Sunday, January 25, 2009

Malaysia's version of justice for a hapless dhimmi

A 22 year old Malaysian named A. Kugan (a non Muslim of Indian descent) was recently arrested by the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM in Malay parlance) in the Kuala Lumpur area (Subang Jaya) on suspicion of car theft earlier this month. And wouldn't you know it. Just a few days after his arrest, the hapless dhimmi known as Kugan a/l Ananthan turns up dead in his cell. The police seem curiously uncurious as to why an apparenly healthy and young suspect in their care would suddenly turn up dead one day. 'Breathing difficulties' is the official cause of death, according to the PDRM. Case closed...right?

Not so fast. Once the family managed to get the corpse of their loved one, it became clear that one A. Kugan did not die a painless death, to say the least. The photos taken of the body (one seen here) clearly show torture marks and that Kugan had been beaten in the hours or days prior to his death.

Malaysians have to hand it to the law enforcement in their country. The cops can be mighty 'efficient' when they want to be...when they're properly motivated, that is. In this case, a suspect was caught, tried, convicted, with the sentence (of death) carried out within a matter of mere days. And of course, the fact that Muslims (in the police) while on duty beat a dhimmi to death has nothing to do with the official disinterest in investigating the case any further.

Absolutely nothing to do with it.

Nothing to see here, move along please.

1 comment:

The Malaysian Explorer said...

Powerfully sad...... and sickening.

Lets hope that justice will prevail.

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