Monday, December 01, 2008

The kafir mouse that roared, part 2

In part one of 'The kafir mouse that roared", I wrote my suspicions that one of my comments at Malaysia Today might have had something to do with the blocking of that website back in August of this year. Anyways, I suspected but never had confirmation that this was the case, until now. Raja Petra Kamaruddin (RPK), the founder and owner of Malaysia Today, wrote this in his column 'No Holds Barred' today:

So, on 26 August 2008, the MCMC (Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission- Ed) ordered all the Malaysia ISPs to block, which they did. But they still needed a reason to block and they found this reason in a comment posted by anti-jihadist. The problem is anti-jihadist posted that comment on 28 August 2008, two days after was put out of action. Is the MCMC clairvoyant and could see into the future? Did it have a crystal ball and knew, two days in advance, that anti-jihadist was going to post a ‘damaging’ comment? It is mind-boggling that the MCMC was able to block two days before the comment that caused it to be blocked was posted.


The MCMC realised that they could not justify blocking based on a comment by anti-jihadist that was posted two days AFTER the site was blocked. So they decided to unblock and instead detain me under Section 73 of the Internal Security Act, barely a few hours later, on vague grounds that I posted articles that incite Malaysians to hate its leaders plus insult Islam and the Prophet.

I don't agree with RPK's dates--according to my own records and the timestamp of the comment in question, I made the comment on the 26th of August. Nevertheless, I agree with the main thrust of his point, that my comment was merely a convenient pretext for something that the Malaysian Government had already decided to do anyway--namely, attempt to silence one of their fiercest critics. And as everyone who cares to know already knows by now, they failed to do this in spectacular fashion. If you want to see the 'damaging comment' that so enraged the Malaysian authorities, by all means, go take a look here at 26 Aug 11:02:44 (the original comment at M-T).

UPDATE: I've added a screenshot of my entire comment in question from the Malaysia Today. The timestamp at the top is fairly non-ambiguous (click to enlarge).

I am certainly sorry for any trouble I've caused RPK, his family, friends, supporters and readers. However, it should be blindingly obvious to all by now that the ruling party UMNO wants RPK silenced, by any means necessary, fair or foul, come hell or high water. My comment was just the convenient pretext they needed for their clumsy and hamhanded attempts at censorship. When that didn't work, the so-called authorities had to try something, anything else against him--ISA imprisonment, Sedition Act, everything but the kitchen sink. I'm surprised the Malaysian Police haven't arrested RPK for jaywalking!

I take great pride that my words were deemed so powerful and 'damaging' that the Malaysian authorities decided to break their country's own laws and shut down Malaysia Today. This of course had precisely the opposite effect intended, as Malaysia Today and RPK are now more widely known and read than ever before. And if I played even a small part in that, then I am thankful. Furthermore, I am very proud of being able to show the world just exactly what sort of thugs and tyrants are in charge in Malaysia, loathsome men who cannot abide by and fear mere comments on a website.

RPK may say Islam is about justice and tolerance. But as we've seen, Malaysia's ruling Muslims consistently demonstrate otherwise.


Anonymous said...

If it wasn't for his status as a minor royalty of the House of Selangor protecting him from all his enemies, RPK would be dead by now. Some animals are more equal than others.

mauriyaII said...

Minor royalty or otherwise RPK is respected and admired as a person of high calibre and intergrity unlike the scumbags and vermin that that has become the scourge running the Malaysian government.

Their greed for wealth and power is only at par with that of Mamak Mahathir's boosom buddy, Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe.

If the Barisan Neraka government led by the UMNO goons and supported by their lackeys, the police and the judiciary are not replaced by a new and responsible government, then Bolehland aka Bodohland is going to be worse than all the Zimbabwes of the world put together.

Martin said...

Wow. Im not surprised they shut down an entire site to hide your comment. Its so true that it must have stung them terribly. It is true that muslims have a crooked idea of morals, mercy, peace and truth! Well done for hitting them where it hurts! Strenght to you!

Anonymous said...


You are suffering from UMNO Derangement Fever like all the Malaysia Today groupies who kiss the ground that RPK walks on. Yes, UMNO is running Malaysia into the ground. Yes, thanks to UMNO, Malaysia is sliding into the bottom of the Third World shit hole to join the likes of Zimbabwe and Indonesia and Pakistan. But what makes you think that replacing BN with PR will turn the country around? There will be no respite from Islamization regardless of which faction is in power. PAS is all for it because its one and only goal all along has been to turn Malaysia into an Islamic state. UMNO has to do it to keep up the pretense of defending the Islamic identity of the Malay race and avoid being labelled a kafir party by PAS. When UMNO is defeated and PAS gets into power, PAS will just continue where UMNO left off. If you think Islamization is scary now, wait till PAS gets the dough (government funds) and the organization (the ready-made Islamic bureaucracy that UMNO built and will leave behind) to push their Islamic state agenda. It's a given that the slaves of Allah, whether they be working through UMNO, PAS, or the Mickey Mouse Club, will ride roughshod over the powerless kafir minorities. There is no contest in that power struggle. The only power struggle that matters is the one we already have an inkling of, the Jihad against the Malay sultans. At some point, Islamization cannot go any further without the slaves of Allah usurping the power of the sultans and that's where all the fireworks start. The slaves of Allah may be able to walk all over the powerless kafir minorities, but stepping on the toes of the sultans is, shall we say, a serious breach of protocol with serious consequences. By then, it will come down to Malay racists/nationalists who still cling to their traditional feudalism against totally brainwashed Malay death zombies.

Just for fun, someone should ask PAS at one of its ceramahs how it can set up an Islamically pure Caliphate without dumping the institution of Malay sultans. Will the PAS mullahs who know their Islamic law inside out have the guts to say that the sultans are not Islamic or will they squirm uncomfortably and try to weasel their way out?

As for RPK, the Pied Piper of Fantasy Island Islam, the guy is a conspiracy nut who blames "the West" for problems that come from Islam itself. Read what he wrote in the same column:

Back in the 1990s the West had declared -- after the break-up of the USSR in December 1991 and when Communist Russia no longer posed a threat -- that the ‘new Communism’ is Islam and Malaysia, a so-called Islamic country with Islam as the official religion, agreed with the West that Islam is the ‘new Communism’. So the ISA, which used to be used against the CTs of the MCP in the old days, is now used against the ‘new Communists’, the Islamists.