Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Iran Executes Two Men by Stoning

BBC: Two men convicted of adultery have been stoned to death in Iran, a rare punishment that the Iranian judiciary says it is trying to have scrapped.

The stoning took place in Mashhad in December, said judiciary spokesman Ali Reza Jamshidi confirming press reports.

In stonings, men are buried to the waist and stones are hurled until they die. Women are buried to the shoulders. >>> Tuesday, January 13, 2009

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terminator said...

The hallmarks of a modern, caring and peaceful religion! Ha Ha what a joke. These munafiqs are blind as bats. They still practise outrageous torture and barbaric ways of killing human beings in a modern world just to appease a blood thirsty religion founded by a crazy, craven, pedophile and lecher. All in the name of Allah!
Great, keep it up.

Mark said...


Tell us what you really think, Terminator!

But really, isn't it crazy that we keep on talking about Islam as a 'religion of love and peace' when Muslims perpetrate so many horrendous things even to their fellow co-religionists?

Anonymous said...

My father told me that Satan will come in many forms to destroy Gods creations. It has started SATAN is Back. God any God will not teach to destroy what he/she has created. Only one religion which can't agree with othe Religion is ................(own answer) This is pure Satanicism. Which ever religion which teaches hatred against any other religion is Satanicism. It a religion direct from SATAN. If your religion teaches this, it's time to leave. don't deny or defend. I'm sure followers of Satan will want to Kill me, behead me, kill my family. Please make my day you followers of SATAN