccy.

Anonymous said...

Chatting to an Irish friend of a good old age, we speculated just how long the "powers that be" will allow Obama to muck about with America before he has an "accident?"
Rings a bell from somewhere not so long back.