Monday, December 29, 2008

Malaysia supports Hamas in war against infidels

Israel's war against the bloodthirsty group of thugs calling themselves Hamas continues as Operation Cold Lead enters its fourth day. Hamas is getting hammered by relentless IDF airstrikes.

Hamas Is Shocked And Awed

Israeli smart bombs and missiles continue to fall, and Palestinian casualties are over 1,100. About 10,000 Israeli ground troops, including nearly a thousand armored vehicles, are assembled near the Gaza security fence. Hamas admitted that the attacks had made a serious dent in their rocket supply. On the first day of the bombing. Hamas fired over 110 rockets and mortar shells into southern Israel, but that fell to twenty the next day. And today there is no increase in Hamas rocket attacks. So far, Israel has hit at least 300 targets in Gaza, usually with one smart bomb or missile. Hamas appears to be surprised at the detailed targeting data the Israelis had assembled.


Israel is apparently trying to cripple Hamas military capability, forcing the terrorist organization to devote resources to rebuilding, instead of attacking Israel. Israel also hopes that anti-Hamas Palestinians will rise up and give power to Fatah. This is a long shot. Meanwhile, a ground offensive would recover lots of valuable intelligence, as well as capturing some key Hamas operatives (who could be used to trade for an Israeli soldier kidnapped two years ago.) Israel has an opportunity here to demoralize Hamas, and their Shia ally Hezbollah in Lebanon (both are supported by Iran, who will also take a beating if Hamas does not win some kind of "victory.")

The response in the Arab world is not quite what Hamas expected. Because Hamas is seen as a puppet of Shia Iran, many mainstream Sunni Islamic radicals are not terribly upset that Hamas is getting hammered.

Malaysia, however, is firmly siding with Hamas. Note the code phrases 'state terrorism', 'illegal occupation' and 'oppressed people' in the following article.

PKR wants united condemnation of Israel

KUALA LUMPUR, 29 Dec 2008: Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) has called on all Malaysian political parties to support a motion in Parliament to condemn the latest killings in Gaza to demonstrate the country's unified stance against state terrorism and illegal occupation.

PKR deputy president Dr Syed Husin Ali said ..."On this occasion, we urge Malaysians to pray for all the oppressed people of the world and hope there will be more careful and informed decisions on the part of powerful leaders, so that sanity and humanity can return to the occupied territories," he said in a statement here today.

The aforementioned code phrases deserve an explanation. 'State terrorism' and 'illegal occupation' are things that only infidels, specifically the US and Israel, are guilty of doing. Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas are never guilty of these crimes, no matter how many mortar shells and rockets they may fire at Israeli towns (i.e. civilians). Additionally, 'oppressed people' can only be Muslims--never Jews or Bahai in Iran, Coptic Christians in Egypt, Hindus in Pakistan, etc etc.

But Malaysian support of Hamas extends far past rhetoric and sympathetic press releases. According to Global Security, "HAMAS receives funding from Palestinian expatriates, Iran, and private benefactors in Saudi Arabia and other moderate Arab states." This includes Malaysia, which as of 2006 had provided at least US $16 million in supposed 'humantarian assistance'.


Emoporer said...

"oppressed people of the world" - So that means i should be praying for the people of Israel right?

[this post is in dire need of attention!]

Wen said...

Come on, we all know that only the Muslims people are the only victims here, who are oppressed in this world; the others who cares about the others, they are infidels, who deserved to be oppress, torture, murder, etc.; Like what is happening to those Christians in Turkey, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Iraq (Saddam didn't care who he killed), Iran (Oh yes Iran, they even murdered their own kind there, those that don't support them. Remember the Islamic revolution? Wow!, reminds me of what happened in China & Vietnam during the communist revolution, all were against the west ), but the thing here is, it is still happening in Iran. Only Muslim are allowed to murder Muslims ! It is okay to bomb the infidels in their own country like in India, USA, UK, Philippines and only God knows where else. Hey! kill the defenceless children, woman, old people, who cares, as long as they are not Muslims with guns, Muslim terrorist leaders, Muslim threatening your country, Muslims that support terrorism and lastly the simple Muslim people that are used as human shields in their own country, probably willingly or by force. (Question! look at the death toll, in Lebanon and Palestine (old name Judea) normally you would run and hide from these war zones and not stay there, especially when that area is use to launch missiles against the enemy, and retaliation was likely to happen. If south Israel residence could run and hide, why couldn't these people do the same?)

We should not forget what happen to Indonesia, how many Chinese and Christians was murdered and raped there, (yes, those Chinese and Christian infidels) and how quiet the Malaysian government was, not even a pip came from them, I don't even remember seeing any of these in the Malaysian news, was it on the news?. But when the tsunami hit Indonesia (Ache) see what action the government took in helping them, the Muslim victims that is (and some of those murderous fanatics came from there). They forgot Thailand, probably not even a sympathy card was sent. Notice, Malaysia only seems to be helping Muslim countries.

Well, one thing is for sure with this fanatical Muslim brotherhood, if you murder, cheat, steal, rape, terrorise or commit any atrocity, especially against the infidels (non-muslims) or Muslims that is working with the west, in seeking for world peace; and you are our Muslim brother, we will always support you, because you are always right in our eyes, you are Muslim.

Well thank God not all Muslim thinks like this, they are not all narrow minded, blind or easy influenced, I have spoken to a few people from the Middle East, old and young, surprisingly from Iran, who says that all this war problems are used for political gains by the Americans and as well as by the middle east countries, politics are dirty when use wrongly. On the net I did come across a guy from Palestine and he was a Muslim Arab. This person said, his grandfather and father (a small boy then) once lived peacefully with the Jews until the fanatical Arab leaders stirred the people up to go against the Jews, well the rest is history. And mind you, in those days the Jews were not well equipped with proper weapons to defend themselves, the weapons (guns) they had were few and old which the British left behind. Most of the British weapons were given to the Arabs. The Jews had to use their wits in defending themselves, they even made their own weapons to defeat their well equipped enemies, they even managed to get some weapons from their defeated foe later. I can't remember how many middle east countries was involved in this war against the Jews. USA was not there to help the Jews then. The British was more concern for Arabs then the Jews. The nations of this world did not help either. While defending themselves they did get some help from their Arab neighbourhood friends that stayed behind in Israel and was not influence by the fanatical group. It's a pithy that many of them now are silence with fear to voice out their opinions, only the fanatical ones does, and are using religion and emotions to influence the minds and thinking of the others, to blind the Muslims with hate so that they become like them.