Sunday, December 07, 2008

The Hajj: The Most Shameful Journey in History

Tomorrow in Malaysia is a legal holiday--Hari Raya Korban, also known as Eid al-Adha. This is the holiday that coincides with that annual mass Muslim madness referred to as the 'Hajj', or the mandatory pilgrimage to Mecca that all Muslims are mandated to make at least once in their lifetimes. And make it they do, by the millions, often using most if not all of their life savings to do so.

Fellow Malaysian blogger Surind posted a video on the Hajj at his blog yesterday, entitled 'The Hajj: The Most Shameful Journey in History.' It caused so much grief and outrage amongst the Muslims that he pulled it from his site today. Well, to show my support for him, to support freedom of speech, and to help spread a point of view that Muslims (and their dhimmi allies) so desperately do not want you to see or hear, I am posting this video here. Transcript of the video is in italics and immediately following the embedded video frame.

The 5th Pillar of Islam wastes more money and effort and time and lives than any other single journey in human history.

Muslims from all around the world - many of them excessively poor - devote a significant proportion of their income to complying with the demand of the Qur'an that they should visit the Kaaba in Mecca, Saudi Arabia at least once in their miserable lives.

I find this a disgusting and lamentable superstition. Not only this, but some of the poorest families in the some of the poorest Muslim countries in the world save all their lives to send their children to wander around a tomb to a long dead deluded bloke called Mohammad - a self-appointed prophet who raised himself above the status of all other humans and still from the ashes reaches out and financially ruins people's lives to this very day by having insisted that all his deluded followers should pop in to his birth town.

You couldn't write more insane fiction than this if you tried. If you saw this on the pages of George Orwell, you would think it would never happen. But it does. And I am sickened by it.

Allah does not exist. Mohammad was just a normal man - now dead for over 1300 years. There is no spiritual realm. Every single Muslim who makes this journey is diverting money and energy away from making this world a better place - building better nations, developing education, science, technology, politics, medicine and so forth. Each Muslim who makes this lamentable journey is guilty of squandering money in as wasteful a way as those people that they criticise for spending on alcohol that they piss down the drain. In some ways, even worse. At least some boozed-up bloke who struggles off to work the next morning with a hangover knows that he has overdone it. Muslims NEVER think they have overdone it and will simply pass on this world-wide destruction of potential to their poor children.

The greatest aim of all Muslims is to take part in the Hajj? No wonder Islam makes its victims less successful in the real world of the 21st Century: their aspirations are so pathetically low.


Anonymous said...

i hope you and your family die at this standpoint, insulting muslim.

May you see your eternal life in the Jahannam upon death (when your soul ripped through your jaws).

Please, make this a joke! keep laughing. It will help you to experience it later. Just treat this as a fairy-tale story.

I dont expect you to post this comment - I meant it for you to read... YOU ARE THE MOST DAMNED PERSON ON EARTH.

Anonymous said...

Well, well, well. Look at the slavish follower of Big Mo above. There's the religion of peace for you. Oh so peaceful and loving and full of forgiveness and cool and calm and full of humility, innit? Totally unlike those perpetually angry, thin-skinned, humorless, violent, and bloodthirsty Amish sons of bitches.

Here's wishing all the slaves of Allah out there a happy Eid. Remember this song when you make yourself dizzy going around and around a piece of rock in the middle of the desert under the hot sun.

Anonymous said...

you are the stupidest most moronic blogger on the face of this earth. get your facts right, the hajj is for people who can afford it. if u dont think u can afford that much money, islam does not say u have to do it. i cant believe it, u surely are stupid. no wonder why youre venting ur frustration and anger towards islam. i really hope Allah forgives u, for the sake of ur pathetic little life.

Anonymous said...

omfg!! I just have to make a reply to this.

Islam being a peaceful religion!? Then some dumb muslim fvck comments, "i hope you and your family die at this standpoint, insulting muslim."

Hurry up and blow your hypocritical muslim ass to bits with your homemade explosives.

I have denounced islam. Have you!?!?


Anonymous said...

There's another sick celebration where they celebrate by killing and butchering animals in the streets and distributing the remains to their fellow zombies. Sick assholes, they don't know they have been brainwashed to carry out these stupid things because they dare not disobey their god, who only exists in their sick minds. Ha ha ha.

Anonymous said...

