Monday, December 22, 2008

Malaysia to establish closer financial ties with Iran

Malaysia continues to move closer to the Axis of Evil, as Malaysia's Prime Minister continues his official state visit in Teheran this week (inset photo).

From today's The Star:

PM wants closer banking ties with Iran

TEHERAN: The banking and financial sectors of Malaysia and Iran should work more closely together to facilitate trade between the two countries.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said Malaysian and Iranian banks should explore the potential and enhance cooperation in Islamic banking and finan­ce.

Citing the interest of Iran’s Mellat Bank to open an offshore branch in Labuan, he said the presence of the bank in Malaysia would support the development of various economic activities between Iran and Malaysia.

“When this project becomes a reality, it will be another milestone in the area of financial cooperation between our two countries.

“On the issue of financing, I am aware that a Malaysian company involved in certain construction projects in Iran has encountered some difficulties in obtaining the services of the Exim Bank of Malaysia,” he said, adding that the problem was being addressed.


Abdullah said investments between both countries had increased, with Malaysian companies Petronas and SKS Ventures being given the opportunity to participate in the oil and gas sector.

In return, he said, the National Iranian Oil Company had agreed to supply crude oil and condensate to two refineries in Malaysia.

“Iran is now Malaysia’s third largest trading partner in the Middle East. In 2007, our bilateral trade amounted to US$1.042bil (RM3.63bil) as compared to US$1.022bil (RM3.56bil) in 2006,” he said.

The aforementioned 'difficulties' above are almost certainly an oblique reference to the US financial sanctions that have been long imposed on Iran to isolate it from the world financial system. Nice to know that Malaysia is helping Iran to circumvent those cursed infidel sanctions.

Maybe this is all part of the alleged 'Sunni Syiah reconciliation' that one of my Muslim opponents was recently referring to. So there are going to be more Iranian banks in Malaysia? What's next...Shia mosques in KL? Perish the thought!

This extends a long trend of ever-closer Malaysian-Iranian relations and cooperation. I expect this to continue no matter who's in power in Putrajaya. As always, if you're a rogue or terrorist state in Asia, then you've got a friend in Kuala Lumpur.


azreen said...

the small and 1st step for ISLAM unity..alhamdulillah.. we dont need other to feed us..

ahazeman said...

hope no more unresponsible bombing from United states such as example of civil building like medicine factory bombed by United state of America in Sudan

AbnormalSuam said...

Congratulations for both Malaysia and Iran... at least, big satans as USA who promoted themselves as a democracy but indeed vice versa and more evil than any human being thought ever, know that they are not welcome with their uncivilised thought anymore.

Democracy, liberalisme... that's only a label... nothing, except follow whatever they say...

Poor this guy!!!!