Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Pakistan being forced into a corner

The chief export of Pakistan has long been death and jihad, weaponized into a potent religious and political weapon to be used in Pakistan's shadow war against its chief rival, India. Being jihad, the slaughter of rabbis, Jews, women and children, commuters, hotel guests, and various other sundry infidels is of course sanctioned and encouraged. It is a case of classic taqiyya--Pakistan feigns friendship whilst it duplicituously works towards its nefarious and Islamic-inspired ends.

While the rest of the world quickly forgets, Indians have most definitely not forgotten bloody attacks on their embassy in Kabul, earlier bomb attacks in Bangalore, Mumbai and other cities, and a brazen direct assault on their own Parliament in 2001, attacks which in total killed thousands. All these terror attacks bore the fingerprints of either Pakistani intelligence services, and/or terrorist groups allowed to recruit, fundraise and train openly on Pakistani soil.

The Mumbai Massacre appears to be a turning point. The proof of Pakistani complicity in the conspiracy to commit mass murder in Mumbai's luxury hotels, train stations and other targets is damning as it is undeniable. India and their new best friend, the United States, are demanding immediate action, that Pakistan crack down definitively on the numerous jihadist groups that have long called Pakistan home.

This puts Pakistan in a very difficult position. They can either go to war with the significant minority of the population that supports the jihadists, or they can go to war with India who now enjoys the full support of the US. As an article in StrategyPage says rather bluntly, thanks to decades of Pakistan playing with fire, the choice for that cursed country now is either civil war or nuclear war...and there is no option 'c':

Pakistan is being forced into a corner, where the choices come down to civil war with their Islamic conservatives and radicals (about a third of the population), or war with India, which could escalate into a nuclear conflict that Pakistan would lose. The civil war would be messy, but the government would almost certainly win it. Pakistani politicians, being risk averse, are looking for some way out of this mess. There doesn't seem to be one.


hellosnackbar said...

Here's some advice for the Pakistani
1)Close down all Madrasses and intern all Imams.
2)Ban the wearing of fancy dress; you know, the silly costume worn by women and the nightshirts and sawn off trousers worn by men.
This would help convince suspicious Indians that you are sincere in your
pleas for peace.
As a final gesture all mosques to be converted into indoor cricket pitches would definately help

Anonymous said...

Pakistan has to change. They are The Terrorist state in the world. No amount of denial will make the opposite come true. The people of Pakistan have to face the truth. Indians have tolerated enough. Enough is enough. Everything has a place. Now it is payback time. What you sow you reap. When India is busy with it's growth, Pakistan has always been busy with the obsession with India.
They only think of India. If only Pakistan would have started focusing on their growth, this sorry state would not have happened. Every action will have it's equal and opposite reaction ! God Bless.

Anonymous said...

i cant believe how ignorant people can be about facts ... no doubt pakistan has long faced problems of radical islamist extremists often fueled by fractions of the government and intelligence services... but to blame pakistan for the mumbai blasts is not in anyway justified ... firstly the indian authorities have till now failed to provide any proof to pakistan in relation to the mumbai bombings, and if that isnt convincing enough the interpol too have complained that the only evidence they have is the one that the media has provided and india has yet to show signs of co-operation with them. secondly pakistan has captured leading figures of lashker-e-tayaba and shut down the madrassa(religious school) which india claims was funding the radical group( again without proof)and even then india has not agreed on a joint investigation.
i have nothing against indians, actually half of my closest friends are indians; but for india to prematurely start pointing fingers is baseless and will lead to no decisive conclusion.
indias rather agressive act of showmanship against pakistan is clearly a tactic to gain popular support for the upcoming elections... after all wat better way to raise patriotism then blaming a traditional rival

Anonymous said...

and furthermore i just want to state that both pakistan and india traditionaly blame each other for their countries mess to try and divert the attention of their public from the real problems their countries are facing. for example,
in the 2007 "samjotha express" (train) bombing which linked the pakistan side kashmir to the indian side kashmir, pakistan was instantly blamed but after further investigation it was revealed in late 2008 that in this case the terrorists were hindu extremists, financially supported by an indian army colonel opposing the idea of peace with pakistan