These sickos who go all the way to the bloody black stone in Mecca to pray are too bloody dense to understand that they are idolizing while castigating other religions of praying to idols. What stupidity?
It seems their God's residence is only in Mecca. They are to pray facing Mecca wherever they may be. They butcher animals by the thousands on a "holy" day shedding blood to appease their blood thirsty God. No wonder their God demands blood at every turn.This is the religion of peace. While other religions preach and practise tolerance, peaceful co-existance and love for one another, these misguided bastards go on a rampage and kill,mutilate, torture and decapitate human beings to satiate their blood thirsty god. Praying and going round that monolith black rock is not enough. They have to show their oxymoronic behaviour by throwing stones at an imaginary devil. Wonder when these idiots will ever learn. This is what happens to people who follow the teachings of a false prophet whose only goal in life was to screw as many women as possible, old, young or even below the age of ten. Their prophet was a womaniser and a pedophile. Even these facts they deny. A religion in denial from day one.

Basim S. S. said...

thank you for your effort, well taken; but few points are missed from your report
1) Hajj is not mandatory for every muslims only if you can afford it financially and physically.
2) not all muslims are bad, we have good people as well as the bad people like every nations, do not tell you live in a heaven, because no body does
this plant does not need more split and conflict, no good is coming out from trashing each other.
the reporter is not better than the 1st anonymous response (both are wrong)
to the reporter: you just need to read more , good luck.

hullabaloo said...

Journey to worship Moon god!!! Hahaha!

rockthecasbah said...

islamists freely say stuff abt other religions ie. Jesus is not Son of God, etc but these Satanists go postal when stuff said abt islam! What a bunch of LOSERS!!!

Anonymous said...

Abdul the Pukimak,

Freakin munafiq, what kind of muslim are you?
I have denounced both your parents for not teaching you the word respects to other people. I guess one reason why they didnt,because both of them are pigs just like the moderator. Stop farting through your mouth, it stinks Pariah.....

Hint do

Panglima Perang Cyber said...

satu lagi penyokong blogger menghina Islam..

Baik jika u fikir masak masak samada nak terus siarkan artikel ini atau ingin menunggu arahan polis masuk campur..

Freedom bersuara tak bermaksud u free kata apa sahaja termasuk menghina orang, agama sesuka hati..

Orang Islam ada yang menjadi pencuri but perbuatan melakukan kecurian tidak dimasukkan dalam agama / pengamalan Islam.

Ada orang Islam menjadi pengganas tetapi Islam sebenar tak mengajar kita membunuh orang bukan Islam yang TIDAK MENGHINA ISLAM..

Apabila mereka menghina dengan blog maka kami akan membalas melalui blog juga..

Jika mereka menyerang orang Islam maka kami akan serang mereka dan tak akan mendiamkan diri.


Islam agama perdamaian dan perpaduan..

ada apa apa masalah u can chat with me via YM


LEKIR said...


Mari flagkan blog ini kerana Allah

Anonymous said...

Ha, ha, ha! Man, look at how easy it is to bait all the worshippers of Big Mo into revealing their true character. Just SAY something mildly critical and they instinctively go apeshit. Like masochists, they keep coming back to be offended again and again and again.

Anonymous said...

Who says Islam the religion I profess is imperfect and non-peace-loving. IT IS THE PERFECT RELIGION.
In fact it is the religion for this troubled world. If it creates conflicts and suicidal attacks around the world, it is to get rid off infidels/kufrs and to create a new Islamic world.
Moslems want to wipe out the Jews from the face of the earth because they hold on to archaic beliefs.

Their kosher can NEVER be equated with halal. Their circumcison is not like Moslem circumcison. Even the way they cover their head is WRONG. They do not cover their whole head. Their women are decadent and indecently dressed.

They fail to realize that their bodies are only to be used in every which way by their husbands and menfolk.

The stupid Zionis do not have the guts to implement the syariah laws implemented during the great prophet's time. They do not even see the logic in having 4 wives.

They only talk of being holocaust victims, an imaginary event that NEVER took place.

ALL kufrs be WARNED. Your days as infidels on earth are numbered. Become Moslems or perish. We the children of Allah will rule the earth and we will do ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING to make that a reality.

We only shed the blood of infidels, apostates and the non-believers in Islam who are easily scared of gore. The infidels fail to see the beauty of blood flowing from the Islamic way of salughter.


sumandak bayu said...

Sejahtera ke atas Kamu Bro...

Kalo dah menghina agama kira bro tak talabih sudah cakap orang Sabah... baik lu pikir lah sendiri sebelum itu nasi jadi bubur...

Kerajaan skang ada undang-undang untuk bloggers yang tak tahu menghormati bangsa dan agama di negara ini..... JADI ati-ati lah bro

Taminsari said...

Sedarkah anda dimana bumi dipijak, disitu langit dijunjung. Tahukah anda masuk ladang lembu menguak, masuk ladang kambing mengembek. Tak tahulah samada kamu ini warga negara ataupun tidak. Jika kamu seorang warganegara seharusnya kamu tahu apa itu rukun negara dan apa yang terkandung didalam perlembagaan.

