Friday, December 05, 2008

The jihad's jaw-dropping depravity

As a counterjihad blogger, I read a lot. Mostly, I read news reports, both from the mainstream media as well as from other sources. From all that reading, over many many years, I am sadly all too aware on how violent Muslims can be to anyone not like themselves (i.e. kufr, Muslims from other sects or tribes, etc). This level of violence is mind boggling as it is persistent. It's not just Muslims killing large numbers of people, as bad as that is. It's Allah's so-called holy warriors who, in the course of carrying out their 'sacred' duties, brutally torture their victims--not to obtain information, but to inflict maximum pain for pain's sake. A jihadist is nothing more than a sadist, a subhuman who derives sheer joy out of destroying human beings.

So, while Mohammed Kasab and his buddy were slaughtering commuters by the score over at Mumbai's central train station last week, some of their Muslim brethren were making their way to Chabad House, the center of Mumbai's microscopic Jewish community. When the terrorists entered Chabad House, they did not just want to kill everyone there. They also sought to maim, torture and kill their victims in the most horrific and barbaric manner possible.

On Monday, Dec. 1, the UK Telegraph reported statements by doctors who examined the bodies of those killed in the Mumbai massacre. "Many of the bodies showed signs of torture," they said, one going on to explain that "of all the bodies, the Israeli victims (clarified elsewhere in the article to mean the victims at Nariman Chabad Center) bore the maximum torture marks. It was clear that they were killed on the 26th itself. It was obvious that they were tied up and tortured before they were killed. It was so bad that I do not want to go over the details even in my head again."

These victims included a rabbi, his wife, who was six months pregnant, and their two year old son, Moshe. The child was miraculously saved by the quick-reacting nanny, who found him unconcious lying in a pool of blood next to his parents, who were by that time dying or already dead. Upon later examination, Moshe was found to have visible bruise marks from being beaten by the terrorists. If the thought of attacking and torturing a baby doesn't create a strong visceral reaction, I don't know what could.

So far, in response to these savage acts of Islamic barbarism, the only reaction I can see from Muslims is indifference. Muslim leaders mouth the usual platitudes as are typically heard when Mohammedans stage a spectacular terrorist attack. But the Muslim masses are unmoved and, as usual, silent. Compare this Muslim non-reaction to the violent and widespread Muslim responses to movies, books, teddy bears and Motoons that offended vast numbers of Muslims in some way. Torturing a Jewish child (and murdering his parents) does not offend Muslims in the slightest, but books and cartoons do.

The only explanation for this upside-down view of morality is that Islam is itself a psychosis, a mental illness that causes its adherents to break tether with the rest of humanity. After all, jihad and Islam sprung from the psychotic and poisoned mind of its founder 14 centuries ago. To this day, the founder's mental illness is bequethed to all who follow in his footsteps.


Mark said...

So well put!

Anonymous said...

From this CNN report:

Kasab told police investigators that he shot a small boy and, because he was crying, "He shot him again, and killed him, to shut him up," Maria said.

And that good slave of Allah, Ghazi, just came around here to define innocent people in his Theory of Super Careful Targeted Jihad Killing as (emphasis mine):

Innocent people are women, elderly, clergymen (priests, nuns, monks, rabbi etc) and children - who are unable to bear arms.

Anonymous said...

I have seen Islam in many ways, since I was raised as a Muslim and I am still living in a Muslim society. Initially, I had no idea that Islam can be this bad. But after awhile, when events like Mumbai are happening on a near-daily basis, it is very difficult for me to understand Islam. I don’t think this is what Allah wants (if there is a god); the terror and deaths are caused by the Muslims themselves. Muhammad was one corrupted human being, a normal human. There is no such thing as a messenger from God.

Anonymous said...

No, (@ anonymous, 6.46 pm)
innocent people are not the women, elderly, clergymen and children, who are unable to bear arms.
Innocent people are only muslims. "People who are not muslim can never be innocent."
An eye-opener, to be seen in YouTube:

Anonymous said...

I know who are regarded as innocent in pure Islam. I was just shoving the lies told by Mohammedan liars like Ghazi back in their faces. They come on here trying to be all peaceful and loving, then BAM! Their very helpful brothers in the cult of Big Mo come right along to shoot (pun intended) their argument down by shooting up Bombay and shooting hundreds of people, demonstrating yet again the slaves of Allah's knack for scoring own goals.

To that Big Mo-doubting anon: You actually see sense?! Holy cow! That's scary.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 3:21 AM

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Muhammad thought it was an evil spirit but it was said that a so called Christian women told him that it must be A.ngel Gabriel.

I though it strange though that this "being " did not reveal itself to Muhammad as so.

In the Bible the angel appeared to Zechariah and identified who it is. Luke 1:19 And the angel answered him, " I am Gabriel, who stand in the presence of God".

In Luke 1: 28 we see that the angel Gabriel when he appeared to Mary, spoke to her . "And he came to her and said "Hail full of grace , the Lord is with you"

In Muhammad's case, is was not so. So it could be a demon that spoke to Muhammad.

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BungaMelor said...

The world has seen and seeing two of the worst religion that uses the name of god to justify everything- Chritianity and Islam. The christian killed and destroyed the south american and the red Indian culture and nation (non belivers) The muslim perpetrated the same way. See India/ Indonesia etc. The world will be at peace with this two useless and good for nothing religion is gone. Only god save us form these moronic religions.