Sunday, December 28, 2008

When Gaza attacks

When religious dictatorships ruled by anti-semitic Jihadi terrorist groups attack the free world--i.e. when Hamas-ruled Gaza attacks Israel--what is the proper response?

That response is Israel's Operation Cast Lead, an ongoing military operation launched on 27 December after hundreds of mortar shells and rockets launched from Gaza hit southern Israel in recent weeks. One can hope that the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) learned their lessons from their less-than-successful efforts against Hezbollah in 2006.

We at PI wish the best of luck to the Israeli Armed Forces who are at this moment putting themselves in harm's way to protect their country from aggression. Good hunting to the IDF!


European Kafir said...

What Israel actually does is not only a more than justified action in order to protect Erez Israel but - as a side effect - the whole world.
My heart goes out to all good Israeli citizens (this excludes Palestinians), to the Israeli Government, to IDF, IAF and anyone who participates in the fight against islamic terrorism and suffers from it. G_d bless them all.
Am Yisrael Chai.

azreen said...

the truth of the truth there is no such way a country and land to be protected since israel is non legal country...

jews know they will be kill, Slaughter and disappear before KIAMAT..

European Kafir said...


in opposite to "palestine" israel is a 100% legal country. "palestine" is a region run by terrorists, consisting of terrorists and future terrorists. there is nothing legal about "palestine". it`S non-existent..just like your brain is non-existent.

GOMO said...


European Kafir said...

gomo: thanks a lot for your comment it`s just another proof of mental disease and foul mind. You are a true representant of Islam and good muslim. You also show what it needs to be a good muslim: no brain and a big mouth, cowardly hiding behind a computer screen.

Anonymous said...

how about the innocent palestinian that had been bombed?hope you will answer my question at my blog comment as I ask you in your blog comment...

hellosnackbar said...

Invasion of Gaza I hope will result in the emasculation of the Hamas islamoturds and hopefully later Hizbullah(if they start up again).
Unfortunately the whingeing retards(aka muslims)need total subjugation as they break every treaty they sign.
Time for a more effective and complete crusade.

European Kafir said...

there is no such thing as an innocent palestinian.

grown ups are terrorists already and educating their children to become terrorists.

every single death in and around gaza must be blamed on hamas (very much the same applies for hezbollah in lebanon).

and hamas is based on
islam, which teaches violence, murder, rape...

Anonymous said...

just another question for you,I think all religions in this world teach us about peace.What is your proof to say Islam teach us violence,murder and rape?And what do you mean by the Golden Rule in this phrase 'Because Islam does not follow the Golden Rule, it attracts violent people.'?

eleven n said...

are the israel citizens don't feel ashame live on other people's land??and now,they kill 'the owner of the land' and pretend to protect thmeselves?

just wondering..well,i've learnt history at school


try to imagine when your mother,father,sister,brother, and whole your family being bombed infront your eyes?? how do you feel?? there is nothing to say more..because you lose everything..this what happen to the thousand plastenian since 60 look funny when writing 'GAZA on attacks' because you're blaming yourself...I guess you don't have baby right?? try to dream your cutie baby loses her head next morning??? BABY=innocent..the children they do not know anything!! the blood are everywhere..I know you really understand about what is ISLAM actually..but you scare to mention the truth..I hope you'll think deeply about what are you voicing out in this page..I hope victory will be owned by PALESTINE..amiiiin

Anonymous said...

another additional question,please show me anti-christian/anti-hindu/anti-buddhism blogs/websites

European Kafir said...

I really enjoy muslims posts... they make me laugh a lot. Their incredible ignorance, stupidity and their pathetic whining is hilarious only to be matched by their vile attitudes and bad character!

Anonymous said...

To European Kafir,i'm just asking, and you did not answer even single questions from me(except the one you said that palestinians is grown up as terrorists).Now,who show the ignorance?You or me?

eleven n said...

come on..don't scare 2 answer our question ..
we're educated and by not 2 anwser our question with humiliating us showing that u're scare of the fact. the true fact..israel is the terrorist
relax bro!true is one could deny that..everyone knew that..except those who lose his/her insanity..

p/s Gomo,please watch out your manner..maybe u should learn sivic eduaction on how to be polite on writing..islam does not us to be like that,eventhough we're angry..just polite and patient,ok..

European Kafir said...

@muslims posting here:
why did you never stand up to suicide attacks? to daily fired rockets at israeli cities for years? to terror on innocent people as seen in 9/11, mumbai, london, bali, iraq, afghanistan...etc. etc. etc.
who does burn flags? who oppresses women? who forces 8 year old girls into marrying old men?

this is my answer to all your questions.

btw. i am not your "bro", first of all i am female and secondly i am not related to any muslim. so.. neither "bro" nor "sis" to any of you. thanks God.


hey European Kafir...

please watch out your mouth..
I think you kind of human who do not have any information about the common and international just stating points here without any facts!!!...try to find the truth about all everything you mentioned above!! give the proof!!! give the proof that all the riots are our deeds(islam)...list down everything!!reveal the secret of 9/'ll find the truth!!! are you scare??? if not, do what you should to do!! we'll look who is actually what you mentioned ""their pathetic whining is hilarious only to be matched by their vile attitudes and bad character!"" ...ihzimhum!!ihzimhum!!ihzimhum!! fansurna alaihim!!!

European Kafir said...

@islam is the right way:

i agree with your nick regarding "islam is the right way" for:

criminals of any kind

... yeah blame your evil actions on others... fits... you are a true muslim.