Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The tortoise and the hare

I was tempted to call this post 'A Tale of Two Countries, Part 2', but I decided to go with the more whimsical-sounding title. This table illustrates very concisely the diverging arcs that two Asian countries South Korea and Malaysia are set upon.

And no points for guessing which one is the tortoise and which is the hare.

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Dymphna said...

I recommend highly Malcolm Gladwell's new book, "Outliers". There is a chapter in it which covers the extreme problems that So. Korean airlines had with air safety. So extreme, that they were being banned from commerical airports.

Turned out to be a cultural problem which was successfully addressed, once the problem was understood.

Hope you get a chancd to read it. I ran across it at Barnes and Noble and read just a few pages standing there...was completely engrossed. I bought the book for my son for Christmas and am carefully reading it without creasing the pages!

My book budget doesn't allow for extras...besides, we have this sneaky family habit of buying one another things *we* like...