Friday, December 19, 2008

What would a really 'Moderate Muslim' country be like?

Imagine what a truly moderate majority-Muslim country might be like. I know it sounds like a non sequitur, but indulge a flight of fantasy for a moment. And no, I don't mean Malaysia, the land where Muslims have repeatedly shown their hatred of all things American and use the term 'Zionist' as the ultimate political slur.

Such a country, if it existed, would have:

  • a very high approval rating of US foreign policy (circa 90%)
  • close and warm relations with Israel (both officially and unofficially)
  • very few, if any of the women, in hijabs, burqas, tudongs or any other type of 'female containment' clothing
  • No lifestyle police
  • alcohol that is not restricted and is freely available
  • citizens who place themselves as citizens of their nation first, followers of Islam a distant second
  • virtually no interest in any Islamic/Islamist political parties or groups (PAS, Hamas, etc.)
  • American flags flying in public places as a common practice

Sounds crazy, doesn't it? I mean, how could such a Muslim-majority country exist? It'll never happen, right?

Well, this is no crazy neocon dream...there really is such a place. This newly-declared nation even named the road from their main international airport to their capital 'Bill Clinton Boulevard'.

Read about this country here.


USpace said...

I don't think Bush will pardon the little monkey scum. Besides, it wouldn't make the Left hate him one bit less; and the Right would correctly vilify him as a total sellout.
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Sharing is caring. said...

Peace be upon you guys,

Good site as we (muslims) can know what anti-MUSLIMS (not anti-ISLAM) think of us. Your blog reminds muslims on how we should act; act what the Quran and Muhammad (peace be upon him) asked us to.

As response to your post (infact, to all your posts here), what the negative values you see is the muslim's act themselves. the negative things didn't reflect the teachings in Quran.

So, I thank you very much because of your critism, eventhough they're kinda spicy to read :)

(maybe i should start an english blog.. mm..)

sarah said...

people as usual are talking about something which they have no knowledge of.. have you guys ever actually spoken to a muslim person or even read the quran?
no you havent... jump to conclusions let the media feed your ignorant minds

im jewish and my husband is muslim its things like this that make me want to convert, seriously
i know about islam i wouldnt have married a muslim if the things i hear from ignorant racists are true

Islam is a beautiful peaceful religion..

hasnt the holocaust taught anyone anything... religious hatred doesnt get you anywhere...