Monday, January 05, 2009

Foolish Malaysians forward mo' money for Hamas

Malaysia's Muslim-controlled government has decided in its, ahem, "omnipotent wisdom" to back up its bellicose pro-terrorist anti-Semitic rhetoric with cash. To wit, about US $1 million is being dispatched to Hamas immediately--or as the Malaysian Commission of Taqiyya and Lies (AKA Bernama) would have it, 'humanitarian aid is being sent for the ever-suffering Palestinian people.' Sure, the amount of money involved here is fairly modest, but this continues a Malaysian trend of unconditional support for Muslims and jihadist movements:

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has authorised the immediate disbursement of US$1 million as humanitarian aid from the government to the Palestinian people.

The Foreign Ministry had reopened its Fund for Palestine to receive and coordinate the collection of assistance from the people of Malaysia, he said in a statement here today. [ED- C'mon, Malaysians! Empty your bank accounts and save Hamas today!]

Malaysia, he said, would continue to extend humanitarian assistance to the people of Gaza within its means. [ED- Shell shocked citizens of Sderot--recipients of years of rocket and mortar bombardments from Hamas et al, not to mention other targeted towns in southern Israel--need not apply.]

The prime minister said he was also writing letters to various world leaders to request them to use their good office and personal influence to convince Israeli leaders to stop the bombardment of Gaza and agree to a ceasefire. [ED- A 'ceasefire' only applies to Israel, never to Muslims.]Thr rest of the official press release drones in the same mind-blowing vein.

See the rest of the article here for more astounding Muslim-style hypocrisy.

In Malaysia, absolutely everyone in the political sphere supports Hamas and demonises Israel--both the ruling Muslim party and even the so-called political opposition. While newspapers in even Saudi Arabia and Egypt have gone on record to criticise Hamas for its bellicosity, thuggishness and for goading the Israelis to war, nothing of the sort is uttered in Malaysia, except in whispers or behind closed doors. And perhaps not even then.

Malaysians should be embarassed and ashamed, but I concluded long ago that Muslims are incapable of feeling as such.


AbgTuah said...

Muhammad's Bitches said...

USD1 Million dollars would help many poor people in Malaysia, the Orphanage House, Veterans House, The Roads, and many other things to help Malaysian having a better life. NOT giving away the money to HAMAS and buying weapons and bullets. Malaysian should not empty their accounts, recession is coming!!! save every penny for your own.

Anonymous said...

My father told me that Satan will come in many forms to destroy Gods creations. It has started SATAN is Back. God any God will not teach to destroy what he/she has created. Only one religion which can't agree with othe Religion is........... (own answer) This is pure Satanicism. Which ever religion which teaches hatred against any other religion is Satanicism. It a religion direct from SATAN. If your religion teaches this, it time to leave. don't deny or defend. I'm sure followers of Satan will want to Kill me, behead me, kill my family. Please make my day you followers of SATAN