Saturday, January 10, 2009

Please eMail Blogger!

For one whole week now, I have been unable to update my blog, A New Dark Age Is Dawning: It has been ‘frozen’ for further investigation because Blogger fears that my blog is a “spam blog”.

You will know that it certainly is no such thing..

I have given my blog my all. It will be devastating for me if I shall no longer be able to continue with my weblog after having done so much work on it to-date.

May I therefore request that all of you help me to continue with my blogspot by emailing Blogger (use the email address, protesting that the blogspot be ‘unfrozen’ and allowed to continue.

Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,

Mark Alexander


European Kafir said...

Hiya Marc

Can you please give me an e-mail address of blogger?

Thank you.


Mark said...


Yes, the email address is

If you'd be so kind as to email them on my behalf, I'd be so grateful.

Time is going on, and it is beginning to look as though I shall lose this blog. That will be a disaster for me.

Kindest regards,