Monday, January 26, 2009

Leaders Without Testicles

In view of recent events in the Netherlands, I am reprinting this essay. It first appeared on my website in September 2007. It was relevant then; it is even more relevant today.

Our leaders are too weak to deal with the problems we are now facing, problems caused by the political system which masquerades as a religion, otherwise known as Islam.

The 'New Dark Age' which I wrote about in my book, The Dawning of a New Dark Age, which first appeared in November 2003, really is dawning alarmingly fast. Faster than anyone could ever have imagined.

I entitled this essay, Leaders Without Testicles. The title was pertinent when I wrote the essay; it is even more pertinent today. The liberal élite in The Netherlands are but a glowing example of what cravenness will do to freedoms: It will destroy them!

This was the essay I wrote back in 2006. I hope you enjoyed reading it then; and I hope you will enjoy reading it now. It needs to be read in the light of the darkness that is falling on The Netherlands, a country which till only very recently was a beacon of enlightenment and freedom! – ©Mark

The essay:

On a day in which the world has come to learn that one of the greatest tenors of all time, Luciano Pavarotti, died, a man who encapsulated much that is great about the West, we are reminded of much that is great about our civilization, and, if we sit back and think about things, we should be reminded, too, that this great civilization is threatened both from without and from within: By Islam. Islam is gaining in strength even here in Europe, and there, across the Pond, in America. Yet nobody has the balls to deal with the problem. The problem is akin to a snowball rolling down a mountainside: It keeps growing in size even as it rolls!

Throughout its history, Islam has always, but always, won the day, and subsumed each and every culture* it has ever entered and into which it has been allowed enter and put down its roots. I assure you here and now, Europe will be no exception. The writing is already on the wall. Our future, if we do nothing about this development, is plain for all to see. It will be Islamic, and it will be neither free nor democratic.

Alas, we have no leaders with testicles, no leaders with balls, no leaders with spunk! Bush has proved himself to be a pussy – ineffectual in the extreme. As indeed was Blair. He was all hot air; all form and no substance. This current incumbent of Number 10, Gordon Brown, refuses to acknowledge still less deal with the problems we face with Islam in our midst. In fact, it was reported only recently that a Muslim group is the largest source of funding outside of the unions here in Great Britain. Ladies and gentlemen: It is high time we took stock!

Islam, if it is allowed to keep establishing itself here in the West, will destroy, nay annihilate, all that we have to come to hold dear. Make no bones about it, Islam is out to destroy all that is great about Western culture: great wines, great music, great literature, great art, and of course our great Judeo-Christian tradition. There will be no more Pavarottis, no more great music, no more great wines, no more great literature, no more great anything. The only thing that will be great is Allah, Allahu akbar! All will be destroyed if Islam is allowed to gain the upper hand. Islam is ruthless. It allows no-one and nothing to block its path to power.

Western politicians are ignorant of the force and power that is Islam. They are also weak, craven, and ineffectual. They faff around dealing with inconsequential matters when, in fact, they should be dealing with the one and only thing that matters today: The growth of Islam here in the West.

If they want to live under the yoke of Islam, then they are welcome to do so. But please move to the Islamic world to do so! I do not wish to live under Islam’s iron grip; and when I say this I believe I speak for many, nay for the majority.

These spineless leaders of ours want all the power, all the glory, and all the accoutrements of power; but one thing they do not want: They do not want to have to take the tough decisions which actually come with high office.

This, of course, is totally and utterly unacceptable. If they want the money, the big houses, the chauffer-driven cars, etc, then they should accept their responsibilities with equanimity. They need to tell Muslims that if they want to stay here in the West, then they have to start integrating and live like the rest of us. They have to stop thinking that they are superior, for superior they certainly are not. If anything, quite the reverse is true! What, I ask you, is superior about a 'culture' which condones public beheadings, the stonings to death of women, the cutting off of hands and feet for theft, and the suppression of women, homosexuals, and others who do not conform to their narrow ideals?

I think I speak for many, many people when I say that I am tired, sick to death, of politicians taking all the perks of high office, yet being totally unwilling to deal with the main danger that faces the people of the West today, totally unwilling to protect the people from darkness, protect the very people they are supposed to represent.