Sekiranya kamu tahu akan perlembaggan Malaysia dan rukun negara, kamu seharusnya tahu untuk hidup bernegara didalam masyarakat yang berbilang kaum seperti Malaysia. Kamu sebenarnya sudah menguris perasaan orang Melayu yang beragama Islam . Orang Melayu sudah dididik untuk menghormati kepercayaan ugama kaum lain di Malaysia dan diharap kaum-kaum lain juga menghormati orang Melayu yang beragama Islam. Apabila kehormatan mereka sudah diusik, orang Islam tidak kan berdiam diri.

Apa yang kamu lakukan ini sebenarnya ibarat diberi madu, tetapi tuba dibalas. Tidak tahu berterimakasih dan bersyukur dengan keharmonian hidup yang dikecapi oleh masyarakat berbilang kaum dinegara ini.

Kamu menyalahgunakan kebebasan bersuara untuk menyakitkan hati orang Melayu yang beragama Islam. Kamu adalah nila setitik yang akan merosakan susu sebelanga. Jika kamu sanggup memulakan, diharap kamu sanggup juga menghadapinya. Terlajak perahu boleh diundur, terlajak kata buruk padahnya.

Anonymous said...

For Hint do.
I am no longer a fvcking muslim, so there's no point asking me what kind of muslim I am. Shows how stupid you are when I have already said I denounced islam.

Amazing how you don't have respect for pigs, as they are much more cleaner than your left hand which you like to smear with your own shit every single day. Does it taste delicious? Face it, pigs are more intelligent (and actually very tasty too - try it sometime) than you morons who believe in this pedophile mohammed.

In return, I denounce YOUR parents for being anak bangsat cacing babi (english: son-of-a-pig faeces worm's b|tch) and for infesting the world with tapeworms like you. Are you always this stupid, or are you making a special effort today?


Anonymous said...

Abdul the pukimak,

shame on you MUTARDIN!!!!! Tell bout youself ha? Nobody want to know who you were,asshole. Anyway nothing suprise me because abdul means 'SLAVE' in arab.

Poor you, proud being a slave of your stupidity and oyu still think people agree with your fuckin opinion. youve no idea the hell you writtin about boy!!! -im saying one reason why you keep doing because you dont have a brain to think. Not even a tiny piece i guess!!!!!!!!
It seems like you re dying looking for compliment with your stupid comment.. I see, Moroon!

Hint do

Anonymous said...

When you enter islam, you go for brainwashing of all logic and clear thinking. Everything and every action you do, even the way you shit is being controlled by a set of archaic and stupid law. Its like you suspend all common sense and become a zombie. The day I left islam was the day I discovered my true self and join the real world, eating, drinking and traveling everywhere with my friends without a fear of non-halal (unclean) food.
Please leave this dangerous and useless religion.

Ex Muslim

tharieq dhiyauddin said...


At least u r interest on Islam. Many non-muslim want to know more about Islam.

Boleh kita berkenalan?

Anonymous said...

" Anonymous said...
i hope you and your family die at this standpoint, insulting muslim. "

Wow, you want to play God !. Who are you to curse another ?. Maybe shaitan is oppressing you.

Let Allah deal with him if you believe there is an Allah.

After all Muslims believe that there will be a day of judgement isn't it ?. So who are you to play God ?. Self righteous isn't it.

Go and read below of the many muslims, including Imams who made their own choice, and of course they will let Allah/God judge them on the last day, not you selfrighteous sinner.

Kamarul Irzuan said...

my view is simple ...this blog and this post is simply written by one who does not understand the subject of what he talking about..if you wanna talk about islam you should first understand the whole al quran, after that try again to give your view..

talking on something that you don really understang make yourself like stupid..if you wanna be pro try to act like one.

anyway, this piece of verse explained your situation from Al Quran: 'Nay, they deny that; the knowledge whereof they could not compass and whereof the interpretation has not yet come unto them. Thus those before them did deny. Then see what was the end of the Zâlimûn (polytheists and wrong-doers, etc.)' Surah Yunus verse: 39

Anonymous said...

Fuckin Anon 4.35,

I should rip your mouth upon showing your support to those murtadin!!!! Behave yourself, never teach people when you dont understand your own words.

Your reply sounds so smart... Play god ha? Maybe shaitan is oppressing me ha? Who the hell do you think you are bastard? You fuckin mad at me because i cursed those who insults my religion.. and you suggest i dont have the right to respond such? If i spit your mom, would you stay still and do nothin? What a stupid pig are you boy?

