Thursday, January 08, 2009

Counterjihad Link Roundup

The new year is still young, but Islam's jihad and full scale information war against us 'infidels' rages without letup. I invite my fellow kuffar to arm themselves with the knowledge of the truth:

Visit this brave Malaysian's counterjihad blog, a blog apparently owned by an ex Muslim who has finally discovered and confronted the horrible truth that is at the heart of Islam. Visit the site now, before Malaysia's jihadists remove it.

A famous Egyptian film star dares to publically proclaim what no Malaysian will--he says Hamas is solely to blame for the recent round of fighting in Gaza.

Read this WSJ column--The Jews Face a Double Standard--in other words, why Israel doesn't have the same right to self-defense as other nations

Get updates and videos on the war against Hamas here--the IDF's official YouTube channel. Hamas is rediscovering that nothing is more dangerous than opposing a republic in wartime.

And lastly, a nifty article on why Muslims in general and Arabs in particular are so susceptible to all manner of ludricruous superstition and cockamamie conspiracy theories--Why Arabs Believe In Force Fields--well worth a read.

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