Thursday, December 11, 2008

Malaysian Muslims wage cyber jihad

Regular readers of our humble lil' 'Islamophobic' site know about my fellow Malaysian blogger Surind. His post last week "The Hajj: The Most Shameful Journey in History" outraged Muslims, who called for his arrest and unleashed a maelstrom of ugly ad hominem attacks, among other things. To show my support for Surind, I posted the very same video and transcript. As expected, I was not spared a furious follow-up assault from the members of the Religion of Peace--feel free to read this comment thread and peruse all the fawning remarks left there by typically tolerant and open-minded Mohammedans.

I am loathe to report that the impromptu Malay cyber jihad appears to have been at least partially successful. As had been threatened, a Malay jihadist slash blogger in fact did file a police report against Surind (link in Bahasa Melayu). But even before that report was filed in the third rate third world two-bit burg known as Kuantan, Surind had already raised the white flag. He has posted a verbose apology in his site's sidebar, deleted the offending video, closed the comments to his site and has promised to take a lengthy sabbatical from blogging. Hence, another critic of Islam has been effectively silenced--which is of course exactly what the Muslims intended all along.

I regret very much that Surind has chosen the path of appeasement. I suppose he's hoping that the crocodile eats him last. Nevertheless, I wish him well and hope that someday, he returns to blogging and to exercises his inherent and God-given rights of free speech and free expression.

As for me, and my fellow contributors, we're not going anywhere. The 'offending' video will remain right here for all to see, and our own cyber-counterjihad continues. In fact, I have a message specifically for Muslim bloggers like 'Mahaguru58' and his ilk, right here. (warning- link may be offensive and is not office safe. Have a nice infidel day.)


Anonymous said...

Freedom of speech my foot!

Wait till your little daughters and sons brag in their Kindergarden that "my papa has lembek and short cock, I know because mama said so at breakfast table?".

So, have you given your kids that much freedom to speak just about anything??


Lutz said...

I am pretty sure that Surind is not against Islam, as I have been following his blog for sometime.

He is against Islamofascism and those like Mahaguru58, Menj and the many others whom blog anonymously.

It's not surprising that these radical and violent bloggers whom actually have groups and organise meetings, have not been arrested by the authorities.

I can only hope that all those supporters of Surind, will back him up in his time of need and stand up against terror and extremism.

For it is a fact, that the moderates including those in power and governments, have not done enough or even much in support of this cause.

Anonymous said...

Mr assmouth moderator,

Mind your tongue, youre talking about something you dont understand. Damn you... you better go to the highest building in your town and jump with heads first before someone did that to you.. At least you can die in honour as a brainless hero, trust me people will keep remembering you....especially your mother and your wife.

Dont you remember what has taken to Salman Rush2die? His freedom for speech cost him, his freedom of life. So, you really excited to be his version from south-east asia?
There's a posiblity. Let both us pray for that, would you?

your comment showing how silly you are. If you against terrorism and extremism, why need insulting the hajj? What connection of the two? Are you suggesting Surind is a freedom fighter? A coward fighter isn it?
If he does, he shouldnt be hiding back into his moms cunt.

Never relate a crime with religion believes. Can you accept someone blaming your religion for crime activities? I dont think you
like it either..
For your stupid narrow mindset, islam never teach such killing and bombing as a solution to deal human conflicts and arguments. Islam condemn muslims who brought 'fithna' and make destructions to the world.

If you think he is a scapegoat, why theres no explanation regarding to that post? Come on.. dont try to fool people.. liar!!
hint do

Anonymous said...

I pray to Allah that your son,daughter or relatives will embrace to Islam..insyallah.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
I pray to Allah that your son,daughter or relatives will embrace to Islam..insyallah.

2:17 AM


Good and we will pray that you see the truth too.

YB Raz Gothic said...

In the end of day, only islam will be know as true religion. Christian and jews will be burn in hell forever.

We muslim wait till the of days and prophet ISA Alaihisalam which u call jesus will come back and save us. But he will not save u all christian people because u say he is a son of god. He is not son of god. he only a prophet like Muhammad and Abraham. And he brings ISLAM not christian.

Anonymous said...

Can we have Islam without Muslims? Islam cease to exist without its followers Therefore, bad people make bad Islam and not bad people make Islam bad. This is the confusion in the Muslim world today.
Sadly, most Muslims cannot reconcile themselves with the fact that it is they who define the religion not God/Allah. It is this inability to accept that Islam is a creation of man which makes Muslims kill Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Simply because If Allah is never wrong how can I as a Muslim ever be wrong. Guess what happens when you bring this maxim into the world of politics. Sunni vs Shite?

Anonymous said...

His son or daughter will not be stupid do embrace islam . This terrorist religion should be wiped out. Islam is nothing more but filth.

hellosnackbar said...

Don't confuse Islam with crime it's
the same thing.
A load of simpletons apeing a crimminal called Mohammed.

BungaMelor said...

No person smart will convert to Islam. Only the fools will have been in this religion of human descercration.

In the end Islam is the true religion??? I don't about that as there won't be anyone standing with your bombing. You know something you guys bombs each others too.

As for me we are building space ship and will off to far away place and start a new religion- The ONION Religion. Want to know the truth..the more you peel the Onion only tears will flow and in the end you have nothing, Deep huh!

Try works ...really