Friday, January 16, 2009

Allahu Akbar! Muslims in London Intimidate the Metropolitan Police! The Police Run from the Muslim Bullies! (Date: January 3, 2009)

These two videos show that our problems with Islam in the United Kingdom are spiralling out of control. These videos are rather long, but it is well worth a little of your time to watch them. They show that the establishment does not have the stomach, or the tools, to deal with these savages. Things will have to change. They are a real eye-opener.

Please note that there is strong language used in these videos. – Mark

Hat tip: Always On Watch

Part 1:

Part 2:

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Thorum said...

I think I feel sick after watching.............

Always On Watch said...

I tell you that these two videos are among the most I've disturbing footage I've ever seen. The rule of British law is fleeing from a Moslem mob.

Make no mistake. The ummah will take this flight of the London police as more evidence that the will of Allah is for Islam to rise up and take over the whole world right now.

trumpetzzz said...

Not so great Britain any more!

Chen said...

The world will only realize too late what muslims want.. world dominance taken by violence.

Israel is the only place that's brave enough to face them.

Mark said...


Feeling sick? You and me both!

Mark said...


Thanks for alerting me to these videos. But as Thorum stated: They do make one feel sick in the stomach.

Mark said...


Unfortunately, it looks as if you're right.

Mark said...


You're right on withh your comment. Unfortunately, the Western world is in denial. BIG time.

Mark said...

By the way, folks: Did you notice the foul language that these Muslims were using? You must have.

Well, it makes one wonder how these so-called 'chosen people of God' can use such foul language, and have the audacity to call the policemen kufaar. What's holy about these Muslims? There is certainly nothing very uplifting or holy about their filthy mouths. Low-life, more like. And they have the nerve to suggest that Prophet Muhammad brought the world Islam as the perfection of religion for man for all time!!!

Anonymous said...

My father told me that Satan will come in many forms to destroy Gods creations. It has started SATAN is Back. God any God will not teach to destroy what he/she has created. Only one religion which can't agree with othe Religion is ................(own answer) This is pure Satanicism. Which ever religion which teaches hatred against any other religion is Satanicism. It a religion direct from SATAN. If your religion teaches this, it's time to leave. don't deny or defend. I'm sure followers of Satan will want to Kill me, behead me, kill my family. Please make my day you followers of SATAN

Anonymous said...

Nous aussi les zumus* nous font chier...les Français avec les Britanniques.Europe Libre.

Us all too, we can't bear more that too, in France, French with British people against the evil islamization. Free Europe.

a french libertyvoxian

*"zumus" is an argotic expression too designate intolerant and militant moslems.

Mark said...

"Europe libre?" That would be nice! We seems to be losing our freedoms, one by one, by the day!

I agree: We should free Europe of the strictures of Islam. But who is going to have the courage to stand up to these people?