Saturday, January 10, 2009

Malaysia's Malay Muslims are craven cowards

Operation Cast Lead--the IDF's ongoing operations against the genocidal Jihadist group calling itself Hamas--has entered its third week. The useless dhimmis of the UN, EU, et al are wringing their hands about the deaths of Hamas' human shields and whining about 'ceasefires'. The IDF isn't at all interested in a return to the status quo antebellum--i.e. one way ceasefires that only apply to Israel--and Hamas hasn't asked for a hudna. Not for the moment, at any rate.

Meanwhile, back in Malaysia, increasingly agitated Muslims are raising the temperature and venting rage at the dreaded Zionist-Crusader entity by boycotting Coca-Cola and demonstrating in front of the US embassy, by the thousands. Of course, I'm sure the protesters outside the aforementioned embassy and elsewhere are never ever arrested for not having the proper permits to hold a public assembly. Malaysians protesting their own government is decidedly haram, but railing against the US? Not a problem with UMNO!

But is that all Malaysia's mighty Muslims can accomplish? Stop buying Coke and march for an hour or so burning flags and chanting slogans? Hey Muslims, don't you read your government's own press releases? Innocent Muslims are dying! The US and Israel are evil! Dont cha know there's a war on?

So why aren't Malaysia's noble defenders of Islam declaring war against that illegal country calling itself Israel? Why has Malaysia not declared war on the US? Why aren't American companies in Malaysia like McDonalds, Starbucks and Citibank being torched into ashes and chased out of the country post haste? Why aren't all those piss-and-vinegar Malays being issued weapons and being sent off to war to save their beleaguered brothers in Gaza? After all, Jihad is Holy War, and Jihad is what you Muslims need to do to get to that brothel-in-the-sky you call Paradise, right? Hey Muslims, isn't Jihad called for right now? So why the hesitation to follow through? What more are you waiting for?

The only explanation is that these slogan-chanting Malaysians, and the ministers who speak for them, are cowards...hypocritical cowards. Munafiq, munafiq, munafiq


Anonymous said...

My father told me that Satan will come in many forms to destroy Gods creations. It has started SATAN is Back. God any God will not teach to destroy what he/she has created. Only one religion which can't agree with othe Riligion is (own answer) This is pure Satanicism. Which ever religion which teach hatred against any other riligion is Satanicism. It a religion direct from SATAN. If your religion teaches this, it time to leave. don't deny or defend. I'm sure followers of Satan will want to Kill me, behead me, kill my family. Please make my day you followers of SATAN

Anonymous said...

and now we see muslim police murdering indians in jail..

you know what... Malaysia is a fucked up shit hole.... so glad the land slides are taking out people...

if the builder didn't take the bribe to approve the construction... then the above would never occur...

As i say.. Muslims deserve to burn in their own anus hole powdered in chilli and pig lard.