Saturday, January 17, 2009

Solidarity with Israel! Finally good news from Europe????

I am a member of the organization (in cooperation with other clubs) that organized todays Pro-Israel-rally in Bern, capital of Switzerland. I have to add that this was the first time in my life, that I participated in a rally. In my eyes, rallies had always been sort of connected to anarchism, violence etc. Therefore I did not know what to expect from todays, moreover since this week Palestinian/Hamas-friendly clubs in Switzerland had pushed their members to disturb todays rally.

Anti-Israel-rally in Bern, a week ago.

The Anti-Israel-rally was controlled by speakers who were yelling, bashing and insulting Israel etc. Their speeches were filled with hardly controlled hatred and anger. The crowd was disturbingly loud and you could tell, pretty ready to violent actions.

1500 people attending Pro-Israel-rally

The speakers of todays rally spoke in a quiet, intelligent and reasonable manner. You could also see an entirely different (from last weeks rally) crowd: all smiling, friendly, peaceful. After the speeches had finished, the crowd sang the Hatikvah (Israeli national anthem), followed by Israeli music played on loudspeakers. Then four people started dancing to the music... more and more people joined in and at the end they had formed a big circle - about 100 people - dancing to the music. Strangers taking each others hands, smiling at each other...all PEACEFUL dancers.


There are about 300 000 muslims living in Switzerland and last week around 6000 people attended the Anti-Israel-rally...equals about 2% of the muslim population.
On the other hand there are about 17 000 jews living in my country and, as mentioned before, about 1500 people attended todays rally, which equals about 8.8%.

Now this is why I consider todays rally "Good news from Europe": could it be, that Switzerland, Europe (there had been Pro-Israel-rallies all over Germany, Austria and England etc. this week) are finally waking up? IF so... lets hope this was in time and not too late.


amucomm said...

Fuck israeli imperialism. The killings have to stop, the zionists of israel are the nazis of this century.

Mark said...


Have you read the notice above?

Obscene, abusive, silly, defamatory, or annoying remarks may be rejected or deleted at our discretion. The fact that particular comments remain on this site in no way constitutes an endorsement of their views.

Your silly, abusive little comment should be deleted!

But apart from that, how can you possibly come to the conclusion that Israelis are the Nazis of this century? Your reasoning is sorely wanting.

Yesterday, there were demonstrations in London against Israel and in favour of Hamas. I suppose the people making up the demos were people with as little understanding of world events as you!

Please be aware that Hamas had been firing rockets into areas of Israel, aiming them at the civilian population. Nobody, Israeli or otherwise, can be expected to stand for that. Indeed, only wimps would do so.

So start looking at things in an intelligent way now, Amucomm. You are doing yourself no favours at all coming to such silly, irrational, ill-thought-out conclusions.

Be aware, also, that Hamas is out to destroy Israel. And no kind, thinking, compassionate person would want that outcome. So please think a little harder before you comment at this site. If there is one thing we like our readers to be, it is intelligent.

The Anti-Jihadist said...

Thanks for your spot-on words, Mark. I approved the comment here so everyone can see what our opponents are like. Tis not a pretty picture, is it?

Mark said...

Glad you liked it, AJ! :-)