Many people, of course, are ignorant of the dangers that lie ahead of them; they are too busy earning a living to care. But they have a rude awakening awaiting them. This is 1938 all over again! In 1938, in their heart of hearts, people knew that Hitler would become a huge problem, but they refused to admit that such would be so. So it is in 2007! People, in their heart of hearts, know that Islam is a huge problem. But so many are afraid to admit it. I invite you to do so now. Go on! Be truthful with yourself! Admit to yourself what you already actually know!

Personally, I find it incredibly disconcerting that Islam has been allowed to grow here in the West, grow to the point that it is going to be extremely difficult to solve the problem. It is hard to believe that Western politicians are so ineffectual, so weak, so stupid, so without courage, so without testicles. But this is actually so.

But fight back we must if we are to rescue the West from the New Dark Age! Ask yourself one simple question: If the shoe were on the other foot, would they allow you, an infidel, the same freedoms to establish your religion (and political system) in their countries?

*It took centuries and much bloodshed to reverse Islam's influence on Spain.

©Mark Alexander

All Rights Reserved


Anonymous said...

You are a man who has no human touch because you try to disgrace Islam without having correct knowledge on it, period. The first rulers of Islamic states had no Palace (where else can you find this) or restricted places like castles. India was under Muslim rule for two long periods yet the majority are still Hindus (but look elsewhere e.g. the Zionist try to destroy Palestinians to grab the whole of Palestine so that none can challenge them to that area and mostly Muslims are killed). The Muslims in Spain were so tolerant and that is why they were killed by genocidal actions and did we complain no but we suffered in silence. Any group of people who are under oppression will create some (maybe few) extremist or result in extreme action this is unavoidable but not excused whoever kills innocent people will have to answer now or then. Now the flow of correct information is haphazard because of unfairness reporting and since it is big money and very important for economic control many of do not get correct info unless in the internet
where some control are created by states in the developed or not World. Let me tell u whatever religion or beliefs u have; the 1st
thing you must have is a good heart
believing sincerely that God or what u believe is purely good then the rest comes into being otherwise u do not really know what u believe ( that is what Islam has taught me). Come on!!! get a hold of your sanity because insanity can corrupt us without we realizing it. Get to know people from many places. We all make mistakes and learn something everyday and we must not be too aloof or a snob period. We all are created equal but different. Later I will tell U who are the danger to the World or for that matter us humans. Peace.

Mark said...

You are a man who has no human touch because you try to disgrace Islam without having correct knowledge on it, period.

I am not disgracing Islam at all. I am merely saying I don't want to live in such a benighted way as Muslims have to.

If living in darkness is your thing, then fine. Go find somewhere else to live under Islam's strictures. Maybe you already do. Hope you're happy in that case. But we Westerners, except for the few on the margins of society, want nothing of Islam and the benightedness it brings with it.

As for not having "correct knowledge" of Islam, that's twaddle. It is precisely because I have "correct knowledge" of the cult that I write about it as I do.

Go bang your head on the sand to your heart's content; I'm willing for you to waste your time in this way. But just don't expect rational, intelligent Westerners to do the same.

Anonymous said...

///India was under Muslim rule for two long periods yet the majority are still Hindus ///

That's because the Sanatan Dharam was too strong for mass murdering muslims .

///Zionist try to destroy Palestinians to grab the whole of Palestine so that none can challenge them to that area and mostly Muslims are killed). ///

Palis are a genetically suicideal, genocidal, utterly stupid incapable of reformation, people. rejects of the ME that none of the other muslim countries want the scum of earth. Do read up ignoramus on Israel's Humanitarian Mission even while Hamas is sending rockets into Israel during ceasefire. Read up how Fatah screamed to Israel for help as Hamas was slaughtering them like the demons both are.

///the flow of correct information is haphazard because of unfairness reporting .....////

The antisemite presswhores of the West led by the British Bismillah Collaborators of muslims grovel and snivel and arselick muslims and indulge in blatant lies re Israel. Pox on them.

BTW, why are there more than 100% violent verses in your book of terror, death, that is against ALL HUMANITY?