Sunday, January 04, 2009

Letter sent to members of the Swiss parliament

The following mail I sent to members of the Swiss parliament in order to protest actions of some so-called "representatives" (members of very leftist Green Party) of us Swiss citizens. I am not the only one protesting this - many have done the very same. Even members of the Swiss parliament took steps against these two despisable members.
Please click on the title of this post in order to read an article in Swiss "Tages Anzeiger" (in German)

Ladies and Gentlemen

Cabinet members like Messrs. Vischer and Mueller are a heavy burden to me as a Swiss citizen. Their support of terror organizations such as Hamas (and Hezbollah) demonstrates their perfidy and ignorance.

Their participation in (recent) anti-Israel demonstrations - which likened the Star of David with the Nazi swastika and also included the burning of Israeli flags - is disgusting and strongly reminiscent of the Nazis. Thus they have shoved into the mud thousands of victims of terrorist attacks, not to mention 6 million Holocaust victims into the dirt!

The thought that they are supported by my taxes is unbearable!


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