This is jihad against people who put effort in condeming our believes. If you are so clever, just wait for Allah to deal him then there should be no war during prophets time.... you got that, boy?

Ill respect someone who gave a rational and fair comment, we would correct if it is not right, no problem. Nobody need to go through all this shit..
But how would you guys expect to see positive responce from other people especially muslims when you post disburbing stuff like this?

Look twice before you leap. everybody have their own sensitivity level about their believe.. if your intention is to get popularity, then you have it!! Now everybody is dying to trace you, just wait... someone will need to be thrown behind bars!!!
hint do

Anonymous said...

Ex muslim the MURTADIN,

Go ahead enjoy your shortlife while you still can! Dont put any religion believes in your heart because it will only choke your appetite of pork!!

Eat as much pork as you can, you nothin much just like a dog! Keep filling your ass with food then dump it until end of life!! Poor guy, youve been blindfolded with pleasure and uncivilized freedom.. May allah bring you back into where you belong.

Remember, something will only to be known when our breath stucked at the throat. At that time, nobody can help you not even a bullshit tai chi master. Maybe your kafiruun friends influenced you to share their shit..

I think you deserved non-halal (unclean)food because 'clean food' meant for muslim only.. My advise, next time dont talk about your stupid eating unclean food.. its disgusting, you morooon!!!!

hint do

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:42,

See the venom that is spewing from your mouth.

Is your faith so weak that if some non believer cast aspersion on your religion,you are all rile up going to kill the person in the name of Allah ?.

Allah does not need your kind of response. Or do you think Allah is so weak that He needed you to do His fighting for Him ?.

So what if the non believer does not believe in the Haj, Is all your ranting going to change his mind ?.

Bodoh lah you ini .

Pastorius said...


Anonymous said...

anonymous 11:42

Why are you so emotional ?.

I wouldn't be surprise how people like you in the right situation will be easily manipulated by the smarter ones to be come suicide bomber ?.

I always wonder though why with all the talks of mati shaid and getting the rewards of 72 virgins (if I am not wrong of the numbers), those who planned the suicide bombing are not "rushing" to be first in line to go to syurga ?.

Why send imbeccils who do not know how to think to syurga firs ?.

BungaMelor said...

Islam is a religion of peace. Islam means peace. Please be warned those infidel and murtad, we will kill to maintain peace. We bomb you. You die = peace. Mati syahid we get 73 virgin. (Only Arabs yang mati syahid) The non Arab will get be ou servant in heaven. (No you can't screw one of my virgin, but may watch, and be known what merciful Allah is to you for providing us Arabs the virgin and you non Arabs the eyes to watch)Mahaguru58 (Why you use sanskrit word ah..cannot find anything in Arabkah) please take course in hospitality. It will be handy when you reach Muslim heaven (Psst..really a fcuked up place)

Arif Bambang Setiawan said...

Assalamualaikum wr. wb.

audzubillah hi minasyaitaniroziim
Bismillāhi r-raḥmāni r-raḥīm

قُلۡ يَـٰٓأَيُّہَا ٱلۡڪَـٰفِرُونَ

Say (O Prophet): O ye who reject faith! (1)

لَآ أَعۡبُدُ مَا تَعۡبُدُونَ

I worship not that which ye worship; (2)

وَلَآ أَنتُمۡ عَـٰبِدُونَ مَآ أَعۡبُدُ

Nor worship ye that which I worship. (3)

وَلَآ أَنَا۟ عَابِدٌ۬ مَّا عَبَدتُّمۡ

And I shall not worship that which ye worship. (4)

وَلَآ أَنتُمۡ عَـٰبِدُونَ مَآ أَعۡبُدُ

Nor will ye worship that which I worship. (5)

لَكُمۡ دِينُكُمۡ وَلِىَ دِينِ

Unto you your religion, and unto me my religion. (6)

shahrul said...

pukimak betul.he thinks their religion is perfectly huh?.hei pukimak listen here,don't insult my religion you know that huh?

you think you are perfectly ke huh?
I hope you will suffer and burn lively in Jahannam Hell forever.




shahrul said...

pukimak betul.he thinks their religion is perfectly huh?.hei pukimak listen here,don't insult my religion you know that huh?

you think you are perfectly ke huh?
I hope you will suffer and burn lively in Jahannam Hell forever.



haizad said...

nape la nak gune bahase2 yg kasar & x sedap didengar.
mcm mane la tuan punye blog nk berminat ngn islam.
kamon la, gune cr berhikmah. cr Nabi Muhammad s.a.w.
org mencaci baginda, tp baginda balas ngn budi pekerti mulia. itu carenye.
bukan dgn mencaci mencarut sume tu.