Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Malay Muslim Means Munafiq

Last week I posted a Youtube video and transcript that criticized the Hajj. This resulted in thousands of additional visitors to this blog, outraged posts on many different Muslim blogs, and dozens of comments, with most of the Muslim comments harsh, derogatory and insulting. Many of those comments called for my arrest and wished me and my family personal harm. In other words, it was a typical display from the members of the Religion of Perpetual Outrage--Malays and Muslims full of piss and vinegar, defending their faith.

Yesterday, I posted a piece on how the government of Malaysia deliberately released from jail a known al Qaeda terrorist named Yazid Sufaat, a man who is known to have helped in the plotting of the 9-11 terror attacks. How have the Malays and other Muslims responded to this? How much does this act outrage Jihadists like 'Jack Sparrow' and 'Mahaguru'?

Zip. Zero. None.

So, let's recap. My fellow blogger Surind Raj and I dared to criticize the Hajj with a few words and a borrowed video from Youtube, and Muslims threaten to raise Hell. A few days later, those same Muslims' own government actually releases a known terrorist from prison--and what do Mahaguru and other 'defenders of Allah' have to say? Absolutely nothing. They couldn't care less. There's no mention of Sufaat on any Malay blog that I can find, and as the moment this was written, no comments at my post yesterday about Sufaat's release.

It turns out that Islam itself has a word for this kind of people. That word is 'munafiq'...and it means 'hypocrite'.


Thorum said...

Great post and another example of the intolerance and fragility of Islam and the arrogant persona of Muslims.

Keep up the good work!!

Dhivehi Resistance said...

Great site...its been on our blogroll from the day we found you.

Keep up the great work.

theterminator said...

Muslims all over the world are MUNAFIQ.There is little or no difference at all from a Malay Muslim and a Paki or a Taliban Muslim.

How can there be? All are the misguided followers of the great satan, Mohamad the false prophet. That is why these morons have to keep reminding themselves that there is no other prophet other than Mohamad every time they say their prayers.

How can anybody expect the Muslims whether educated or illiterate to condemn terrorism and the perpetrators such as Sufaat. To these misguided oxymorons, Sufaat and his ilk are warriors of Islam. So long as they do not sodomise these munafiq Malays in Malaysia, it is alright with them.

These munafiq Malays don't care two hoots if Sufaat or any other Muslim devil takes the lives of thousands of kafirs in the name of the peaceful religion. Even if a few hundreds of other Muslims (as in the Bali bombing where local Muslims too were sacrificed) it is alright with these munafiqs. That is part of collateral damage, taking the lives of innocent men, women and children.

When the likes of Sufaat start their suicide carnage in Malaysia, then only these local munafiqs would understand what it is to be in the receiving end of terrorism.

Until let them promote TERRORISM and meet up with the promised 72 virgins when they meet a untimely end to their miserable lives.

Sharing is caring. said...

Peace be upon you guys,

Good site as we (muslims) can know what anti-MUSLIMS (not anti-ISLAM) think of us. Your blog reminds muslims on how we should act; act what the Quran and Muhammad (peace be upon him) asked us to.

As response to your post (infact, to all your posts here), what the negative values you see is the muslim's act themselves. the negative things didn't reflect the teachings in Quran.

So, I thank you very much because of your critism, eventhough they're kinda spicy to read :)

(maybe i should start an english blog.. mm..)

Adelita said...

First of all, I thank you for your site which posts a constant reminder to all Muslims on how we should act. You see, I'm a revert to Islam and am still increasing my knowledge in Islam.

One thing for sure is that many muslims out there don't practise Islam for what it truly is. They've distorted the beauty of Islam. Very unfortunate, huh?

Yes, there is no doubt that this blog of yours is very controversial. Islam actually does not allow bombings and suicide bombings on innocent people. The holiday-goers at Bali were only trying to relax. They weren't a threat to the country nor Islam. First of all, committing suicide is not allowed in Islam. And killing innocent people is a big no-no.

Please do not judge Islam by the acts of the peopls but please judge Islam for what it truly is. It is a beautiful and peaceful religion but unfortunately, there are many bad apples out there. Sad but true.

If you want to know what Islam really is, then I suggest you to read the Al-Quran and hadiths to get a better picture.

Have a nice day today and the days to come. =D